(Philosophy Poem) Where Does Peace Live

Where Does Peace Live


Where does peace live

Such an odd thought to have

Strange words for any to say

Our peace, is it of the city, range or farm

Can there be peace if no objections are allowed


Is it true peace if no one ever raises their hands

Why is it that we humans question our own essence

What type of peace is it that we truly wish to come true

Peace, the dissolving of the pain that racks our mind and body

Or, is it the memories that takes all of our sleep each night


Yes indeed, just where is it that true peace does live

I seek the solitude of Montana’s great Western Skies

Or the beauty of the Pacific as the Dolphins play

Yet peace like truth must come from ones insides

Peace, I hope you find yours, while you are still alive

(Short Poem) Your Beautiful Face

Your Beautiful Face


Your face is the sun that starts my days

I see goodness in the light of your eyes

Your lips as soft as I have ever known

Tender cheeks as they lay across my chest

Your eyes long ago melded into my mind

Your beautiful face, the center of my world



(Poem) Grace And Faith

Grace And Faith


Grace is shown in peace

Peace is given through faith

Faith is love, with-out question

Gifts of love are through His Grace

What have we learned from the breaths of today


How much time did we waste today

A couple hours of Pogo on the side

How much truth did I learn from reading

Were all the arguments all from one side

Did we walk through the doors of life today


To show much grace, is that not the face of grace, which is faith

For without faith, there is no chance that we can please Him

If we choose to shy away from His face, love and grace, we’re already dead

Only through His Grace and our Faith in Him can we understand His Love

For without faith we are dead and blind, infidels, a bunch of non-Believers

(Philosophy Poem) Lies, Spies And Cover Thy Ass Again

(Philosophy Poem) Lies, Spies And Cover Thy Ass Again


Our great Nations and Corporations to them we cower

They now have annualized every single thing about us

They know us, o yes, they do know us all so very well

But our own Government wouldn’t sell out all our people

Yet is it the truth when they speak to us, or just more lies


Our very own government, is it filled with half truth tellers

They had shot down a passenger jet, would our own government

Would our own government be as honest about this ‘mistake’

I pray that they would stand-up with the truth in their hands

Let us all know of their horrible mistake, be open about it


Rage is something easy to carry on and on from generations

Yet this one thing I do salute Iran’s government on honesty

There I said it, now Hell has frozen over in Iran and D.C.

Advantageous to tell the truth, better than a myth or a lie

No wonder most trust no-one to ever just tell them the truth


Life for a few is always a life about covering their own behinds first

Yet is everything we see or hear first filtered before it even gets to us

Would we know it if Good or Evil walked right past us this very day

Have we sold ourselves to the Madness of un-guaranteed tomorrows

Send Hate back in time, pray that we let God’s love and respect guide us

(Short Poem) Guilt



How much guilt can one person carry

How much are we each holding to now

We learn to expand, breathe, or break

The body is limited, but, is the mind

Joy and sadness often walk hand in hand together


Which is worse, mental pain or physical pain

But, is guilt not a cancer to the Soul of its owner

Our memories are what help make us a person

Thoughts of words spoken like a dagger to the Soul

What guilt will we still carry  to our Judgement Day


(Short Philosophy Poem) UN-remarkable



How have I lived my life

How much good have I really done

Have I helped more than I hurt

When The Lord ask His Angel about me

How was the life that he has led

All The Angel could say about me—UN-remarkable

(Short Poem) Days Of The Dead

Days Of The Dead


Today many went away

Were any of us crying

100 less to hear the next bomb

At a Rabbi’s home, 5 stabbed today

Humanity, where is your tears

(Poem: On Life) Life Is A Lesson

Life Is A Lesson


Yes, life is indeed a lesson

But what the hell have I learned

I feel my Light about worn

Have I yet to learn my last

When will our last memory be


In deed Lord, what have I learned

Have I ever been worth Your Time

You have been kind, this I am for sure

I’ve been allowed to see much beauty

Many times You have saved my life


The good times, were they good in Your Eyes

From my mistakes, did I learn anything from them

Have I ever caused a smile to come to Your Face

Good or bad, we shall all see each other, in awhile

Life is a lesson, but where did I educate my mind

(Poem: Attempt At Comedy) The Battle Of My Bulge

The Battle Of My Bulge


The Bulge it’s not of the one

Thats in my pants I speak

It is the one that hangs above

That has fallen down to my knees


Just like my once proud chest

That now lays upon my thighs

Straight ahead or even sideways

Through some doors I cannot slide


Yet there are some good things

About being this hefty size

Got a job at Whales Are Us

Just to stand outside


When you are a poor folk

You can’t afford the luxury cuts

Only cans and junk food

That adds miles onto my butt


I have to live in the basement

Cause the elevator can’t go up

You know I don’t have a sex life

Cause this damn belly’s in the way


Yet the Battle of this bulge

I never thought that it would stay

I can’t even play by myself

Cause this damn belly is in my way

(Theology Poem) The Truth

The Truth


O’ Truth, why do we hate you so

Why do we turn our face from you

At your presence we turn and flee

Why do you frighten us to our grave

What is it about you that scares us so


In your light we were created

Within your love we were sustained

In your wisdom and might we grew

With your knowledge given we prospered

In your Holiness we lived without fear


Through the lie’s of Snakes we do now live

Now, lies and unstable ignorance we follow

The children of Devil’s now rule all the land

Divided and conquered we can now only crawl

O’ Spirit of Truth once again enter our conscience