The Roadside Stand (Revisited)

Dementia's Diaries

My earnest dedication to my favorite poet, Robert Frost from whom I have borrowed the title of this poem.

Of all the amazing places I see

The roadside stand is just for me!

Girls and boys and poles that stand,

And a crawling marriage band.

Of all the noise and laugh and glee,

The roadside stand is just for me!

Numerous memories made and shared,

With friends and foes and all that cared.

Oh! I also get to see with grace,

Some exquisite, foreign face.

But they can’t seem to fulfill my plight,

More than a roadside gentlemen’s fight.

While riding home I get to see,

Why the roadside stand is just for me!

Life moves on that’s all we know,

But when I’m bad and can’t let go,

The only thing that makes me right,

Is a roadside stand in sight.

Various relations made and torn,

Various voices of…

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(CNN) – Probablemente no sabía que iba a ser su última comida, pero el festín final de Otzi, el hombre de hielo, estuvo lleno de delicias grasosas.

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Oldest stone tools outside Africa unearthed in China

via Oldest stone tools outside Africa unearthed in China

Earthquake reveals 12th-century temple hidden within Aztec pyramid

via Earthquake reveals 12th-century temple hidden within Aztec pyramid

America’s Not a Theocracy

Amazing Tangled Grace

“Then Jesus said to them, ‘Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.’ And they were amazed at him” (Mark 12:17).


Happy belated Independence Day to everyone who celebrated the July 4th holiday! And to everyone else, no matter where you call home, welcome!

There’s a valid argument to be made that our nation was based on Judeo-Christian principles, but America, or better put, the United States, is not a theocracy, and I, for one, am glad. To those on the right who view liberalism as the greatest threat to religious liberty should probably examine themselves. Until the church can get its collective self in agreement, about exactly what it believes, the right presents just as much of a threat to liberty as the left. Although most of my positions, on the issues of the day, place me squarely in camp conservative, God challenges me, first…

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Have a great day and stay cool! We, like most of the United States are in another heat wave…..happy reading everyone!😊💖






radio head susan

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Why writers *need* to be readers

the orang-utan librarian

thoughts orangutanseinfeld gifSo a while back, I was following an indie writer (who shall remain nameless) that said they don’t read, because, and I quote “There are writers and then there are readers”. Now, I’ve mentioned this before, because YIKES that is a dreadful piece of advice, but even more so, it then made sense to me why I’d given said writer a 2 star rating. They’d taken an exciting premise and gone nowhere interesting with it. As for their second book, I couldn’t even get past the first chapter and cba anyway because the premise was so generic and I could figure out the plot twist right away. So it made me want to talk about why it is SO IMPORTANT that writers are readers- because there is no getting round how disastrous the consequences are if you’re not. Here are some reasons why writers need to read (if…

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We are Supernovas Waiting to Happen 

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

You and I have seen it coming
But you still tremble in fear
With the very thought of dying
Of letting go something dear

You say we have to stay the same
Stay where we are, stay as we are
You put too much trust in the now
And I want to discard all but our name

What are you so afraid of?
We can scatter our pieces to places
Our feet did not reach before
They can soar from shore to shore

We are either here or there
Will it matter how and where
We spend the rest of our days
When we can die in so many ways?

But darling, I’d rather we end this way
A giant explosion of matter
Let us blind them with our light
They can mourn us later, or never

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Tokyo’s Major Stations….Nijūsanku Tourism Access


Staying two days in Tokyo gave me a chance to felt a hustle and bustle of the city. I got some good morality from interaction with Japanese. I had proved some good stories about Japanese characters that I heard and read from media.

I could approved their good attitudes when suddenly a middle-aged man ran up to me around Nakano station, he gave my wallet that lost there. Also their disciple in using every second was reflected in the regularity of their train network which actually very massive and complicated but seems very easy for them. 

My step for visiting Nijusanku (another name of Tokyo) tourist attractions had delivered me into some main stations in Tokyo as tourism access.

I will tell to you who haven’t visit there yet to become first images before you see it by yourself someday.

1. Tokyo Station


first moment when I came in Tokyo

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Why Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Is the Best Thing You Can Do as an Entrepreneur

Gerald's Store

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you’re choosing to walk the road of the unknown. That’s what you’re getting into. There’s no other way around it.

You could run out of money. You could get featured on the front page of the New York Times, then have to scramble to handle the influx of new business. You’re going to be in uncomfortable, weird, bad and great situations because your job is dynamic. Every month that you grow and your business changes, it’s going to be different.

You can’t guarantee anything — except that you’re going to be uncomfortable at different points. And, when you know that, you can decide to start practicing getting out of your comfort zone.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to do it.

Do something that’s uncomfortable on a regular basis.

A while back, I sat down and made a list of…

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