(Personal/Philosophy/Poem) 49 Years Ago Today

49 Years Ago Today


49 years ago this afternoon my big Brother got hitched

Real good woman, two kids, to bad he couldn’t adapt

1968 how many worlds and life times ago was that

Think about it, Nixon hadn’t even lied to us Turnips yet

This year ignorance killed a Doctor in Memphis, Mr. King


12 yrs old, call came in Dad’s favorite Brother lay dying

An hour ago got the call my Father-in-Law has passed away

If your old enough, look at the world in 1968, look at it now

If you found away to go back to 1968, would you take that leap

Even with today’s brain, could our heart endure the pain again


In a perfect world big Brother and His Bride are still dancing

On today’s clock for 25 years now my Brother has been buried

The events of life that we all have seen, good, bad and nasty

Could our minds handle the shock of seeing all the dead again

If tonight you could go back to 1968, live it again, would you

Today Columbus inadvertently started the end of many Nations