(Philosophy War/Poem) Young Soldier

Young Soldier

When we were young did we not all play

Pretending to be generals and sergeants

In our backyards or barns filled with hay


President Mom calling a truce

To fill our bellies with hot biscuits and ham

No foul, no harm, no spills I guess

When young, is not time and the world

Your personal sandbox of new thrills

17 am I now not a macho-he man

Jungles and deserts I now low crawl

With M-16 with M-203 in my hands

I hold my breath and tweak my sight

With one finger I squeeze the trigger

Now one less breath, one less man


As the earth inhales the blood

To me just one more notch

One more trophy on my butt stock

As his last breath leaves with the wind


Is there blood on my conscience

For the blood on that’s on hands

Not knowing that my temple

Is the target of this mans friend

17, my life is over before it began



(Alpha Wolf/Poem) Within My Gaze

Within My Gaze

Within My Gaze

I see my picture

Upon T-Shirts, paintings and plates

Displayed proudly upon your walls


You think me to be cuddly

Domesticated easily like a lap dog hound

Only to the giant bear

Have I ever backed down


You come to my home

To sleep, laugh, and play

When was the last time

You ever seen me walking down your streets


More ignorant than the lamb I had this morning

My belly is grumbling as the dark is setting in

Do you now think I am so cute and cuddly

As I back you down

Your eyes glued, within my gaze



(Humor/Poem) Wheels



On four wheels we rode

From the place that we were birthed

To a place that we called home

Where we first learned

To crawl then walk then run


When we saw that bright red trike

We learned to balance on three wheels

The coolest thing we’d ever done


Until the magic one Christmas morn

A big red bike on just two wheels

Standing beside the tree so bright


Hey buddy oh friend of mine

Do twist your neck to see

Me riding on just two wheels, no hands

I just can’t help myself, It’s so cool to be me


Now here I am at 16 years of age

There’s no doubt that I am grown

See this license in my hand


My new bike now has a motor

A humming between my knees

Now how fast that I choose to go

Such things are totally up to me


Now when I get out among my friends

It is me they all gather around

I’m so cool I can’t help myself

As they all watch, on one wheel I ride

Look no hands just as I head butt a tree


Now inside I ride upon four wheels

With all the family following behind

I guess that I was not so cool

For now in this hole I lay

Frozen stiff beneath the ground


(Philosophy/Poem) Ultimatum



The world in which we live

Do we see the lies

Do we care enough too

Do we understand the ugliness of the reality

Of what the truth of our current situation is


No one can hide from the truth forever

We are filled with a world full of liars

The mask of ego’s hide the fangs

Our lack of knowledge is death

Stupidity will certainly kill us


Denial of the truth is ignorance

Ignorance doesn’t make truth go away

When we make folly of tonight or today

We are too blind and ignorant to see

It is with demons we dance and play


Because we choose to close our ears

We avert our eyes trying to avert reality

The real truths do not become lies

Eat and be merry we are told

Not realizing that tomorrow

That we and all we love will die

Political correctness is the venom of the Asp

If you speak not what is the hidden truths

Then no one’s freedom will ever last

O world, can you yet feel the chill of death

These last breaths of air of which we gasp


(Nature/Poem) These Beautiful Appalachian Hills

These Beautiful Appalachian Hills


These beautiful hills of east Tennessee

The Smokey’s so beautiful, all natural

A gem of nature, for all, so pleasing to see

Can the eye see, what was, what is, what will be


Appalachia, scenic, pleasing to one’s senses

People so poor, yet so kind, southern hospitality

Raised with tobacco, coal, and dirt in our blood

Heads bowed on the Sabbath or the First

Like we know we all should, give the Lord thanks


Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia

Iron Ridge, Twin County, Carol and Grayson

Twin sisters in nature, the people are one

Our love is not money The Lord come’s first


Tread lightly on that which you love

Walk to heavily, you crush all that is good

Consider that what you see, given by Grace

God’s nature is that which you breathe


Do not let that which you love, be trashed

Treat your gifts like one that you truly love

From the Smokey’s to the Blue Ridge Mountains

A gift we are given by Grace so blessed to call home



(Humanity/Poem) The Wall

The Wall


Why do we wish to build, is it to keep out

Was not Berlin’s Wall built to keep in

The Great Wall of China can be seen from space

Decide what is real and what discriminates

Your reflection in the world’s looking glass

Does it show to them and us but one face


