Which One Would It Be?

Which One Would It Be?


This title is something that I just had cross across my mind a few moments ago. Turns out it is a short thought but with a very real possibility of coming true, maybe. And, is the thought here, what if is the answer to the question, what if, one of these Democratic candidates for President was going to be our Nations next President whether we like the person at all, or not, which one would you choose? I know that it is still months away, this Presidential voting season, yet eventually we are all going to have to choose someone, even if we choose to not vote at all, that is still a vote you gave away to someone else to do for you.


I am not saying that Donald Trump won’t be our next President, or some yet unannounced candidate Or even Mr. Putin. What I am saying is what if, what if one of those top dozen of so candidates running for the office of President, which one would you honestly say is your first choice? Maybe even who would then be your choice for VP? I guess I am just not fully satisfied with the choices, I am not fully sold on anyone of them, are you? I guess my leanings are as an independent that leans toward the conservative/moderates in the Democrats direction. I have turned my face from the Republican side of the Isle mainly because of folks like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Fox News. Hate, hate and more hate, very sad. This is not the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan.


Mr. Biden they say is probably the most ‘conservative’ yet for me I just don’t trust him and as far as I believe, to old, and I am a 63 year old saying that. I don’t know who is going to win, I certainly have not been shown such a thing. What if, just what if now, what if (already to old) Bernie Sanders was our next President and lets say, Senator Warren as the VP? What if? I am being serious, what if one of the folks was going to be our next President, who would you choose? This short article was designed to be a little snack for your inner thoughts, I hope you enjoyed this food for your thoughts on this matter. May God have mercy on us all, no matter what flesh and bones sits in That Chair.

Brazil: Bolsonaro pardon of police may include murder



Bolsonaro pardon of police may include murder

Jair Bolsonaro has announced that he will release the Christmas pardon for police officers who have committed murder, while intending to include in the decree other crimes that would preclude receiving the benefit.

Jair Bolsonaro
Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: REUTERS / Adriano Machado)

247 – Jair Bolsonaro will release Christmas worship to police officers who have committed murder. Technicians also consider the ban on granting benefits to security agents convicted of offenses against sexual dignity, pedophilia, corruption and criminal organization. 

The decree of pardon, which will be published by Friday (20) is being prepared by the Ministry of Justice and the General Secretariat of the Presidency. 

According to a report by O Globo , the text will bring an unusual format – to establish specific rules for a professional category: that of police officers, who are part of Bolsonaro’s electoral base.

The decree will also state that they are unable to receive pardon sentenced – including police – for heinous crimes, torture, drug trafficking and terrorism, as prohibited by the Constitution. Some types of homicide are considered heinous under Brazilian law, such as those practiced in a typical death squad activity and the offense in a qualified manner, such as when committed for futile reasons or for reward.

Brazil: 68% Believe Lula Would Beat Bolsonaro in Elections



Vox Populi: 68% Believe Lula Would Beat Bolsonaro in Elections

Lula remained a 508-day political prisoner at the Curitiba Federal Police after conviction in the triple case – in a sentence by former judge Sérgio Moro, who was awarded the post of Bolsonaro minister, journalist Esmael Morais points out

(Photo: Ricardo Stuckert | Reuters)

By Esmael Morais, in his blog – Vox Populi states that 68% of the population believes that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) would have beaten Jair Bolsonaro in 2018 if he was not prevented from competing for Planalto Palace due to unjust imprisonment.

According to the institute, had there been a confrontation between Lula and Bolsonaro, the petista would have been victorious with 51% of the voting intentions.

Vox Populi still reports that the same 51% consider the current government worse or much worse than the petista.

Former President Lula says the poll numbers have renewed his hopes to counter Jair Bolsonaro’s already failed misrule.

Lula remained a 508-day political prisoner at the Curitiba Federal Police after conviction in the triple case – in a sentence by former judge Sérgio Moro, who was awarded the post of Bolsonaro minister.

Brazil: Lula’s approval increases and 60% consider Bolsonaro government to go wrong



Vox: Lula’s approval increases and 60% consider Bolsonaro government to go wrong

According to a Vox Populi poll released on Saturday, Lula’s approval jumped from 48% to 55%. Meanwhile, for 60% of respondents, the Bolsonaro government is on the wrong track.

(Photo: Ricardo Stuckert | Reuters)

247 – A Vox Populi poll of the first year of Jair Bolsonaro’s government, made at the request of the Workers’ Party, held December 2-10, reveals that Lula’s popularity has increased. In April, while still a political prisoner, Lula had 48% appreciation. Already at liberty, in December, Lula gained 55% of popularity.

