My Sins


I am so thankful, my sins washed from my back

The burden though forgiven my mind won’t let me forget

Without the Lord’s blood, grace and protection, dead long ago I would be

Can a person really count each day the amount of sins we commit

Maybe if someone is righteous enough, maybe they can

I have done so much wrong in this life I have been given

I have learned that only the Blood of Jesus can save you and I

What I deserve, without Jesus, no doubt I would fry

From birth it seems I have been good with the numbers

Even with this advantage, could I count all the lies in my life

Lord, this sin like many others, is a million ahead or behind

For long ago thefts now my hands would probably be missing

Many Ladies Lord in my life have given to me of their pleasures

Two failed marriages with deception and hate for brides

How many things in my life have I killed

Hardly ever caring as their breaths disappear

Saying no more than darn it when the innocent by accident I killed

Do we ever take solace in the peace the Lords Blood has given

For the guilt of these sins Lord, you have taken the gun from my ear