How to Tell a Messy Story: Divina Trace by Robert Antoni

Lightning Droplets

divina trace



“This is magical realism with an avant-garde twist, as if Garcia Márquez and Joyce had themselves engaged in unholy cohabitation,” says Gustavo Pérez Firmat, referring to Robert Antoni’s Divina Trace. This is indeed an apt portrayal. Divina Trace is the story of Magdalena Divina, the patron saint of Corpus Christi, an imagined island in the Caribbean. We are introduced to the story by Dr. Johnny Domingo, Jr., who gives us the story from the points of view of his grandparents, a former slave, his father, the abbess of the local convent, the saint herself, and Hanuman, the monkey messenger from The Ramayana. The story itself is a wild ride, a mix of religions, histories, and sciences that come together to paint the ungraspable picture of miracles and mysteries. The elusiveness of this story is both created and made more manageable for the reader through the use of structure…

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I am the one who created this world
I have wrote in my word
About how everything was formed
Using my command

And then I created men
Adam and eve I put in Eden
To enjoy the heaven
Betrayal they showed me then

I always know what I do
when I was creating you,
I put a choice in you
so that i won’t programme you

Am not the one who introduced this doctrine
You even formed a sign
In order to see yourself fine
But it is not mine

I don’t hate you my children
I know what I put in Eden
It was Adam and Eve
Not Adam and Steve

My son on the cross he died
To deliver you from this lie
Don’t try to deny
you know what is not mine

come back to me
and receive me
I promise I will deliver you
from this…

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United Kingdom


Top 10 places to visit in the UK106521

Whether you’re just visiting or moving to the UK, this tour of top 10 sites in the UK will take you everywhere from the ‘Jurassic coast’ to royal pomp.

It is extremely difficult to select just 10 top destinations in Great Britain – a country of rich history and varied culture, a mixture of nations and traditions, and heir to one of history’s most powerful empires. Nevertheless, with a mixture of both cultural and natural sights, as well as a combination of well-known landmarks and sights away from the tourist mobs, discover the true British spirit as you travel the country to see the top 10 sites in the UK.

1. The Stonehenge mystery

Marvel at one of the wonders of the world, Stonehenge. Although no one knows for certain who built it and why, this magnificent monument has a history…

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Run Your Own Race

Inside the Mind of Davy D

Run Your Own Race

It is that time again when the inbox is full of tips and advice about setting goals and making New Year’s resolutions. The phrase for 2018 seems to be “Run Your Own Race” and this is a good starting point for the first Thursday Thoughts.

Life feels like it’s getting quicker and 2017 went in a flash. At times I felt like Usain Bolt (in mind, not in body.) One of my challenges in 2017 was to post on Inside the Mind of Davy D each Monday to Friday. Apart from one week I managed it, but I reached the finishing line a little exhausted and needing a strategy to run a different kind of race in 2018.

Two pieces of writing I read in the last week had an impact on me and provided some ideas on how my race in 2018 will look. Gina, over at Singledust, wrote…

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11th Airborne Lands at Luzon

Pacific Paratrooper

American Eighth Army soldiers debark from LCI(L)s [Landing Craft Infantry, Large] in Luzon. “File number: 259015. Released: Feb. 14, 1945.

Navy lands Eighth Army on West coast of Luzon–Troops of the U.S. 8th Army under command of Lieutenant General Robert L. Eichelberger, pour off Navy LCI’s (landing craft infantry) and wade ashore between San Narciso and San Antonio on the west coast of Luzon on January 29, 1945, in a brilliant move calculated to cut off Bataan Peninsula and to capture the naval base at Olongapo. Tactical surprise was achieved to such a dress that not a man, ship or plane was lost in the landing.” 29 January 1945.

Long before the American invasion began, General Yamashita divided his Luzon forces into three groups, each centered around a remote geographical region. The largest of these groups and under the direct command of Yamashita was Shobu Group, located in northern Luzon…

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I Love To Visit Slovakia

My Very First WordPress Website

Slovakia is a peaceful country, with beautiful scenery, inexpensive shopping and tourism and hospitable people.

Slovakia is becoming one of Europe’s focal points for travel and tourism. “Slovensko” in the native language of Slovak, officially named the Slovak Republic, the country enjoys moderate weather and a prime map location, bridging east and west.

Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava is a growing hub of culture, as well as the national seat of politics and business. Its thousand year history offers a great deal to visitors. The second-largest city of Kosice is a centre of heavy industry, but also of architecture and multiculturalism.

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February 1945 (1) – Manila

Pacific Paratrooper

Nichols Field bombing, 6 Feb. 1945

The 6th and 8th Armies on Luzon were repeatedly in close and brutal combat with the Japanese.  By dawn on 4 February the paratroopers ran into increasingly heavy and harassing fire from Japanese riflemen and machine gunners. At the Paranaque River, just south of the Manila city limits, the battalion halted at a badly damaged bridge only to be battered by Japanese artillery fire from Nichols Field. The 11th Airborne Division had reached the main Japanese defenses south of the capital and could go no further.

US Army on Luzon, February 1945

Regarding Manila as indefensible, General Yamashita had originally ordered the commander of Shimbu Group, General Yokoyama Shizuo, to destroy all bridges and other vital installations and evacuate the city as soon as strong American forces made their appearance. However, Rear Adm. Iwabachi Sanji, the naval commander for the Manila area, vowed to…

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Window #writephoto

Of Glass & Paper



The house is still there, and the roses. How happy we were then, how beautiful was our life, the sun was shining everyday…

This is what I want to remember, now, after all those years. Of course, I’d like to travel back, to erase what went on, to start again. I want to see your face, your smile, your invitation, at the little window. I want to be that other me, the good and wise one, which I became, finally, but then, still young, still loved by you.

But years have passed. I am wise, and old, soon I’ll be gone.

Alone, the house will stand, children will look out of the window, to a fresh morning, inhaling the perfume of red roses.

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No more triple talaq

Laws, Rights and Crimes

Before you read the post I want to clarify that I am not against any religion. I am just in favour of gender equality.

It is harsh reality that women have been ill-treated in every society for ages and India is no exception. The irony lies in the fact that in our country where women are worshipped as Shakti atrocities are committed against her in all sections of life. She is being looked down as commodity or as a slave. She is not robbed of her dignity and pride outside her house but she also faces ill-treatment and other atrocities within four walls of her house. They are considered as an object of male sexual enjoyment and reproduction of chidren. They are real dalits of the society.

what is talaq?
Talaq in its original sense means repudiation or rejection but under Muslim law it means a release from the marriage…

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68 Crores per litre is the cost of this Scorpion venom


scorpion-venom_1506850568The poison of scorpions also comes in the most expensive liquid in the world. Price of one liters is around 68 crores ($ 10.5 million). The poison of these scorpions of Leiurus quinquestriatus species has a major contribution in medical science.

According to Professor Michael Gurevitz of Tel Aviv University, its poison is being used for many medical research and treatment. There are some elements in the poison of these scorpions that work as panicillers.

According to the report of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, published in 2013, its poison can be prevented from killing cancer of human body. The report said that some elements present in this poison can prevent the formation of carcinogenic cells.

It was further informed in the report that these poisons would also be helpful in organ transplant. Many times the body rejects a new organ, in such a situation, some elements of this poison…

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