Bolsonaro, on the other hand, goes the opposite way. 60% of respondents consider that the occupant of Planalto is going the wrong way and 34% consider him to be a worse president than Lula.

The search for Vox Populi matched 2,004 people. 

Brazil: Majority considers fair release of Lula, says Datafolha



Majority considers fair release of Lula, says Datafolha

According to a survey by the Datafolha Institute, 54% of respondents approve the release of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, after a ruling by the Supreme Court against arrest after co-ordination in the second instance.

(Photo: Paulo Pinto / FotosPublicas)

247 – For the majority of the population it was fair to release President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who served 580 days as a political prisoner for Lava Jato. This is what the latest Datafolha survey points to. 

According to the survey, 54% of respondents believe that Lula’s release was fair, compared to 42% who consider it unfair. They said they did not know 5% of respondents.   

The survey polled 2,948 people between December 5 and 6 in 176 municipalities across the country. The margin of error is plus or minus two percentage points.    

The former president won freedom after the Supreme Court ruling that changed the court’s old understanding and found unconstitutional the arrest of convicted defendants who still have pending appeals in higher courts, as is the case of Lula – indicates report by Felipe Bächtold in Folha from S. Paulo. .

6 Things You Never Knew About Mount Rushmore

6 Things You Never Knew About Mount Rushmore

Western South Dakota isn’t lacking in incredible sights. There are the Badlands and the Needles of the Black Hills, and those are just the starters. But the highlight of any trip to this land of Native American history and odd rock outcroppings is a visit to Mount Rushmore National Memorial where giant carved heads of four former presidents keep vigil.

The majestic sculpture celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2016, though its stony faces remain much the same as they did when its construction was completed in 1941. The 60-foot-high granite monument features the towering head portraits of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Here are a few things about Mount Rushmore you might not know.


Presidential Images Were Not the First Choice

Presidential Images Were Not the First Choice

Credit: JMichl/ iStock

Mount Rushmore was the brainchild of South Dakota state historian Doane Robinson who was moved to memorialize and carve iconic historical figures into a mountainside. He wanted to promote tourism to a region of the state that was otherwise mostly ignored and came up with the idea of the massive project in 1923. Robinson’s initial plans did not include the political figures admired at the monument today.

Robinson thought a carved tribute featuring Western heroes such as Lewis and Clark, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Lakota leader Chief Red Cloud was the perfect choice for the location. He enlisted the help of renowned American sculptor Gutzon Borglum, who convinced him the monument would be better received if it had a more national focus. They settled on four presidents who they felt best represented the country.

It Was Built Using a Lot of Dynamite

It Was Built Using a Lot of Dynamite

Credit: fergregory/ iStock

Visitors to Mount Rushmore stand in awe of its grandeur and scale. Little do they know of the enormity of Robinson and Borglum’s pet undertaking in real-time. The project employed over 400 men and took fourteen years to complete. Most of the men were miners who had come to South Dakota in search of the promised gold in the Black Hills.

An incredible 450,000 tons of rock had to be removed for the project. It was decided the best way to do this was with dynamite, so 90 percent of the monument was carved in this way. Once the blasting was completed, the finer details of the sculpture were attended to. This entailed lowering finishers down the 500-foot face of the mountainside in bosun chairs. It was dangerous work, yet thankfully, no one was seriously injured or killed.

It Has Been Known by Several Names

It Has Been Known by Several Names

Credit: Sharon Day/ Shutterstock

The mountain containing the carving has been known by several different names throughout the years. The Sioux called it Six Grandfathers after the earth, sky, and four cardinal directions. American settlers in the area referred to it as Cougar Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Slaughterhouse Mountain, or Keystone Cliffs. It wasn’t until 1930 that the beloved icon became officially named and recognized as Mount Rushmore.

The mountain was actually named after New York attorney Charles E. Rushmore, who passed through on his way back from a business trip. When he found out the mountain had no official designation, he thought it would be a good idea to name it after him. The wealthy investor eventually got his way.

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Mount Rushmore Is a Controversial Monument

Mount Rushmore Is a Controversial Monument

Credit: Tbennert/ Wikimedia Commons

The Lakota Sioux were promised an area that included the Black Hills in perpetuity by the U.S. government in the Treaty of 1868, but forever only lasted until gold was discovered in the 1870s. The land was subsequently taken back by force, adding to the ongoing conflicts of the time between the government and the Plains Indians. In South Dakota specifically, the Battle of Wounded Knee was a grievous defeat for the Native Americans.

The Sioux still consider the Black Hills area as sacred ground. To some, the monument represents the oppression faced by the Native Americans. Visitors to South Dakota can pay homage to the history of the area by also visiting the Crazy Horse Memorial, a still-in-progress sculpture that, once completed, will be the world’s largest sculpture at 641 feet long and 563 feet tall.

