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Love your life everyday:

  1. No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you come from, don’t stop learning, live your life to the fullest.
  2. Forget failure, hold your head up high and be proud.
  3. Improve yourself and learn more to become a better person. “Do your best always.”
  4. Do more extra efforts and never surrender your hopes.
  5. Be patient and focus on the happiness, desire and goals.
  6. Be happy for what you have and strive more if  you have wishes in your life.
  7. Love your life and take care of it. Lighten up yourself.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. ” Napoleon Hill

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“Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.” Napoleon Hill

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“one of the worst features about worrying is that it destroys our ability to concentrate.” Dale Carnegie

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“If takes half your life before you discover…

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Quando un giorno

Rituali Minet

Quando un giorno verrete alla mia tomba
non bussate come solita è la gente
accendete la presenza col silenzio
mormorando un perdono controvento
fra le gore delle siepi.
Fischiettando, rallegrerete i marmi
con l’olio della lampada sul capo
versato a goccia piena, d’abbondanza
per rischiarare il tempo già accaduto.
Quando verrete allora alla mia tomba
cingetevi di lino i bei pensieri, e i sandali
che siano vecchi e sporchi
saranno loro a raccontarmi i vostri viaggi
flettendosi sull’erba come giunchi.
E quando verrete tristi alla mia tomba
portatemi gli affanni come dono
saprò tagliarne il peggio limando le preghiere
lacrime anche a foci per questi fiori chiusi
il grigio dei capelli raccolti dai guanciali
e ciò che fra le tasche v’importuna

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Eduardo I de Inglaterra**Conocido como “El Zanquilargo” o “Piernas Largas”


Eduardo I de InglaterraEduardo I de Inglaterra

Eduardo I

Rey de Inglaterra (1272-1307)

Nació el 17 de junio de 1239 en Westminster. Fue el hijo mayor del reyEnrique III.

A los quince años contrae matrimonio con Leonor de Castilla.

eduardo-I-de-InglaterraMantuvo una posición dudosa durante la lucha que los barones mantuvieron contra la Corona, exigiendo reformas constitucionales y eclesiásticas, mas cuando estalló la guerra entre el Rey y la nobleza, luchó al lado del Monarca y ganó la batalla decisiva de Evesham en 1265. Cinco años más tarde deja Inglaterra para unirse a la séptima Cruzada.

Reconocido como rey a la muerte de su padre, ocurrida en 1272, por los nobles ingleses, cuando todavía se encontraba en el extranjero. A su regreso, en 1273, fue coronado. En los cinco primeros años del reinado de Eduardo acabó con la corrupción en la administración de justicia, restringió la jurisdicción de los tribunales eclesiásticos a…

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Yaratıcı Beyin – Dehanın Nörobilimi pdf indir


Yaratıcı Beyin ? Dehanın Nörobilimi pdf indir

Yaratıcılık dediğimiz eşsiz özgünlük nasıl ortaya çıkıyor?
Herkes ?yaratıcı? olabilir mi?
Yaratıcılık ?dehanın ve deliliğe? sahip olanlar için mi?

Yaratıcılık ve beyin konuları üzerine araştırmalarına devam eden Iowa Üniversitesi Psikiyatri Bölümü?nden Ulusal Bilim Medalisti olan Nancy Andreasen, yaratıcılığın aslında istihbarat ve yetenekten bağımsız olarak ortaya çıkabileceğini gösteriyor çünkü basitçe yaşamın farklı kısımları yeni Ve beklenmedik yollarla.

Yaratıcılığıyla Andreasen, yaratıcı beyin yaratma koşullarını anlama ve hem çocuklar hem de yetişkinler için yaratıcılık geliştirme yolları sunan, birçok yaratıcı yaratıcılık, yaratıcı süreçler ve Mozart, Poincaré ve Coleridge gibi özel yetenekleri olan yaratıcı insanlar hakkında konuşur.

