Gone (Light and Dark)


I read the fickle words you wrote

Scribbled on a post-it note,

False sentiment caught in my throat

Made me gag and made me choke.

I heard the flowing eulogy

The standard one and not for me,

As standing there for all to see

You hung your words upon the tree.

I watched you talk of you and I

And look so meekly to the sky,

And as you spoke of when and why

To my replacement you mouthed ‘hi’.

I read the fickle words you wrote

But what more did I expect?

A heart torn open

Bleeding free –

A life cut short to be with me?

I heard the flowing eulogy

But I was only lost at sea

And ships will sail

And ever will –

And life goes on without me still.

I watched you talk of you and I

But true I never let you know

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Anyone who had a chance to first live blissfully in abundance and then touch bottom, experiencing at least some of the shit we went through, will surely remember it for the rest of their life because the formidable hurdles we were facing daily in 90s Serbia bordered surreal. Those who managed to keep their head above water were like skydivers who survived a 12,000ft (3660m) fall without their parachutes.

In order to explain the political climate in Serbia in the mid 90s, I need to go back in time. The late 80s witnessed squabbles between the Serb minority and the ethnic-Albanian majority in Serbia’s (ex-) southern province of Kosovo, considered ‘the Mecca and Medina of the Serb people.’ Many Serbs left never to return, while the remaining ones felt oppressed and abused by the Albanian leadership. The Kosovo issue dominated Serbian politics. Slobodan Milošević, a rising Socialist Party boss (SPS)…

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Image Source: A-Zquotes

An estimated 70% of the global population expresses a belief in a supreme being [s]. An overwhelming majority of people in the modern world are adherents of a religion.

Just why do such staggering numbers of people cling to a religion ?

The idea of a what ‘religion’ means tends to be a bit puzzling. I have often disagreed with the Edward Taylor simple definition of religion as merely “a belief in spiritual beings.” Religion is more complicated than that. It’s the belief in god and gods. These gods are not always spiritual beings. Religion entails veneration of gods and these gods are not always deities.

What is a god ? This is a being or a ‘factor’ that has power. It can affect and influence. In most cases the masses desire and in the aftermath worship it. From this perspective Money, Wisdom, Sex and even…

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Love sent

The Lavender Letters

Piecing together elements,

Words and sentences from so long ago

Give illusions life to mind

Another place

Another time,

Spent with ink stained hands

Penning letters to be sent

Across seas and oceans deep

To lands unknown,

Yet only dreamed

In a child’s eyes

Letters sent with love.

Take care and God speed

And all good blessings in between

Where your travels sent you,

Young men to wars

On desolate beaches and sandy shores,

Remember those whose ghost remains

A hundred years gone

Where do those names reside now?

On ledgers faded and yellowing pages

And bow tied stacks

Tucked away

In case he comes back,

Yet fragrance lingers

Of rose petals and crumbling sage

Remembrances of passion

And sun filled garden days

Who were you my friend

Whose life was gone

Long before it ever began,

And is she there to see you through

In the light of stars

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No Question of Balance – #writephoto


No Question of Balance

No Question of Balance

your arms around me
mine around you
your shoulders
and mine
finding strength
within each other
embracing for eternity

Thursday Photo Prompt – Fallen #writephoto at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, with her photo


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Scars And Stars – Poem

All About Fame

Yes, I have seen your scars,

Still, I wish you from every shooting star.

The universe doesn’t have the power to break your soul,

Though it’s sccared, it’s still bright and whole.

Don’t be scared of the haunted past,
I am with you, no need to be aghast.
Dusk or Dawn if you feel fear,
Don’t be surprised when you see me there.
It’s not that I haven’t tried to look beneath you,
But you always shut me off whenever you’re blue.
You are the riddle, you are the clue
I’ll invest my lifetime to get to know you.
We’ll do everything to heal those scars
Even if we had to climb the stars.
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Take Nothing but Memories


Thailand is a tourism mecca which has thrived by marketing experiences to people from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for a party, a spiritual experience, or a family vacation; Thailand can cater to, and accordingly take money from you. Due to the vast array of tourism sectors, I always recommend that people pre-meditate what they are seeking out of their experience. While each person’s experience is contingent on a variety of factors and personal preferences, specific locations do attract different crowds and experiences. In my year away from home, I went to Thailand three times and always end up going north. While the South is beautiful and has incredible things to offer, I know what I am looking for out of my travel experiences; and these things are geographically specific.

Whichever form of travel you are seeking, Thailand is a great stepping stone into the world of…

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Before the Fall


Before the Fall

Before the Fall

In that moment of anticipation
laced with exhilaration,
do you contemplate
the consequences, consider
your place in the greater scheme
or deem it immaterial,
merely a leaf going
where the wind takes you?

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Liquid

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Your Mother

Vita Brevis

Submitted by Jamie Dedes

a tattered memoir in sepia tones
hanging on the wall of your office
a tiny plump sparrow of a woman
by a lone stone cottage
toothless, poor old thing
a warm shawl pulled to cover her head
an apron, worn shoes
from a time long past
from another world
my Turkish grandmother
what was her name?
you never said, i never asked

Vita Brevis accepts poetry submissions year-round!
Painting: An Old Woman peeling Pears – by a follower of David Teniers the Younge

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Lunar Palace 1: China’s One-Year Mock Moon Mission in Pictures

Source: Lunar Palace 1: China’s One-Year Mock Moon Mission in Pictures