Division from the South, but not from the North

Do you not see your two faces shining

What do you think your Wall will facilitate

Is this Wall about safety and poor labor jobs

Or is it about your hate of language and race


The poor of the South you choose to lock out

Hungry, tired, and scared, they come to your gates

Looking for a safe place to build, to work and pray

You wish to build a higher Wall, are guard towers next

We tell them they have to wait at the River Great


From terrorist and drugs, you say your Wall will protect

You wall out your brother, your neighbor, your friends

How can you be so cold yet on Sunday you bend your knees

Do you not know, nor see, nor care that your actions offend

Unless you are Indian your family tree is not from here


Do you not think that a terrorist or a drug King Pin

Can’t enter your haven from the cold frozen North

Do not speak to me of family values ye hypocrite

As children and mothers die of hunger and disease

At the foot of this Wall you create from your hate



We Shall Meet Again In The Great ‘Bye And Bye’

We Shall Meet Again-In The Great ‘Bye And Bye’


Just a few days ago a good friend of mine died

I have been thinking about how to pay Him Respect

The man let me marry His Daughter 18 years back

Two Mother-N-Laws from one Bride, lucky that I am

The day I met Him I knew we were going to be friends

The last time we stood face to face, knowing it’s our last

We promised the next time We see each other, after this

Will be In the ‘Great Bye and Bye’ – we will see each other again

(Personal/Philosophy/Poem) 49 Years Ago Today

49 Years Ago Today


49 years ago this afternoon my big Brother got hitched

Real good woman, two kids, to bad he couldn’t adapt

1968 how many worlds and life times ago was that

Think about it, Nixon hadn’t even lied to us Turnips yet

This year ignorance killed a Doctor in Memphis, Mr. King


12 yrs old, call came in Dad’s favorite Brother lay dying

An hour ago got the call my Father-in-Law has passed away

If your old enough, look at the world in 1968, look at it now

If you found away to go back to 1968, would you take that leap

Even with today’s brain, could our heart endure the pain again


In a perfect world big Brother and His Bride are still dancing

On today’s clock for 25 years now my Brother has been buried

The events of life that we all have seen, good, bad and nasty

Could our minds handle the shock of seeing all the dead again

If tonight you could go back to 1968, live it again, would you

Today Columbus inadvertently started the end of many Nations







(Philosophy/Poem) Where Is The Wrath Of God?

Where Is The Wrath Of God


Why do the Evil get richer and the poor die in squalor

We spread our seed as we work our own will to the top

A disease, a rock, or a fool with a Bomb could kill us

Populations within one country fight with the other

World regions where their Leaders strut like a giddy hen


One people rule another for the riches their lands possess

We have progressed to where we have Lion Trophy Hunts

The very richest take the power like lumber, oil and gold

Indigenous, run through like a bulldozer through a hut

All lies, the Earth is not warming and the Seas aren’t rising


When there is no profitable  work for the poor, why have them

Round them up like we did the Indian Tribes way back when

If you can’t Pay to Play you do not have any God-given rights

How un-holy, those who have, sharing with those lazy Sloths

The Wealthy are the Connected they choose who the world hates


Where is the Wrath-of-God, just a fantasy of the weak and foolish

Where is the Wrath-of-God, Man rules the sky, land and the Seas

We kill all who wont bow to the will of the Richest Men, as they take

Wisdom to the foolish there is no such thing as the Wrath-of-God

‘Thou Fool’ the Rich and Poor, we all are to taste of death one time

The Wrath-of-God, that is the second death and I hear it’s kinda hot


(Philosophy/Poem) All Countries Have Dark Shadows And Secrets


Is there any ground that is not stained with innocent blood

Through the thousands and thousands of human years told

Every Clan every village every woman every child and man

There are shadows that move in the back swamps at night

Every Pod sprouts out into the light showing good seed and rotten


Here in the U.S. our own History shows we invaded every neighbor

There is blood on the hands of everyone who survived a cleansing

Freedom ain’t Free if all flows to the top end of big Gov and Corporate

How many fields and streams have flowed red with the innocent

Political Media spin put up a face act all amazed to learn about you


Ain’t nobody without a little dirt kicked onto a family grave

We won our freedom but how many free people did we kill

Some blood were proud of spilling, some were ashamed of

Can any Country live Free without making a mistake of two

There are dark shadows in the forest and swamps of all Lands