So, Ted Cruz In Total Desperation Plays “The Woman Card” With Carly Fiorina


So, the Texas hypocrite and habitual liar Ted Cruz has chosen a woman to be his running mate, how pathetic, how desperate. Senator Cruz trying to jolt some life into his campaign has chosen former Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina to be his Vice Presidential running mate. If you remember Ms. Fiorina when she had to drop out of the race a couple of months ago was only poling around 1%. Mr. Cruz out of obvious desperation is trying to take female voters away from Mr. Trump and Mr. Kasich in these few remaining primaries, still hoping to keep Mr. Trump below the 1,237 delegate total so that there can be a contested Convention this summer. He thinks that if Mr. Trump can not win on that first ballot that he can still steal away the Republican nomination. One thing that I don’t hear the talking heads on TV mentioning is that if Mr. Trump does not win on the first ballot that he can win on the second ballot and that having a woman on his ticket will help him. I have a question for you, why do you think Governor Kasich is still in this contest? Governor Kasich is still in this race for that same reason, hoping for a contested convention. Think about the reality of that situation, if no gets the nomination on the first ballot we all know that the delegates will not vote for Mr. Trump yet if that happened, there is no reason that the ‘unbound’ delegates would then turn to Cruz as there best option. Unbound delegates would much more likely vote for Governor Kasich simply because most everyone hates the ground Ted Cruz walks on, they will not give him the nomination. Mr. Cruz is also trying to persuade the RNC that with Ms. Fiorina as his running mate that they are the best choice to confront and beat Hillary Clinton in the election November 1st. Obviously this article is just the opinion of one old man but I do believe that I am correct on these issues, what do you think of this opinion about Mr. Cruz and his weaknesses such as putting a very much not liked Ms. Fiorina on his ‘ticket of hate’?