(Religious Flavored Poem) Now In It’s Time

Now In It’s Time


The Spirit of God speaks to the Soul

It is time to go for the Seed is in the womb

The Soul to the Seed now the heart beats

The Seed does swell and fills the womb

Now it is time to breathe and feel the Sun


The Soul is given within the Momma’s womb

The Soul is now designated a woman or man

First we crawl then we walk or run the trail of life

Now the Mind learns what the Soul already knows

Now it is time, responsibility is now our own


We grow, we learn, we live,  but in our own way

We see evil, we see good, now we do choose

Freedom of choice, this we all have within

Do we choose love, kindness, mercy, or no

How did we choose for now in it time we die




(Attempt at Humor Poem) Cat Love

Cat Love


Our home is blessed with four furry Critters we love

Four different attitudes are good for the Soul and home

All four love to eat yet only three like the taste of treats

The youngest little girl plays hockey with her food first

All four like to give love but only if its on their terms


The oldest Tom, Mr. Moki love foods whether he’s asleep or awake

He’s never met a hand that wasn’t meant to pet or to feed or both

Then there’s Big Boy Boo like a Pit Boss, He’s the strong silent type

There is also Miss Harryetta a fur ball as sweet as she can be

Then there’s Miss Molly always big eyed and full play all night


Four different Kitties, four totally different looks and attitudes

Purr machines with their furry bellies bring a smile to your life

Two girls and two boys but the Moki I still don’t think he’s sure

If not eating or sleeping one will keep you awake day or night

If you don’t love Kitties then your an enigma in this game of life

(Humor Poem) June 14th Habitual Liars Day

June 14th Habitual Liars Day


We like to celebrate but for what we seldom care

Celebrations are for memories of good times past

Birthdays of our families or for those of which we care

Holidays are days we hope we can stay away from work

Party till we drop then wake up and do it all over again


Do we ever care why a day was set aside to weep or pray

Solemn Bugle Rings Flags half staff does it mean anything

Christmas or Easter why should anyone ever think of why

Every Holiday we create is just the economies way to spin

Yet Turkey and Football bring a family together once a year


Presidents Day used to be a Holiday but now days we don’t

Some great people after their death in honor are given a day

All Saints or no Saints is good enough reason to tip a glass

Independence is a real reason to let the fireworks light the sky

June 14th celebrate the biggest habitual liar who sleazed into life

(Poem) The Hole

The Hole


We play our games in this human life were given

Do we really even know who pulls our strings

We think and we plan as our life drifts away

Work all week for distant pleasures we plan

Do we really understand the games we play


We create good or evil but who really has the key

Each morning we look in the mirror at the decay

What is it we see in the eyes looking back at thee

Wake in the morning we hurry new day new play

Making others rich as our body and Soul fade away


Poor man’s work allows the rich man to play

Is life just a Fog we walk through each day

Like a Dog on a lease we growl, bay or stay

Who is the Master of our thoughts and dreams

Live your dreams before in a hole we fade away

(POEM) I’ve Lost My Wings

I’ve Lost My Wings


I woke up this morning and I feel so strange

I see this world that I simply do not know

Tiny is size with color on this mortal skin

My words won’t come forth as if I’ve never been

My Soul I know speaks but my words won’t bend


A little Man this society says that I now am

My eyes see but what I see I cannot speak

Defiled by humans taking advantage of little me

It seems that I’ve fallen down to this dirt below

With age the light source just gets further away


I walk in the sand, only in memory can I fly

Wings that once were now nowhere I find

Did I ever really have them in memory of time

Lights of Heaven I remember as I pray to Thee

A round trip to Heaven or to the Fire I now see


(Poem) So You Saw The Face Of God You Say

So You Saw The Face Of God You Say


Though you were but a young child

People still believed what you did say

You swear you saw the Trinity of God

The Holy Spirit, The Father and The Son

From the sky with Golden gifts to you


People beaten down will grasp at anything

You say you lost the gift only your family seen

What you say the Scriptures don’t say the same

Are you as ignorant of the Scriptures as you seem

You had to put the Bible away to say your play


You say your greater than Moses, the friend of God

Your a Prophet of what as you stash the Bible away

Only the ignorant or a fraud would say the things you say

You and your family wrote your own Evil into play

No human has ever seen the face of The Father

But when you do you’ll pay, for you Hell’s Fire awaits

(From Scripture: Poem) Slapping My Donkey

Slapping My Donkey
(The idea for this poem came from the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament Chapter #22)


Today I ride my Donkey

With honor my word is sought

My Donkey she is my favorite ride

For years faithful she has been

To disobey me she has never tried


Toward promised riches I point her head

The path I choose she always will go

Yet today three times she disobeyed

She crushed my foot against the stones

If I had a sword she would now be dead


She opened her mouth and spoke to me

An Angel had opened her mouth and eyes

But in my arrogance and temper I did not see

The Angel of The Lord with sword in hand

My Donkey saved me from my bloody end

(Humor Poem) Crawl



Did we really crawl out of the Oceans Blue

It is said that we did so many years ago

Like a Tadpole who later dawned a Monkey Suit

What mated with Ms. Lucy so we have four hands

Did we first crawl then walk before we ran


Dino’s used to be birds this is also said

So much ignorance we are so guilty of

Why is it I can’t fly or even able to swim

Such lack of faith is why many can’t understand

Missing Links can’t be found, that didn’t exist


When born we learn to crawl before we walked and ran

Education without faith keeps one blind as a drop of rain

Ms. Lucy had her fur but with what did she mate to make man

Made in the Image of G-d not a tadpole, Monkey or a Bird

Man is not like a Snake we do not crawl or shed our skin


(Philosophy Poem) The Lord’s Path To Walk

The Lord’s Path To Walk


If you walk with The Lord fear not the path you tread

Like the Perfect Doctor He always protects and saves

The wise do not have the wisdom of their own Creator

A sensible person clings to His laws as Divine Oracles

Guard yourself with His Light upon your feet and heart


Know what you will say before your words are formed

There is a time that all should stay quiet and to listen

Draw upon your G-d given wisdom when your speaking

The heart of the fool walks within the prints of a Dragon

If our friend mocks the path you walk he is indeed no friend


In the days of our life do we make one more important than others

Do we not all along with the Earth rotate around the same Sun

In The Lord’s wisdom each day and each season is appointed to us

We were all made of dust and to it we shall all surely return again

Follow The Lord’s path and His words for they are exalted and blessed


Do not give power over your Soul to anyone else for our Creator owns us

All of the Lords works is in pairs of two like a coin with two sides two faces

The wise listen and obey their Master’s voice but the fool walks in darkness

Excel in your daily walk with The Lord, put no undue strain upon your honor

We shall all receive our due inheritance from the life that we choose to walk



(Truthful Poem) Habitual Liars

Habitual Liars


A child’s knowledge is based with their Parents

We obey their words or our butt gets a spanking

With a little age we learn if their words are true

Good Parent, bad Parent we learn if they lie too

The hate filled lies of a Parent leaves a hollow hole


Angy Teachers filled with rage and their daily lies

One bad one drains the energy out of a whole life

Eleven good, one bad, the evil ones filled with lies

Like a bad Cop, just one can ruin all the days of life

Crooked Attorneys and Judges who earn on the side


The World is based on the Rich Man’s fraud and deceit

Gold has made man’s lies the truth and truth into lies

The Father of all Liars controls the lips of the greedy

Politicians only speak the lies of their Political Party

Office of Oval bought by a Commie and his Habitual Liar