The Monument Once Had Its Own Baseball Team

The Monument Once Had Its Own Baseball Team

Credit: cmannphoto/ iStock

Gutzon Borglum’s son Lincoln, who also worked on the project, was a big baseball fan. He socialized with the daily workers by talking baseball and sharing friendly banter while keeping up with the scores on the radio. Their common love for the sport prompted the Borglums to organize an amateur team. Workers became vetted for their ability to handle a baseball bat as well as a jackhammer.

The local community enthusiastically cheered the newly-formed baseball team called the Rushmore Drillers. The team was good enough to make it to the semi-finals of the State Amateur Baseball Tournament in the late 1930s. Even though they placed third, Borglum hosted both the Drillers and their opponents at his home for dinner and more sports talk. The team disbanded when work on the monument was completed.

It Has a Secret Room

It Has a Secret Room

Credit: fstockfoto/ iStock

Borglum wanted to add a secret room behind the monument where important documents and historical memorabilia could be stored. The so-called Hall of Records would be accessed by an 800-foot granite staircase with a giant bronze eagle over the door leading to the secret room.

Only part of the tunnel had been blasted when the funds ran out in 1939. The idea of a Hall of Records dwindled following Borglum’s death in 1941 and the official declaration of the monument’s completion. It was rejuvenated again in 1998 when the National Park Service finished what was started long ago and installed Mount Rushmore’s best-known secret. Items of interest continue to be placed there for future discovery.

Brazil: Merchant charges corporate backlash against Bolsonaro’s assault on Argentina



Merchant charges corporate backlash against Bolsonaro’s assault on Argentina

“The silence of Brazilian businessmen and entities representing a childish, disqualified and disastrous attitude like this is unacceptable,” says former Minister Aloizio Mercadante, commenting on Jair Bolsonaro’s decision not to send anyone into Alberto’s possession. Fernandéz, who takes over the presidency of Argentina tomorrow, Brazil’s largest importer of industrial products

(Photo: Marcos Oliveira)

247 – Former Minister Aloizio Mercadante reacted with indignation at Jair Bolsonaro’s aggression against Argentina and perplexed at the silence of business entities such as the National Confederation of Industry and the Sao Paulo Federation of Industries regarding the presidential attitude towards largest neighbor and one of Brazil’s largest trading partners.

“Argentina is a neighboring country, friend, partner and that comes from a long process of approximation and economic, commercial and scientific, technological and cultural partnerships. This disqualified behavior of Bolsonaro is incompatible with the diplomatic and strategic demands of a country. the size and importance of Brazil, “says Mercadante, commenting on the Brazilian government’s decision to ignore Alberto Fernández’s inauguration.

“We are more than half of South America’s territory, population and economy. And Argentina is the second country, one of Brazil’s main trading partners and the largest importer of industrial products. Brazilian industry facing a childish, disqualified and disastrous attitude such as this is unacceptable “, further points Mercadante, criticizing the position of CNI and Fiesp.

“The entities representing the Brazilian industry have an obligation to speak out and protest against this unreasonable aggression. I congratulate the Mayor and the deputies who were with the president-elect and are committed to maintaining a strategic bridge with the new government of President Alberto Fernandes, democratically elected by the Argentine people, “he says.

Brazil: Bolsonaro Harasses Argentina



Bolsonaro harasses Argentina and cancels minister’s move to Fernández’s inauguration

In an unprecedented move, Jair Bolsonaro decided to hostile Argentina, Brazil’s largest importer of industrial products, and canceled Minister Osmar Terra’s move to the inauguration of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner on Tuesday.

Alberto Fernández
Alberto Fernández (Photo: Agustin Marcarian / Reuters)

247 – Brazil ‘s Minister of Citizenship Osmar Terra was inaugurated by Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner on Tuesday (10) canceled by Jair Bolsonaro. Brazil should not have representatives at the ceremony. The information comes from the local Clarín newspaper.

In early November Bolsonaro said the government would not send anyone into possession, but changed his mind and said Osmar Terra would represent Brazil in Argentina.

Alberto Fernández has invited former president ousted by the recent coup in Bolivia, Evo Morales, and former president Lula. 

On Thursday (5), the elected president of Argentina met with the president of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), and other parliamentarians: Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP-PB), majority leader, Paulo Pimienta (PT-RS), PT leader, Baleia Rossi (MDB-SP), MDB leader, Elmar Nascimento (DEM-BA), Democrat leader, Orlando Silva (PCdoB-SP), Sérgio França Danese, Brazilian Ambassador to Argentina; and Marcelo Dantas, Maia International Relations advisor.

