Kashmiris Reaction Over Champions Trophy,2017


Kashmir valley, the most beautiful part of India or rather I should address it as a heaven in the entire world. This paradise always remains in controversy for one or the other thing be it an indo-pak fight or terrorist attacks or the politicians. This time also the place is in controversy. Are you people guessing the subject matter? Yes, you got it right. The final match that took between India and Pakistan for the Champion’s Trophy, 2017 is the issue this time.

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Especial Fasting

Emergence Era

Martyr Morteza Motahhari illustrated the terms of true fasting in his speech:


Experience one month of Ramadan and experience one real fast, just how that the  prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and his household have told us to do.

What does it mean exactly?

First of all perform the appearances of the fast which is abandoning eating, drinking, sexual relation and some other things. Of course these items we are all aware of acting upon them. But we should perform on the fast that has been quoted as “especial fast” as well. Means during this month it shouldn’t be our mouths fasting only, our tongue should be fasting as well. In Ramadan try not to speak behind anyone’s back with your tongue. Try not to lie even it has a huge benefit for you. Because fasting is not just to avoid eating!  

281prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said:

There are too many people fasting, but…

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Why I Pray for the Dead

Amazing Tangled Grace

“When he had said this, Jesus called in a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come out!’ The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face. Jesus said to them, ‘Take off the grave clothes and let him go.’” (John 11:43-44)


I know there are different church traditions, regarding offering prayers for the dead, and I’m going to completely sidestep them all. I was raised Presbyterian, and I don’t ever recall being encouraged to offer prayers for the dead. But some time ago, during intercessory prayers, God conveyed, in my heart, with a great sense of urgency, to pray for someone whom had recently passed away. I stillkeep this person in prayer to this day.

Our eternal and almighty God hears prayers offered after the fact before the fact; therefore, I will even pray for the souls of the dead. God is…

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Biblical Bust: Builder Of Noah’s Ark Exhibit Blames Non-Believers and “Fake News” For Failure


The giant replica of Noah’s Ark built by Creationist Ken Ham appears to be a failure on a truly biblical proportion.  Built with contributions from public funds, Ham is  blamed the dismal sales of “intolerant secularists” and the media who have spread lies about the attraction. It is a curious excuse since the Ark is symbol of ignoring doubters and critics to prevail with divine intervention.

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Fernando Horta: “se tirar o Estado, Dallagnol morre de fome” | Brasil 24/7


O historiador e pesquisador da UnB Fernando Horta criticou a incoerência do procurador Deltan Dallagnol, que criminaliza as palestras do ex-presidente Lula enquanto usa o cargo e as informações da Lava Jato para ganhar dinheiro dando palestras; “Interessante é que quanto pior ele pintar a corrupção no seu trabalho (criminalizando, vejam só, palestras) mais dinheiro ele faz dando ‘palestras’. De 30 a 40 mil ‘porcada’. Fazia mais de 90 mil por mês só aproveitando-se do cargo e das informações privilegiadas. (…) E depois vai para a igreja dizer-se bom cristão ou para a televisão vociferar contra o uso do estado para enriquecimento dos outros, claro”, diz Fernando Hora; “Basicamente, se você tirar o estado, Dallagnol morre de fome. E, pasmem, ele é o ídolo dos protofascistas liberais brasileiros. Aqueles que odeiam o estado e adoram a meritocracia”

Fonte: Fernando Horta: “se tirar o Estado, Dallagnol morre de fome” | Brasil…

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Forgive and Forget

This, That, and The Other

forgive and forget

Someone you know — maybe someone you love — has “done you wrong.” You’re upset, angry, and hurt. What do you do? Some of your closest friends and confidants might tell you that you’re better off without that person.

Others, though, may advise you to “forgive and forget.” I cringe when I hear someone offer that advice. It’s seriously cringeworthy nonsense.

You’ve been betrayed. A trust has been broken. Is it even possible to forgive and forget?

I don’t think so. Not both.

The unfortunate truth is that you can’t change the past. Once words have been spoken, they can’t be unspoken. Once deeds have been done, they can’t be undone. All you can do is live in the present and strive for a better future. While it may be difficult, frustrating, and even painful, it’s for your own benefit to be forgiving.

Everyone make mistakes. I know I have. I’m…

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This Day in History:Slovenia National Day (1991)

Source: This Day in History:Slovenia National Day (1991)

Bukit Pasoh Heritage Trail – from my eyes

The Clarity Compass

Being a true blue Singaporean (who never left Singapore for more than 3 weeks in a row), I have never heard of Bukit Pasoh (Chinese: 武吉巴梳路)

I meant to sign up for the Telok Ayer Trail but with a click of a fat finger, I ended up on the Bukit Pasoh Trail. When I reached the URA lobby building, there were a lot more people for the Telok Ayer Trail than the Bukit Pasoh one so I was silently pleased with that decision.

Pasoh is the Malay word for “Flower pot” and this place got its name from the Ali Baba jars, the Tong or Pasoh used to store rice or water in homes back then. There were many kilns in the 19th century that made these pots, bricks and tiles around that area and Bukit is the Malay word for Hill. I am not going to detail…

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intellectual’s paradise


WordPress is ultimately a writer’s heaven

of novel writings and poetic expression

and it is also an intellectuals paradise

sometimes longreads sometimes precise

the members create amicable environment

working towards mental enlightenment

the prompts prompt for writing everyday

to hit the publish button, come what may

it is more like a second home for many of us

where we mourn failures and celebrate success

it has encapsulated the entire world in it

planet earth has become a family we admit

I am really proud to be associated with it

and ready to open my heart and transmit

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Rebeldes sem Causa

Interesting philosophy to entertain your thoughts.

Prosas e Café

Existe um traço em comum entre os ateus, monges e mestres de diversas religiões ao redor do mundo. O mesmo ponto de consciência abordado por perspectivas diferentes que possuem em si a mesma essência. Falo da noção de efemeridade da vida; tudo é pó, tudo é vão, tudo é vaidade. Crendo em Deus, esse fato é enxergado pelo prisma da graça, donde o maior dever de todos nós, seres humanos, é evoluir a própria compreensão do que é a gratidão – se somos um átomo perdido numa vastidão infinita, então no mínimo deveríamos agradecer pela dádiva de existirmos, ainda mais se somos tão pequenos e rúpteis. Essa é a melhor das interpretações teológicas, torna as pessoas mais sensíveis e cientes de que, se a vida não possui sentido, então nosso dever primário é construir um sentido para ela.

Esquecendo os sábios e intelectuais, temos de sobra o povo. Bilhões de…

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