The 2-minute guide to playing chess well



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The 2-minute guide to playing chess well

Have you ever watched a chess match and felt completely bewildered at what the players were doing? How do they decide which pieces to move? How are they keeping track of everything? Are they really playing with strategy? Or are they just moving pieces around on a board?

Below, we’ve broken down chess into a few easy components you can use to improve your game.

The basics of chess

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You probably know the basics of chess already, but let’s start with a quick refresher. The goal of chess is simple: Use your pieces to trap your opponent’s king. When the king is in the attack path of an existing piece, it’s known as a check. To escape, the king has to make a legal move to a safe square. If no safe moves exist, it’s known as a checkmate, and the game is over.

Easy enough to understand, though quite a bit more complicated to put into practice. Chess is believed to be over 1,500 years old, and in that time, experts have come up with one or two strategies that tend to work better than others. Let’s discuss a few of these tactics.

Basic chess strategy

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First, the most important thing you can do to improve your game is practice! Try to play a game every day, if possible. Experience is the best teacher, and if you’re new, you’ll learn a ton just from playing matches more often. Of course, to really improve, you’ll need to get specific with how you practice.

Start with the opening

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Everything in chess starts with the opening, so naturally, it’s a great place to start your training.

In general, start by bringing out your weaker pieces early (also known as “developing” your pieces). This means developing your pawns and knights before moving your higher-value pieces, like your rooks or queen.

Avoid moving pieces multiple times during the first 5-10 turns. In general, you’re better off developing more pieces than fewer in the interest of building attack opportunities. And definitely avoid repeats, such as moving a knight forward and then changing your mind and moving it back.

Castle your king as early as possible. This simple move involves switching the placement of your rook and king (under certain conditions). This is a great move for both offense and defense.

Build toward the center. The center of the board is the most active territory, so you’ll want to apply pressure there before your opponent does.

Work on tactical vision

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A key aspect of getting better at chess is developing what the pros call “tactical vision.” This means being able to look at the board and quickly identify opportunities for piece development, attack, defense and danger.

It’s a broad concept that comes with experience, so beginners should start by looking for these elements one at a time.

Keep pieces safe

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For example, it’s good practice to avoid leaving any piece “en prise” (in take). Also known as “hanging” the piece, this rule simply means don’t leave your pieces in positions where they can be taken without retribution. It sounds incredibly basic, but this is a key area where beginners struggle.

Those new to the game tend to hang pieces on nearly every turn, particularly in the later game stages where attack possibilities get more complicated. As such, a big part of beginner strategy is learning how to recognize these threats before the damage is done. When you get good at this, you’ll improve beyond the level of casual players.

Recognize common patterns

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If you want to keep your pieces safe, you need to recognize common attack patterns. There are whole textbooks devoted to this topic alone, so here, we’ll focus just on the most common patterns you’re likely to see:

Fork: When one piece threatens two pieces simultaneously, often forcing the opponent to save one and sacrifice another.

Knight Fork: A regular fork performed by a knight. These are especially tricky to spot thanks to the way the knight “jumps” across the board.

Pin: When a piece can’t move from its position without exposing another, more valuable piece to danger. Pinned pieces are easy to attack, since they have limited retreat options.

Skewer: It’s the pin in reverse. Two pieces will be lined up vertically, with a high-value piece protecting a low-value piece. In this case, your opponent will generally elect to save his/her important soldier, leaving the weaker one open to capture.

Improving through training

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The only way to get better at chess is to start recognizing these patterns in games and leveraging them to your advantage. Keep this in mind as you practice.

For best results, set aside a certain amount of time each day to play a practice game, review strategies and analyze patterns. Your goal isn’t to win—it’s to review each phase of the board for these patterns and get familiar with seeing them in practice.

Over time, you’ll find that you start to notice these opportunities automatically without much effort. That’s how you improve.

And as this skill develops, you’ll be able to build on these patterns to recognize more complex sets of moves that let you play you one, two or even three moves ahead of your opponent.

That’s how you win.

