Fifty For My Lady


My Lady is no doubt fabulous even though she is peaking at seeing fifty soon

No doubt with the age of time, most certainly the sweeter the taste of the wine

A morning hug still under the covers and a good evening smooch each night

Paid twice a month sure helps to have a girl with a brain and a heart to match

House payments, utilities, groceries paid,  keeps new potty paper on the rack

Were not rich or famous, don’t want to be but $50 once a month were going to pay

I know we can manage this General Grant one time a month, I’ll have to over ride

New Massage Therapist, just $50 for an hour once a month for my Lady to relax

You can be poor, almost all the people are, a small gift to the love of your hectic life

Is She your Nancy, are you anyone’s Ronnie as you drift off to sleep tonight?