Okuyucu Yorumu

İnsan beyni tamamen keşfedilmediğinden ve yaratıcılığa ilişkin zengin bilgiye sahip olmadığımızdan, herhangi bir kaynaktan tam bir cevap bulmayı beklemeyin. Kitap, yaratıcılık ve yaratıcı insani gelişme hakkında iyi bilgilere sahiptir. Bu ortamları insanlara sağlayarak, bilimsel, sanatsal düzeyde yükselme ve toplumsal sıçramalar, medeniyet sıçramaları, yaratıcı insanların ve tarihteki bazı dönümlerin…

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Pulling Together with Christ

This Day With God

Paul writes with the authority of an apostle of Christ Jesus (v.1). 1 Corinthians 1:1-17 was written in response to some difficulties the Christians at Corinth were having. There were divisions in the church and some moral issues among other things.

Paul is thankful for the growth of the members of this church. He applauds the work they have been doing and the spiritual gifts among them but appeals to them to pull together with Christ as their leader.

Like during the time of this writing of Paul, we face many of the leadership issues today. People disagree with who to follow. Personal interests produces disunity within our society and there is a crisis of leadership.

There are steps we all can take to promote unity among Christians in our schools, businesses, communities, and churches. Unity comes from having a common purpose and all Christians should agree about the purpose…

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Under Cover



Day 243 – September 10, 2018

Irony – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Stoic – Manic Mondays / Bridges – Photo for the Week #8 / Day 10 – #SeptemberSquares / Stability – FOWC / Grace – RDP / Tempestuous – WODC / Made of Wood – citysonnet DWP

Another day of rain, more flooding, and more photos of water, equaled a trip to find the flooding.  Found it. Before I even checked what the prompts were today I knew I wanted to stop at this bridge.  How fortunate the irony when I assembled today’s prompts. This is the Utica Covered Bridge, the fourth that I have photographed this year (more photos below).  I tried to capture the sheer magnitude of these tempestuous waters.  When I approached the bridge, there was no way I was able to keep a stoic demeanor.  To put this in perspective, the tree in the…

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Migraine Mishmash

Light Motifs II

Around a week ago NewEpicAuthor asked if I know what causes my headaches and I didn’t reply in comments because the answer requires a whole poast… well, a whole book actually.

First, let’s begin with the debate over whether it’s acceptable to call migraines “headaches.” Frankly, my dears, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t believe it causes funding for migraine research to dry up if we say “goddamn I have a headache” instead of “Jeeves, I do believe the Grey Poupon has triggered a megrim. Please bring the bag of frozen blueberries to the quiet room at once. And for God’s sake, stop blinking so loudly.” There is a definition for migraine, but symptoms vary among sufferers.

(Nothing is going to cause migraine research to end, btw. It’s one of the hottest markets for new drugs because so many people suffer with this pain. It’s one of the…

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Mueller’s investigation bears the hallmark of an organized crime case



Mueller’s investigation bears the hallmark of an organized crime case

Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller has extensive experience prosecuting organized crime and white collar cases from his time as FBI director.
 Alex Wong/Getty Images

Analysis banner

  • Paul Manafort’s recent plea deal and cooperation agreement with the special counsel Robert Mueller is the latest indication of how the Russia investigation mirrors an organized crime case.
  • The hallmark of any prosecutor’s approach to an organized crime case is the use of cooperating witnesses to move up the chain.
  • “You start low and you ask people: who did you answer to? Who gave you orders? Who did you report to?” said one Justice Department veteran. “That’s the only way to get to the top of a criminal organization, and that’s exactly what Mueller’s doing.”
  • But there are also a few crucial differences that make the Russia probe similar to a complex white-collar investigation.

As the special counsel Robert Mueller works his way through the myriad of threads in the Russia investigation, his approach bears more and more similarities to what prosecutors do when they’re tackling complex organized crime cases.

Mueller’s recent plea deal and cooperation agreement with Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, is just the latest indication of that.

The hallmark of any prosecutor’s approach to an organized crime case, experts say, is the use of cooperating witnesses.

Going up the ladder is critical in these types of cases because the organization typically has a hierarchical structure and a clear chain of command. It also usually involves wide-ranging, multi-party criminal activity.

“The higher you go, the more insulated those people are,” said Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor from the Southern District of New York who successfully prosecuted more than 100 members and associates of the Sicilian Mafia. “So the best way to penetrate that closed inner circle is by flipping people, and flipping them up.”

After investigators get a sense of which players are part of a criminal enterprise, they start by targeting those at the lowest levels.

