From Jewish Christians to Gentiles and origin of Christianity

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For almost two hundred years after the impalement of Christ, Roman cities are entirely devoid of any trace of early Christians; to date, no one has ever found any object that’s been plausibly connected to them. Some archaeologist and historians think that  many of Jesus’ followers — men and women who lived in the first, second and even third century Roman Mediterranean — simply didn’t want to be found. However it was more because they preferred as brethren and sisters to meet in each others houses and did not see any reason to have special buildings for their meetings.

Some are also surprised there where for almost four hundred years, no manger scenes anywhere in the Roman world, as well as no crucifixes displayed in homes or schools. This simply was because there was no attention to the birth of Christ and the pagan feast of a…

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Place for a fifth and sixth house in Christendom

Bijbelvorser = Bible Researcher

It looks like we have come in a time several people are not pleased to feel as if they are shunned by one or more religious groups where they normally would belong to.

In the midst of previous century it started by some non-trinitarian groups who wanted others to know the Holy Name of God. Afraid of such groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses several churches and publishers did not want to use the name of God any-more and choose for the non-saying “Lord“. By replacing the Tetragrammaton יהוה or Jehovah with “Lord” people could not see the difference between The Most High LordHashem Jehovah and the other Lord יהושע Jeshua the Messiah.

Worse was that those who where for and preached that people should only worshipOne True God, became considered by many not to be Christians, though they are the

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David Cassidy, ‘Partridge Family’ superstar, in critical condition



David Cassidy, ‘Partridge Family’ superstar, in critical condition

Story highlights

  • “Nothing is imminent,” his publicist says. “We are taking it day by day.”
  • He was a superstar on the level of Elvis Presley and the Beatles

(CNN)David Cassidy, the wildly popular ’70s heartthrob who shot to fame when he starred and sang in TV’s “The Partridge Family,” is in critical condition with organ failure.

Cassidy is being treated at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area hospital, longtime publicist Jo-Ann Geffen told CNN on Saturday.

David Cassidy in 1971

“He is conscious and surrounded by family and friends, nothing is imminent and we are taking it day by day,” Geffen said.
She did not say what caused the organ failure.
Cassidy, 67, told People magazine earlier this year he was battling dementia.
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A ’70s superstar

“The Partridge Family,” a sitcom about a mother and five children who formed a rock ‘n’ roll band, gave Cassidy a national audience for his music. Cassidy, who played Keith Partridge on the show, captured the spirit of 1970s youth.

David Cassidy in 2009.

His wispy voice and wholesome persona broke out from the small screen. At the time, his fan club reportedly was bigger than those of Elvis Presley and The Beatles.
The singer toured the world singing his hit songs, such as “I Think I Love You,” filling concert halls with screaming teenage girls.
Cassidy has spoken publicly in recent years about his struggles with alcohol. He was arrested for driving under the influence on three separate occasions during a four-year span between 2010 and 2014.
Cassidy, in an interview with CNN in 2014, said his trouble with alcohol was “very humbling and it’s also humiliating.”

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Thanking You

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We’re more often than not burdened by how people perceive us and how we want to be perceived. And to influence the way others see us means we have to be wide awake at all times, that is fully aware of our behavior. So we choose to sweep the dirt under the rug because we either ignore and deny our problems or want to conceal from public view something we find unappealing, humiliating or harmful to our reputation.

However, our unconsciousness is quite a wicked player (read: jerk!), which means there’s often a discrepancy between what we say and do. In other words, our non-verbal communication speaks volumes about us (and who gave you permission, if I may ask?). Our body language is irrefutable evidence of our guilt, if you will, i.e. to sugar coat it (ok, ok, just a little. I do have a sweet tooth, you know), a…

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Argentine navy says it’s lost contact with submarine



Argentine navy says it’s lost contact with submarine

The ARA San Juan submarine, pictured in May 2014, is delivered to the Argentine navy after repairs.

Story highlights

  • ARA San Juan submarine was last spotted Wednesday in the San Jorge Gulf
  • At least 44 crew members were on board, state-run news agency says

(CNN)The Argentine navy is looking for one of its submarines after it lost contact with the vessel off the country’s Atlantic coast, the military service said Friday.

The ARA San Juan submarine was last spotted Wednesday in the San Jorge Gulf roughly 432 kilometers (268 miles) off the east coast, the navy said.
At least 44 crew members were on board, state-run news agency Telam reported Friday.
Crews are searching for the vessel by air and sea near its last known location, navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters.
“We have ordered all terrestrial communication stations along the Argentine coast to carry out a preliminary and extended search of communications and to listen in to all the possible frequencies of the submarine,” the navy said in a statement Friday.
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The vessel had been traveling from far southern Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego archipelago to its home base in Mar del Plata, a coastal city hundreds of miles to the northeast.
“The submarine knows that if it does not have communication with land for this long, it has to surface,” Balbi said.

Facebook and Twitter: Threats to our democracy?

In early November 2017, legal representatives of Twitter, Facebook and Google faced questioning before Congress concerning the accusation that Russia exploited their websites to interfere with the 2016 US Presidential election.

Facebook, Google and Twitter executives testifying before US Congress, Wednesday 1st November 2017. Source:

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All About the “Me too” hashtag


You must have come across hundreds of females posting the “me too” hashtag (#me_too) on social media sites like twitter and facebook.

Where did the trend start?

This comes in the wake of the accusations of sexual harrasment held against hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinston. American actress Alyssa Milano, called on Twitter users on Sunday to post “Me too” to share their experiences of being harrassed or worse. Since then the hashtag has spread like wild fire on Twitter and Facebook. This includes actresses like Anna Paquin, Patricia Arquette, Debra Messing and Anika Noni Rose and singer Lady Gaga.

The accusers of Weinston include actresses Gwyenth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Although the 65 year old Weinston denies having consensual sex with anyone.

Reality:Let me tell you the actual number runs into millions of women, and even transgenders and men, whether or not they acknowledged it with the hashtag, because…

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What plays a crucial role in maintaining democracy in India?


Democracy is a system in which the government is elected by the people in the general elections .India is proud to be a democratic country. Every general election is celebrated as a grand occasion in our country. In elections, people cast their vote to bring a suitable candidate to power

Image result for democracy

People expect the new government to work for them. In a democratic country, if the government cannot fulfill the expectations of a common man, people can exercise their rights to bring another party in power. It is the basic strength of the democracy. It empowers people to protest against various government policies and issues such as price rise, unemployment and poverty among others.

There are four pillars in the democracy

  • Government
  • Administration
  • Judiciary
  • Media

If one of the pillars is not functioning properly, it affects the overall working of the democratic country.


In recent times, political parties including the…

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