Will Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump Live To See Next January 20th?


Do not take this article wrong, I am not for the harming of anyone on Earth, not even these two folks but it is a question that needs to be considered as possibilities. Personally the only way I could find myself voting for Ms. Hillary this November 1st is if her Republican opponent is Ted Cruz. The single biggest reason I won’t vote for her, even over her being an habitual liar, is Benghazi. If you were ever in the military or are from a family of Vets you know why, she and President Obama are flat-out guilty of leaving our people behind without even making an effort to come to their rescue. From a military standpoint she as Secretary of State is directly responsible for the deaths of four of our people that she and President Obama swore an oath to protect. She lied, she failed, they are dead because of her lack of action to protect them. I do believe that if she wins the Democratic nomination at their convention this summer that somewhere between that time and the November 1st general election, or if she wins the election, that before she can take office on January 20th that some former or current military person will end her because of her guilt in Benghazi.  Do I want her to be killed, no I don’t, but I do hope that she is doing like Mr. Trump and wearing bullet-proof vests everywhere she goes in public. Hillary Clinton has made millions of enemy’s here in America. Do I believe that if she is the winner in November that she will live to see January 20th, 2017, my guess is she has less than a 50/50 chance. I know this sounds cold, and it is, cold hard truth. I personally do not want anything to happen to her even though I do not want her to ever step into the Oval Office again. I don’t want the woman dead but putting her in federal prison with hard labor till the day she dies is a very good idea. Maybe we could get her a cell right next to George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld whom should be in there for their war crimes.


Now to Mr. Trump, I believe the same for him concerning the November 1st elections and the January 20th date. Not for the same reasons as Ms. Hillary but because of the fact that many millions of people from backgrounds, nationalities, and races, hate the man with a passion. Mr. Trump has admitted that when he is on the campaign trail that he has been wearing a bullet-proof vest which honestly is just good common sense. I do not want Mr. Trump to be harmed at all, but he really needs to be careful. I honestly just have my doubts that either one or both will not get to see January 20th, 2017 because of the level of hate both have created for themselves. I as an Independent voter do wish that Mr. Trump would not have his bouts of acting like a third-grade bully and would act like an adult more often. The Congress/Senate, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court will keep most of Mr. Trumps wilder ideas from ever happening yet at the same time we the American people are sick to death of both the Party’s and with politicians. Who knows, if no one decides to take Mr. Trump out he may make a great President. My question though is, could he possibly be worse than the bought and paid for trash that permeates D.C. right now? As far as I am concerned the leaders of the RNC and the DNC should be in cells right next to Ms. Hillary and George W.

Ted Cruz Not Beholding To The big banks: That Is A Huge Lie!


Within the last four years Ted Cruz is attempting to go from a political ‘who’ to being the President of the United States. So, who is this dude who in 2012 when he was attempting to become a U.S. Senator ran on the story-line of not being beholding to the ‘Big Banks’. Sir, even with you being born in Canada being an issue right now as to whether you are technically eligible to hold the Office, I believe let the U.S. Supreme Court just tell us one way or the other. Folks, make this issue be settled ASAP, so that it can become a non-issue, and possibly disqualify this man outright. I have never trusted this man personally, as a Christian I have just not felt good vibes coming from him, ever. Mr Cruz exploits his ‘Christian Faith’ to help him garner votes both in his Texas Senate Campaign and now in his Presidential Campaign, yet his ‘not beholding to Big Banks’ propaganda is evidently just a lie. It appears that Mr and Mrs Cruz did put everything up in hock to help support his Senate campaign and for those kind of guts I do commend both him and his wife. But, and a really, really, big but, Mrs Cruz was employed by a Wall-Street Bank and that bank as well as one other Wall-Street Bank gave the couple a cool Million-Dollars in loans to help fund the campaign. The lies get even better, he violated Congressional Law by not reporting these loans to the Congress when he was sworn in. If you or I lie to Congress the FBI comes and give us a visit, I doubt that Mr Cruz will be getting any bracelets anytime soon though.

On a personal opinion, I as a fundamentalist Christian do not want anyone whom actually believe (as Mr Cruz) says he does, that the Earth was created in a literal six-human day event, is too stupid and to ignorant to be ever welcomed in ‘Our’ Oval Office! Can a person who was educated at among other places, Harvard Law, be so ignorant of what the Scriptures teach? If Mr Cruz is as lacking in knowledgeable of our Nations laws as he is in God’s Laws (don’t base your campaign on a lie)! What lie Mr Cruz? How about the not being beholding to big banks lie?