“If they don’t voluntarily cooperate, you get honest leverage on them to compel their cooperation,” said Patrick Cotter, a former federal prosecutor who was part of the team that convicted the Gambino crime family boss John Gotti in the 1990s. “You find their criminal conduct and use that to force them to do what they should have done originally, which is to tell the truth.”

Paul Manafort
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort pleaded guilty this week.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Honig said he once nailed a case by flipping someone who was the driver for a more powerful person in the organization.

“That led us right up the chain,” he said. “And you can see that happening in the Russia investigation.”

The first plea deal Mueller’s office announced was that of George Papadopoulos, who served as an early foreign policy aide to the Trump campaign. Next, he looped in Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser who admitted to lying to the FBI.

In February, Rick Gates, the former deputy chairman of the Trump campaign, announced that he would be pleading guilty and cooperating with the special counsel. Gates’ cooperation led prosecutors upstream, and his courtroom testimony against Manafort helped them successfully convict his former boss on eight counts of financial fraud last month.

Likewise, legal scholars say, Manafort’s cooperation, as well as that of Trump’s former longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, will likely help Mueller and New York federal prosecutors get information on an even bigger fish.

“It’s a classic strategy used in organized crime,” Cotter said. “You start low and you ask people: who did you answer to? Who gave you orders? Who did you report to? That’s the only way to get to the top of a criminal organization, and that’s exactly what Mueller’s doing.”

‘When you pull at a thread, you never know what you’re going to unravel’

michael cohen paul manafort
Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort are the two highest ranking people who have flipped.
Associated Press/Craig Ruttle; Associated Press/Alex Brandon; Business Insider

That said, there are two critical differences between Mueller’s approach to the Russia probe and prosecutors’ approach to organized crime cases.

The first is that most criminal enterprises don’t have a clear paper trail.

“Organized crime is particularly dependent on insider witnesses, because everything is kind of hidden and done in the shadows,” said Alex Whiting, a former Justice Department lawyer who prosecuted organized crime and corruption cases when he worked at the US attorney’s office in Boston.

“These cases usually aren’t paper heavy because there’s no email trail or documentation,” he added.

The Russia investigation, by contrast, has often been document-heavy. Prosecutors introduced 400 pieces of evidence at Manafort’s first trial in Virginia last month, and they planned to put forward almost three times that amount at his second trial had he not struck a last-minute plea deal.

Similarly, their charging document against Gates extensively cited his financial records, emails, and communications with other witnesses.

In that sense, Whiting said, certain aspects of the Russia probe make it more like a white-collar case.

The other crucial difference is that organized crime cases cases involve activities that clearly cross legal boundaries.

But Mueller’s team is sifting through a mix of legal political activity and potentially illegal activity.

The prototypical example of that overlay, Whiting said, is Trump himself.

“The president has the legal authority to fire the FBI director, but is it obstruction if he fired him to hamper an investigation into him?” Whiting said. “Trump has the power to pardon anyone for any federal crime, but is he obstructing justice if he does it to prevent them from testifying? Is collusion a crime?”

“There’s a complexity here that you don’t often see with organized crime,” he added. “In that respect, it’s much more like investigating white-collar crime, because the main questions there are, what was the conduct, and did the conduct cross into illegal territory?”

The bottom line in a case like the Russia probe, Honig said, is that there’s no way to tell where it will ultimately lead.

“When you pull at a thread, you never know what you’re going to unravel.”

Walking Stockholm (2). Touched by a Paint Brush.


Sunset in Stockholm’s Old Town brings the centuries old buildings to life in warm hues. I reflect. It’s is like walking in an old painting. I can feel the touch of the paint brush, sometimes gentle, other times more intense. Life in vibrant colors.

old building at stortorget ud164storkyrkans torn ud164The streets are still lively at this hour and I melt in like I had never left.

vasterlanggatan ud164I soak in the history of the narrow alleys guarded by old residential buildings. The echo of little feet running on the cobble stone streets in their Sunday shoes from the 1800s is still there.

grand 2 in the old town ud164And in my mind’s eye I can still see people from long ago drinking from the fountain at the Big Plaza.

drinking fountain at main plaza ud164From there I walk to the Royal Palace. And from the top of the palace hill I admire the huge canvas opening in front of me. The blue hour in Stockholm.

royal palace ud164painted view from the royal palace ud164Leaving the…

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