TRAPPIST-1 Planets May Be Twice As Old As Earth

Source: TRAPPIST-1 Planets May Be Twice As Old As Earth

Mumbai – Beauty and the Beast

Vlog Rijal

Mumbai, located at the south-western coast of India, touching the Arabian sea, is the capital hub of India with a population of 21.3 million. It is famous for Bollywood (Indian movie industry),  business headquarters, and we shouldn’t forget the largest Slum, Dharavi from the famous movie Slumdog Millionaire. Millions of people pour into this city everyday, hoping that they will find a better life, but the only few out of millions can make it. This is also a reason that, it is called as “City of Dreams”.

mumbai-traffic-india-october-man-carries-package-his-head-moving-slowly-very-crowded-streets-kochi-tuk-tuk-67808919 Mumbai: Street of South MumbaiAbout

The city once ruled by Portuguese and British, is now ruled by two kinds of people. One is the Billionaires such as Ambani, and the other one are the people who live in the Slums and way below poverty line.  The rich rules the system and organisations running from inside a building, while the other rules…

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Yasmin Terkmani

Hey bloggers,

I hope you are all having a lovely day…

In today’s post after reflecting on my travels so far this summer and now obtaining the TRAVEL BUG I thought I’d share with you 3 cities that are places I have always wanted to go to and are definitely next on my travel list.

Rome, Italy

I can’t believe I have still never been to Italy! It’s a country I know I will fall in love with and never want to come home from. The Food, The Language, The Fashion… IT’S A BIT OF ME. As well as visiting Rome, I’d love to venture to Venice, Sardinia, Milan and Florence to explore the architecture, the art and the culture.

iStock_000050502488_Large-copy-690x500 Rome –

Havana, Cuba

After seeing my favourite blogger (@iamgalla) Adam Gallagher’s recent post on Cuba it has made me want to go 10x more. The thing about Cuba…

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Prague | Czech Republic

Yasmin Terkmani

Prague | Czech Republic



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My trip to Auschwitz…

Yasmin Terkmani

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

To visit the Nazi Concentration Camp of Auschwitz for me was one of the hardest and most chilling experiences but it is such a significant and deep part of world history that it should NEVER be forgotten.

On arrival it was hard to acknowledge that those events we had learnt about in school, and seen in documentaries had actually taken place and I was actually there.

It’s hard to explain, but there was something about the air, the atmosphere and the environment that made me feel so sad, so uncomfortable and so angry that something like this had could happen in the face of mankind and not even that long ago when you think about it…

After sharing some of my images of the camp on Instagram, and tagging the Auschwitz Memorial they responded with this comment which made me realise the importance of remembering.


If you…

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Sail through Malta’s historic past with Grand Harbour Cruises by Wow Malta


Visit Malta’s two natural deep sea harbours, Marsamxett Harbour and the splendid Grand Harbour, with Captain Morgan’s Grand Harbour Cruise. Departing from the Sliema Strand, the boat tour takes you around Sliema Creek, Manoel Island, the yacht marina, Pieta Creek, exploring the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities. During the cruise you will visit various creeks and admire forts, fortifications and bastions on either side of Malta’s unique capital city, Valletta, from the spectacular vantage point of the sea.

Web site…

You tube : 

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List of top 10 destinations of 2017

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Source: List of top 10 destinations of 2017

Jesus is watching you


A thief enters during the night in a house whose owners have gone on vacation. When the thief puts the money in the bag, a voice is heard:

“Jesus is watching you !”

The thief looks everywhere, but he sees nothing. Lather he puts the jewels in the bag and hears the voice again:

“Jesus is watching you !”

He looks again in all directions and in a late time he sees a parrot.

“You are Jesus, bastard, I eat you alive !”

The parrot responds in an impassive voice:

“No, my name is Moses, but Know that Jesus is watching you !”

The thief laugs and laughs, then asks:

“Yo, how stupid he is who baptizes the parrot Moses ?”

“The same stupid who baptized Jesus his doberman !” answers the parrot.

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Not Fear but Faith – Stepping Stones of Faith


Not Fear but Faith

The Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them. Numbers 14:9

“My husband was offered a promotion in another country, but I feared leaving our home, so he reluctantly declined the offer,” my friend shared with me. She explained how apprehension over such a big change kept her from embracing a new adventure, and that she sometimes wondered what they missed in not moving.

The Israelites let their anxieties paralyze them when they were called to inhabit a rich and fertile land that flowed “with milk and honey” (Ex. 33:3). When they heard the reports of the powerful people in large cities (Num. 13:28), they started to fear. The majority of the Israelites rejected the call to enter the land.

Loving Father, may I not let my fear stop me from following You.

But Joshua and Caleb urged them to trust in the Lord, saying, “Do not be…

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Weekend in Lombardia

kirilson photography

Venue: Bergamo, Milano, Varenna, Belaggio

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: J-Ax – Maria Salvador (

This spring, for Easter weekend, I travelled to Italy in order to visit a modern art exhibition in Milano, the capital of Lombardy. Apart from the exhibition (coming soon in a separate art post) we had time to visit Milano and the nearby town of Bergamo, as well as the lake of Como. These are all places I have visited multiple times during the three-year period of my life spent in Milano, so I am certainly very biased towards Lombardy and the Italian style of life with its eclectic blend of modern and traditional. Hopefully I managed to catch some bits and pieces of the whole picture in my photos and comments below.

PSX_20170810_152102 We start with Bergamo and its “citta alta”, the “high city” which is the historic old town situated on a hill…

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