About The Former Maryland Police Officer And His 5 year Jail Sentence



This incident happened in 2014 and I feel a bit of shame that I don’t even remember this incident. Have there been so many since then (police officers being the bad guy) that it just faded into the blur? I am not a person that technology has ever smiled upon, this is why I have such a simple blog. This is also why I copy pasted the address above to what I was reading so that if you wish you can go read the story yourself.

This former officer disgraced the Uniform, the Badge, and himself with these actions. Many people in our mainstream media are digging for a big story and it seems that race is the issue they have decided to be their chosen venue to fame. There is a much bigger issue within American Law Enforcement Agencies than the race issue. I am not trying to downplay the race issue, it is a huge issue in some people’s hearts and Souls. But what I am saying is that there is one issue that is an even bigger problem than some people’s own racism whom happens to be a cop! Was this issue in the Reuters story a race issue? The former officer has a Hispanic last name and the victim did not?


Here is what I am getting at folks, it is my total belief that the biggest issue isn’t the occasional shooting of an unarmed or very lightly armed Black male. What is the biggest issue is the cover-up mentality of politicians, D.A.’s, and police departments and some of their own Unions, worse is the very obvious thought patterns that tell many Officers that it is within their rights, to act like the criminal. In Chicago the Cop who chased that young Black man down (the one who had a knife in his left hand) and shot him 16 times, most while he was motionless on the ground. Folks, his local Union is supporting this mans legal team. If you are guilty, you are guilty, and this Officer totally crossed the line of even human decency! Any of his fellow Officers whom are supporting this cold-blooded murderer as though it is some kind of honor code is in fact showing the world that you by your association in a case that is so well caught on film as this one, that you are just as evil as the one who pulled the trigger. You know how it is said that Doctors will not turn against other Doctors when it comes to ethics that they can be trusted to handle any problem Doctors among themselves. Police departments around this country have to fight all the human elements that make us frail of mind, body, and of ethics. Better ethics, better morals, more maturity, who knows, if we all tackle these issues maybe we would all have better, less racist Police Officers. Who knows maybe it would work to help make a more pleasant citizenry.