Clarín reported that the presence in the delegation of Maia Paulo Pimenta and Orlando Silva, both left, bothered Bolsonaro.

Brazil: Lula is the most viable alternative against neo-fascism



Datafolha reveals that Bolsonaro melts in the presidency and that Lula is the most viable alternative against neo-fascism

“In normal times, Lula would be summoned by those who helped strike him to rescue Brazil from the abyss and rebuild the project of a Brazilian civilization. But will there be such greatness on the part of the scammers? And more than that, there will be ‘ permission “of imperialism for Brazil to liberate itself? Seeing in 2020, “says journalist Leonardo Attuch, commenting on the Datafolha survey


Bolsonaro reaches the end of the first year of his tenure with the worst rating of an elected president since the return to democracy, as someone who negatively affects the image of Brazil in the world as a character whose word can not be trusted and as someone who does not behaves as presidential decorum requires . That is: even if his fall was temporarily halted due to some economic relief, data revealed this Sunday by Datafolha indicate that he melts in the presidency of the Republic.

The data also indicate that the perception of anti-corruption has also declined – which is natural for a government involved in the electoral orange grove and Queiroz crack schemes – and that the size of the so-called “pockets of cattle” is 14% of the population. Brazilian . That is: this would be the size of the hard core of pockets, which today deceives a smaller number of Brazilians, who seem tired in the face of so many insults that come from Brasilia and such grotesque governance from the point of view of civilization.

What could save Bolsonaro would be an economic drag, but the signs in this field are still contradictory. Although unemployment has fallen relatively, gains in perceived welfare are limited due to the precariousness of new vacancies and lower incomes. Aside from this, the devalued real contributes to higher inflation, especially of food, which affects the poorer population, which today rejects and feels betrayed by pockets.

As Marcos Coimbra, director of Vox Populi says, at the end of the year, what sustains Bolsonaro is only time. “Most of the population, indifferent to politics and misinformed, think it is too early to decree that it is no good. If government time were not yet small, the demands would be higher and patience less. Incompetence would not be excused as a result. of inexperience or ‘novelty’, he says, in an article published here in 247.

The question that arises before Brazilians, especially those who imagine themselves to be “elite”, is that it is felt to maintain, in the name of a neoliberal policy that promises only a chicken flight, the support of an unreliable president. without decorum and that crumbles the image of Brazil in the world. More than that, someone who is perceived abroad as a threat to civilization.

And so we come to the trap in which Brazil has been placed in recent years. The one who raised Brazil’s image in the world and led the government best rated by most Brazilians, former President Lula, was the target of an intense campaign of hatred, driven by local prejudices and major international interests, but still remains the same. most viable name to defeat Brazilian neo-fascism. The game, as the columnist Merval Pereira of Globo says , is polarized between Lula and Bolsonaro and projects that call themselves “center” are unfeasible.

From Bolsonaro, nothing can be expected but civilization degradation. Lula, in turn, also defined his challenge. “There is only one sense to my freedom: it is to fight for the Brazilian people to have the right to smile again in that country. To fight for the people to have the right to eat three times a day, the right to study, to have access to have the right to eat meat, “he said.

In normal times, the choice between these two poles would be obvious. Lula would be summoned by those who helped strike him to rescue Brazil from the abyss and rebuild the project of a Brazilian civilization. But is there such greatness on the part of the scammers? And, more than that, will there be the “permission” of imperialism for Brazil to liberate itself or some more forceful action of the people of Bacurau? Seeing in 2020.

Brazil: Truckers promise national strike and claim betrayed by Bolsonaro



Truckers promise national strike and claim betrayed by Bolsonaro

“The government has not fulfilled anything it promised. The price of diesel fuel had 11 consecutive highs in 2019. We can no longer be fooled by Mr. Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who protects agribusiness and says the truck driver only knows how to destroy highways, ”says autonomous trucker leader Marconi France.

(Photo: Reuters)

247 – “Leader of the autonomous truck drivers, Marconi França said, this Friday (6/12) that, at 0h of next Monday (16), at least 70% of the 4.5 million autonomous professionals and celetistas will stop all over the country. The reason is the dissatisfaction of the category with the government of Jair Bolsonaro, which, according to France, did not fulfill what promised to the workers, “reports a report published in Correio Braziliense.

“The government has not fulfilled anything it promised. The price of diesel fuel had 11 consecutive highs in 2019. We can no longer be fooled by Mr. Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who protects agribusiness and says that the truck driver only knows how to destroy highways, ”complained France to the newspaper.

The truck driver also asks for the support of the population. “Of all who use gasoline, diesel oil and also cooking gas. Jair Bolsonaro forgets that we transport the products of industries and agribusiness, ”he said.