The Astros’ cheating scandal affects the Orioles

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Orioles GM Mike Elias and Manager Brandon Hyde at Orioles FanFest 2019 nearly one year ago at the Baltimore Convention Center.
Orioles GM Mike Elias and Manager Brandon Hyde at Orioles FanFest 2019 nearly one year ago at the Baltimore Convention Center. (Ulysses Muñoz/Baltimore Sun)
Recently, Major League Baseball penalized the Houston Astros with a loss of draft picks and with fines, and by banning two senior executives for a year as punishment for cheating during the team’s World Series season in 2017 (“No mention of Mike Elias, other Orioles employees formerly with Astros in MLB report on sign-stealing scandal,” Jan. 13). This renders all the success the Astros had that year as permanently tainted. Many in the Astros’ organization landed high-paying jobs with other clubs based not only on the success the team had, but also on the process, which included an emphasis on analytics and strategic losing for years to build the farm system.

In fact, important hiring decisions for the Orioles were predicated on the success of a team that cheated to win the World Series. It does not mean Orioles General Manager Mike Elias, who worked for Houston during the 2017 season, knew about the cheating. But it does mean the well is tainted. The Astros’ success is not what anyone thought it was before this announcement.

Many fans have been critical of the Orioles management’s decision to lose on purpose in order to win later. It is akin to cheating the fans today so some lucky fans of the future might be grateful. Four or five years of terrible teams with low budgets so the future will be bright. That is the pitch. That pitch just got a little harder to sell now that the Astros’ World Series victory is forever tarnished.

Dudley Thompson

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(Poem) Remembering The Game

Remembering The Game


I first heard of It, the 59 Sox like it was a few yesterdays ago

It was Ancient History to a Six Year Old boy way back then

Allowed to be part of a few Kids Leagues as I was growing up

These Words are not about me, it’s about this Beautiful Game

In the Sandlots this Game was the one I always prefered to play


The Game taught me about rules that Life just had not then

The Spine of the Game is Numbers so It had a hold on me

Game helped me do Math in my head and a meaning for it

Numbers just like History, they all have a whole History to

The Numbers have Names and they are both intertwined


The Game makes you want to Learn how to Read better

Math, Reading and History all taught so well in the Game

The Day will come when it’s the Last Time you ever played

Through the Years in the Game we learned how to win and lose

Lord, Family, Country, I learned a lot about Love, from the Game



Russia The Olympics And President Putin


Tomorrow the people who run the Olympics and their anti doping committees are going to make their decisions public about Russia’s State ran doping programs during the 2008 Sochi Olympics. These committees have a tremendous amount of proof against the Russian government for their crimes, yet the question is do they have the guts to do their job? At question is whether the people who are responsible for making sure that the Olympics are fair have any integrity themselves. Pretty much every nation including Russia knows that the Russians systematically cheated, so the question is will there be any penalties levied against Russia? The Olympic bosses do have the authority to revoke every metal that the Russian athletes fraudulently wear around their necks. They also have the authority to ban Russia from the Summer Olympics that are about to start in Brazil. These anti doping committees have had the proof for over a year now and yet they have sat on their hands and procrastinated right up to this point in time. Evidently these folks are cowards who are too afraid to do their job that they are being paid to do. Does this make themselves complicit? Two of the Russian ‘whistle-blowers’ are now dead, this is part of why I said that they may be too scared to do their job.


I know that I am a nobody and that my thoughts and opinions mean nothing to anyone in a position of power. Yet as a citizen of the world who happens to enjoy sports I have always been hardcore about events being fair. I am a person who does not want my favorite football or baseball team to win a game or a title on a bad call, even more so I do not want my team to win by blatant cheating. So, here is my thoughts on this issue concerning the Olympic chieftains. Either they revoke Russia’s 2008 Metals and they ban Russia from these 2016 Olympics or the Olympic Games themselves should cease to exist! Why should we the fans keep supporting a fraud? President Putin has proven himself to be a fraud on many issues and this is just another one. It is unfortunate that such a man has dragged down the beautiful country of Russia and trashed the hard work of all their nations Olympians. Have the Olympics themselves just become a laughing-stock and a sham? Tomorrow, we shall all see if these Summer Olympics in Brazil are even worth turning on our  TV to watch!

The Chicago Cub Fan



Indeed we are a special breed

A Cub fan learns a life of losing

Sadly most true indeed

At the age of ten years I became one of them

Not knowing that in my life span

They would never win

Bad ownership or bad managers

It never seems to matter

On the road or at home

Their following is always faithful

Across the street houses with a view

House tops filled with faithful partiers

All there to watch our Cubbies lose

But then of course

When the dust has all cleared

Our Cubbies lose a twin

Wait till next year

Our slogan once again