(Religion/Life Poem) What is Our Number One Sin



Do not be a fool, do not walk in the shoes of the ignorant

Eye to eye with a spitting Cobra does not show others our brass

Hate fumes from the mouth’s of those who are stupid and blind

Careful, even a Demonic Soul like Hitler was able to write a book


Who really has the Heart and Soul of a Christ filled man or woman

Delight in the Love of The Lord, not in our bombs, blades, and guns

Laws of God or Man, which one is it that we Humans chose to serve

Faith gives us the strength to battle the Wolves who seek our demise


Plant your feet like one who is seeking the Roots of The Tree Of Life

Those who are wicked by choice will try to take away our breath of life

Some are like fodder for Hell’s Fires, it’s just that they don’t know it yet

Be careful who we choose to be our friends in this Chess Game of life


What is the worse sin that you personally believe that you have committed

Failing to realize the depth of the meaning of our girl friends first time

Not being in the lives of our young children is a Physical and Moral crime

Hell of a thing if our actions cause our children to miss The Bread Of Life



U.S. Ladies Chess Champion Has More Class/Guts Than The American Government


US chess champ boycotts Iran: “I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression”

Source: “I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression”: US chess champion boycotts world championship in Iran – The Rebel

The reigning US Chess Champion has decided not to attend the world championship in Iran because she’d be forced to wear a hijab.

“I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression. Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career,” Nazi Paikidze said in an interview with the founder of My Stealthy Freedom.

Susan Polgar, who chairs the women’s committee of the international chess governing body has tried to silence Paikidze by telling her to keep her opinions off Twitter and to take it up with FIDE and WOM.

Paikdze responded by saying, “I already did. Thanks to Twitter this issue got a lot of attention as well.”

“Not the right position to insult me and members of @WOMChess when we are trying to help you,” Polgar shot back.

“Nothing of what I said was a personal insult/attack to anyone but FIDE’s decision,” the young chess champion responded, showing no fear.

In an Instagram post, Paikdze made her decision very clear. “This is a post for those who don’t understand why I am boycotting FIDE’s decision. I think it’s unacceptable to host a WOMEN’S World Championship in a place where women do not have basic fundamental rights and are treated as second-class citizens. For those saying that I don’t know anything about Iran: I have received the most support and gratitude from the people of Iran, who are facing this situation every day. Thank you My Stealthy Freedom for sharing my interview.”

Nazi Paikidze-Barnes @NaziPaiki

Is Johnny Manziel A Case Of “Talent” Afflueza?


News from Dallas today from the Dad of a young man, a young football player who is in trouble. This young man was a star player back throughout his youth. It appears that Johnny has been so spoiled throughout his school years that he has a history of misbehaving and him not getting personally slapped up side the head for it. Bill Murray once said on a talk show that he “couldn’t believe that he has rich kids living in his house”, I thought that was a humorous statement, we have all seen how some of these comics (the ‘privileged’ kids) act. You notice how one generation labors hard, earns the dollars, the next generation whom have worked for nothing have their pathetic noses in the air? But folks, it is not just the kids of the very wealthy or the ‘wannabe wealthy’ that can be brought up believing they are in a class above the everyday type people whom have afflueza children.


There is one exception to this rule that I am aware of, as most of us are, and that is what I call a talent afflueza condition. If a child is found to be very gifted in pretty much anything from physical sports, chess, piano, or just knockout looks many tend to be treated ‘different’ than the children around them, these children become more ‘valuable’. Most of us just quietly watched the adults act like fawning fools when a kid has real talent, or their Daddy’s had money. Johnny Manziel’s  Dad is quoted as saying that his son would not see his next birthday if he doesn’t get help. Johnny it seems has a bit of a problem holding his drink and with holding his manners with some young ladies. Parents and Teachers/Administrators, you are not doing a child any favors when you coddle their misbehavior, in many cases you are destroying them. Kids like Johnny (I do mean at 23, right now) badly need to be slapped with a bout of ‘grow the hell up’ right now before it is to late. Hopefully this young man can get the help he evidently needs before he ends up crashed and burned.