Chicago Loop Synagogue’s mid-century modern stained glass

Picnic at the Cathedral

Sandwiched between boring high-rises, the Chicago Loop Synagogue is one of those sacred spaces that make you say “Gah!”.

The building, constructed in 1957, is nothing special, but step inside…



Artist Abraham Rattner loaded his glass masterpiece with symbols of the Jewish faith.


And G-d said, “Let there be light a righteously funky sun.”


The yellow wheat-looking design is the Palm of Shins, a symbol from the fall Succoth festival


Here’s a sun and a shofar (the ram’s horn used during the high holidays.)


Mid-century modern menorah, can you dig?


A friendly, dad-joke-making member of the synagogue showed us the ark, where the Torahs are stored.

The Hebrew text on the door comes from Proverbs 3:17, 18:

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.  She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is…

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Mental Health

People often wish each other happiness, happiness and happiness once again, that no cloud would dull the sky. They don’t understand what they wishing. Because personality matures only when faced with challenges and difficulties. Let’s better look at the light of spirit, the strength to take on the challenges of life and discover something important, to be able to pass through the difficulties of life and to learn through them, and discover the power to create something new. It is filled with meaningful life, valuable happiness.

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Becoming His Tapestry

Hey friends, how are you doing? Did you have a good weekend? I stayed in for most of the weekend, you know, washing hair, which takes a few hours and then skin care, which is always fun.Then of course, we attended service on Sunday.It was so good to be back at church.We’ve been unable to attend church for three whole weeks due to our travels.Do you know I don’t think I’ve ever missed three consecutive Sunday services? We do enjoy our services, it’s always wonderful when we can worship with our friends, I speak for my husband too.Yesterday’s service was especially good, perhaps because our absence.Do you attend church?

We’ve been watching this show called The Kindness Diaries on Netflix.  It’s a very fascinating show.  This man (Leon Logothesis) travelled around the world in search of kindness. He believed that if we searched deep enough within us, we can indeed find kindness…

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Descending Spiral into the Hands of a Just God

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

…and I’m about the business of endeavoring to keep my spiritual accounts in order. Although at times, it feels like I’m trying to herd a pride of feral cats across the Great Divide. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

“There is a (right) time for everything,

And a season for every activity under heaven.”Ecclesiastes 3:1

The essence of a man’s darkened soul consists and expresses itself in the fact that when he is of the opinion that he achieves his true nature and  quintessence apart from the knowledge of God, without hearing and obeying His Word, in this independence and autonomy, he always misses his true nature and essence.

He is always either too soon or too late.

He is asleep when he…

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Freelance Christian writing online jobs: 19 websites currently paying for submissions

Motivation, & the Environment

This post contains information for old and new writers who are talented, confident and interested in getting paid for writing about God or Christian faith-related matters. As at the time of publishing this post, many websites listed further down this article have been accepting articles/content submissions from writers. Please note that there are several others you could come across if you search Google or other search engines.

Many Christian-based websites and online magazines have been publishing original content produced by Christian writers from any part of the world. Some of the websites listed in this post cannot be found on job boards because they don’t advertise on job boards.

It’s more advantageous to pitch or submit original or reprint (previously published) content to websites than apply on job boards because there is lesser competition for talented writers who pitch websites. However, one must be talented in order to succeed with…

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Chaque année en France, 11 000 enfants disparaissent et ne sont pas retrouvés


Enfant manquant - Icône

Journée internationale des enfants disparus : 5 disparitions par heure en France Chaque année dans l’hexagone49 000 enfants disparaissent. Le 25 mai, la journée internationale des enfants disparus met en avant la lutte des parents.

49 000 enfants disparaissent chaque année en France

Un chiffre effrayant, bien que la grande majorité des enfants soit retrouvés après des fugues brèves. Mais 11 000 restent introuvables d’une année sur l’autre. Ce jeudi 25 mai, pour la journée internationale des enfants disparus, un puzzle avec les photos d’enfants disparus était assemblé place de la République à Paris, par des parents dont les enfants sont portés disparus.

Lucas, Sharazed, Habib, Marion… Leurs parents ne cessent d’espérer leur retour.

« On est très mal, on culpabilise forcément. », raconte Margarette qui pose le portrait d’Ophélie, sa fille disparue depuis le 30 avril 2016. Une autre maman, Nathalie, la réconforte. Elle…

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I AM with you


Joshua 1:5  (NIV)

No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I am afraid

I am overwhelmed

The task ahead is simply too great

What if

I fail

My background is a problem

My education is inadequate

My knowledge is too little


I AM with you


What I have called you to be


What I have told you to do

I AM with you

fix your eyes on Me


Your help comes from Me


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Listen, you can pretend to care but you can’t pretend to show up


Have you ever felt that it can often be so easy to pretend to care.  A raised brow. A question followed by a direct gaze.  Sometimes you really do care but you can’t quite go that extra mile to give a real human touch to your supposed caring. It is so easy to pretend now.  And everyone knows it.

A week ago, a colleague mentioned that she was very sad as her friend (her longtime friend) had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I expressed my sympathy and noted that these days breast cancer is way more survivable.   That she should have hope. She then noted that this was the second time her friend got cancer.  Her first fight with cancer happened ten years ago. Thus, she was worried this second time around would have a much more dire outcome. She then noted she was going to travel to see her…

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In the Silence

Riverside Peace

Sweet solitude of silence
Brushes against my soul—
With a touch of His presence,
He brings rest to my bones.

Verses of faith drift through me,
Soothing battered senses—
Inspired in the silence,
He captivates my heart.

God’s Holiness bathes me,
Tender anointing falls—
In compassion He gives me
His peace in the silence

Gems of joy, whispered hope,
Shown in His love and grace
Consoling in the silence…
He kisses away my tears.

© Chrissy Siggee – 2019

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Railway NTPC Recruitment

exam 360

Railway Recruitment Board will be conducting RRB NTPC 2019 Exam for recruiting eligible candidates to fill 1.3 Lakh+ Vacancies in Indian Railways. This is one of the most important exam conducted by RRB every year. RRB NTPC 2019 will be conducted for recruiting candidates to the post of:

The Recruitment Process for RRB NTPC 2019 will start after the release of Official Notification. Let’s have a look at the detailed Recruitment Process of RRB NTPC 2019 Exam.

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RRB NTPC 2019 Exam Dates

The Exam dates for Railway NTPC 2019 Exam will be released with its official notification. RRB NTPC Exam Dates 2019 will be updated here once the official notification has been released by RRBs. Let’s have a look…

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