(Poem) Thinking Of My Sister

Thinking Of My Sister


Blessed to have a Sister

The only one I’ve ever had

She’s less than two years older

A better friend I’ve never had


She has always been very kind to me

Helped me to survive our hate filled Dad

Siblings should always be good friends

Only one left after the passing of Mom/Dad


Have two Brothers who passed so long ago

Always been blessed to have my Sister though

Hard to grasp that she just turned sixty-five

I know I will love Her till the day that I die

(Faith Poem) Out Side Looking In

Out Side Looking In


O that life that we think we used to have

Remembering like a kid how it used to be

Our memories remind us of the good times

Like Groundhog Day we see it again on our T.V.

Yet how much of it was really good as we believe


Do we ever envy over some old rich egotistical fool

Yet do we really know the life, that they have lived

Are we jealous of our neighbors wife, yard or their car

Like children is our nose against a store front pane

Wishing we could afford, those Chinese Walmart Diggs


Why waste our lives watching fake reality on our T.V.

Life is right outside our eyeballs, wishing to be set free

If we really see a Spiritual life there’s beauty all around

Beauty may not be in a man made concrete jail or jungle

For God didn’t paint those, but He did paint you and me


(Poem) Traveling Through Our Minds

Traveling Through Our Minds


When you wake up early in the morning

Do you remember your dreams last night

Did you have your self a great night out

Or were old hurtful memories brought out

Good or bad thoughts, who is it that decides


Are we living our life through an old mirror

Good or bad, you know its all done gone by

Knowing where we come from is a good idea

Is a smart thing to know where it is you be

Going ahead is a goal that is worthy to see


Don’t consume yourself with all the used to be’s

Its where you are that will keep your mind free

Even if our bodies with us, will never now agree

Today see yourself a sunrise and the flowers dew

For tomorrow, our minds may not even be with us


( Dark Humor Poem) Train Whistle, My Woman Now I Are Gone

Train Whistle, My Woman Now I Are Gone


Every night at midnight that freight train goes rolling by

That Engineer gives that whistle a long and soulful cry

I think of my future every night when I hear it’s song

Wonder if the Engineer knows at its cry they flip the light

At that whistle many a men have gone to Hell or Heaven High


My woman and I we used to party every night all night long

Wasn’t nothing wrong with raising a little hell of so we thought

Till that woman got wondering eyes acting as if she was me

You know that no woman has those rights, you I know I’m right

We all know a woman is only good for cooking, sex and babies


That woman quit getting on her knees and was a treating me wrong

The Bitch started barking so I had no choice but to put her in a grave

After five rounds she quit bitching but I emptied whole the clip anyway

The Warden tells me at the whistle he’s going smile when he flip’s my light

Says the midnight whistle will be the last thing that I’ll a ever hear

Says he’s gonna flip the switch and fry my ass like an old flapjack

(Poem) Fort Worth In My Mirror

Fort Worth In My Mirror


Texas was my destination way back in 1981

Been there in the Service but not as a free man

Better weather pretty women everywhere you look

Was a slower pace and friendlier way back then to

Jobs were a plenty but the pay was always low


Rebounding from a broken heart was why I came down

Young and always horny but not looking for a wedding band

Ran into a body straight from Heaven but with a heart from Hell

Some Ladies can steal your heart as they crush your Soul as well

Happiness is elusive when your truly hated through and through


Fort Worth is beautiful and most of the people there are too

When your Spouse truly hates you what more can you really do

I love the town but Texas wasn’t big enough for her and me to

Went back to the Blue Ridge Mountains for the beauty and quiet to

Fort Worth in my mirror was just something that I had to do

(Poem) The Teflon Don



His eyes are cold and lifeless

Like a shark thats ready for a kill

His heart is as cold as an iceberg

He is always looking forward to a steal

King of the Con Game, trying to make a deal


He will steal your Granny’s home away

Known for never paying any of his own bills

For him it’s the thrill of the cheat and the steal

Bankrupting his partners one of his favorite games

Being an egomaniac bully is how he gets a thrill


He’ll break you, your Mamma and the Banks

He’s never had a bill he’ll go ahead and pay

His only art is to line his own unholy pockets

He’s a King of making all his partners fail

This is how Teflon Don learned to close a deal

(Love Poem) High Winds



Not tired so I decided to stay up a while tonight

No particular reason, just that I wished to tonight

About one A.M. I start to hear the high winds roll

Down the Pass straight to our home they blow

The house creaks and cracks to say it’s hello


Wife sound a sleep at the back-end of the house we share

Winds always bother her, she has lived in the alley of big blows

My lady had snoozed so I ushered her to bed about midnight

A big blow once picked up her car with her and her baby inside

It sat them back down on the highway, still unhurt and alive


Sweet dreams to my Lady, sleeping quietly tonight

Wrapped up with her Boo kitty all snuggled in tight

About five A.M. now, it think the big winds have died

Big winds can be so soothing, or a chill to your spine

Sleep well my Lady, the high winds meant nothing tonight



(Poem) Rain Drops Again, Evil Or Friend (#2)

Rain Drops Again, Evil Or Friend


Here in eastern Kentucky it has been quite wet

TV says in the north-east the water is running high

So hot and dry in Florida matchsticks run and hide

Jet-stream to low there yet here its way to high


Farmers look for spring moisture to bring the Earth alive

To much spring rain or a late freeze all their seeds will die

We all gotta have some water but not ever this damn high

Earth’s having it’s 10,000 year itch for us its quite a bitch


As the Earth’s Polar ends move turns out we must do so too

The Sahara is now the land of wheat, corn, soybeans and carrots

Now days in Nebraska and Kansas the sand dunes go for on for miles

Waking up to rain drops again was it a dream or beginning of the end


(Poem) Today The Hate Flew In

Today The Hate Flew In


Today we all remember the day the hate flew into our home

Eighteen years ago on this very mornings date and time

The blind began to see what their minds didn’t seem to know

There are millions in this world who hate both you and me

Many millions now ask, why was this attack upon all of us


This morning hate flew in on the wings of four passenger jets

For many was the first time we had seen mass death on our T.V.’s

On this day anger did rage and criers burst into many a tears

Why did some hate us so that they gave their lives in such a rage

Were we really innocent in that we were blinded to their hate


Two buildings flattened in lower Manhattan and one hit in D.C.

In a field in western Pennsylvania there is a fourth mass grave

Over three thousand innocent folks lost their lives this day

A unholy war of 1,400 years showed it’s ugly face to us today

A new date of infamy was today, the day the hate flew in

(POEM) Rise Up Ye Sons Of Men

Rise Up Ye Sons Of Men


Hear my voice and rise up ye Sons of Men

Rise up and serve the King of all the lands

This life is filled with burdens and with folly

Thieves and murderers lay in wait of your blood

Serve ye first The King of all water, sea and land


The King will soon end the darkness of evil men

Give The King your Soul before you meet your end

Live in Brotherhood with the children of The King

Rise up ye children of the Light of Your Holy King

In integrity and truth walk in the steps of The King


This life is filled with man made burdens to bare

So many are so heavy to have to lift and to carry

Stumbling blocks and pits laid for your every step

No need to fear their evil, their arrows or their stings

Live and serve The King, for He is within you here