About 4:15 PM, EST today I reblogged a story from the ‘Times Of Israel’ about a large Pharmaceutical Company based in Jerusalem that it is said is getting ready to cut about 10,000 jobs within the next two years. The headline spoke a simple reality, basically it said that the Stock values jumped once the news got out. Folks I posted that article because it was no surprise to me, and in reality, this is the expected obvious result of 10,000 people and their families losing their jobs, their incomes.

A young lady who is one of my readers, and I one of hers, left me a comment, her opinion about this article and I would like to share her thoughts and mine with you now. This young lady has an excellent Website that I hope you will take a few moments of your time to check into. I did something that I don’t ever remember doing and that is that I did a copy paste of her comment to me and my somewhat long comment to her, Ms. Laina. Ms. Laina’s Blog Site can be found at (the

Years ago, my gut instincts told me that either severely restricting, totally revamping, or even maybe completely abolishing the stock market might be a good thing. Glad to know that 1) I’m not alone and 2) we might be onto something! 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

And this is my reply to Ms. Laina.

Yep, think about it, just like in this case, when a company announces lay off’s their stock value goes up. When a company breaks a union, their stock value goes up. When a company moves their production to a third world country, their stock values goes up. What is in common with all of these is that the total labor cost go down so the profits go up. When Wal-Mart and Target announced that they were going to give their employees a raise, their stock values took a dive. When a company moves from the U.S. to China or Indonesia they know that their costs are going to go down, labor cost, EPA costs go way down, there is no OSHA, all of these things increase profits so the stock value goes up. As I am sure that you have noticed, when a company cuts their costs by lets say 50%, there is no reduction in the cost of their products on the store shelves. It is all about the profit for the company executives and for the stock holders, all at the expense the workforce. The stock market is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme to rob from the poorest to give to the richest, it should be totally illegal, but that is never going to happen.

(Love Poem) Kissing An Angel



When I wake up in the mornings what is it that I see

In my old age I am blessed, sweet lady laying next to me

Spirits like Angels wear designer duds so we can’t see

You know, so they don’t scare the life out the likes of me

Knowing my Lady is flesh and blood, yet she still loves me

Not ordered by God like a Spirit or Angel would probably be


Being good-by choice when she doesn’t have to be

Sweet tender lips with a kind heart and gentile touch

When she sheds a tear, it always rips at my heart-strings

When I hurt her feelings I do feel like the jerk I know I am

My true feelings, do I express them daily to her loving heart

Do I realize how much helping with the dishes means to her


Having my loving Lady waiting makes the work day worth while

If one is truly loving why can’t one get off your ego and make it two

Don’t be ignorant when God gives you love on a platters golden ring

Don’t act like a fool when you’ve been blessed to put a Ring on Her finger

It’s wonderful to have a sweet Angel to kiss every morning and evening

(Philosophy Poem) Forgiving Someone




Forgive and forget from early age on

Isn’t this something we’re all taught

Breaking down kindness in your heart

Is it unrealistic what we were taught

Forgetting becomes easier as we age



Forgetting on purpose though difficult at the least

Like hitting your foot because you missed the sheath

Every time you remove your boot , you don’t forget

Forgetting where all the pieces of our heart fell

Forgetting, can we ever forgive if we can’t forget

Forgiving, is this even a natural human trait you think



Forgive someone who hurt us, like Hell we say, no way

How can one forgive if they still feel the pain in heart or skin

Forgiving ourselves of our own sins, is a good place to begin

Forgiveness requires the ability to relinquish the chain of hate

Forgive or forget, it is laid at the gate of our own heart everyday

(Love Poem) My Bride; Faultless, Funny, And 50



A tick before the millennial my Lady became my Wife

Wholesale disaster if it’s not really a two-way love affair

Little Terrapin girl stole my heart when I wasn’t looking

Eighteen years my heart has been filled with your love

My heart, mind, and Soul are overwhelmed with your kindness


Today you turned fifty, guess the cradle I’m not robbing anymore

Your words and touch are so pleasing to my inner psych and Soul

Your lips are like unto Rose peddles sweet to touch, so soft to kiss

Girl your touch electrifies my mind, body, and soul, sensual overload

When you touch me your love shines and lights the Halo upon your head


Happy Birthday to you girl you are the Sweetheart I never expected to find

I pray that today will be the best first day of the next 100 years of your life

Girl, I have been blessed to be allowed to call you my best friend and Wife

Was it just pure luck or was it by God’s design that allowed me to catch your eye

Birthday girl, 50, just the beginning of middle-aged crazy, I hope you enjoy the ride

(Humor Poem) The Wrath Of The Grapes



O the sweetness of the vines do delight so many

The sensual aroma to the palate of some, divine

Sensual tingling dancing on the brain and tongue

Wake up married to the Bar Maid, three-step kids


O for the days of Andre and his Cold Ducks dark wine

Ever get accidentally drunk on your favorite tasty delight

Mind knows where you are going just the body wont, it’s numb

Throne out of reach now gotta clean the bath tub with bleach

How odd, since then all Wine and Champagne totally stink


The gift of the Wine is a gift from our Creator above us

For it is to many a soothing tasty treat this fruit of the vine

Drink responsibility like an adult all of the time, that’s no crime

Think of your Grandpa dying alone drunk face down in a ditch

Everything on the Planet could control us, just a matter of wills


Gluttony is a sin whether it is of cash, food, or Red or White Wine

Good for the belly the Red Wine helps ones digestion flow quickly

Let us all pretend we have a brain, give the keys up for the night

Enjoy your favorite squeeze while your meal cleans the bladder outright



(Hurt felt Poem) Dear Ole Dad’s Day



Dear ole Dad, were you fortunate enough to have one

It would be nice to have fond childhood memories of Him

When an adult looks back through the pages of their lives

Do we see only blank spots in the places of the good times

Is a beer bottle what you see when you think of your Dad


Growing up you are hoping you can fulfill so many expectations

A poor child it is who grows up where there is no such a thing

There is one thing dear ole Dad accidentally did agree to teach me

If you ever wanted to be a real man, then don’t act like he has been

Wish things for all could be better, yet in truth, we all carry many sins


When we grow up we will all do better than He, I wish I could say I had

Different Sins are still Sins they all matter when our actions hurt our kids

Emotional and Physical Abuse of the Weak shows that You are weak and sick

Yet not to be there at all is such a cruel and heart breaking thing to do to them

Thirty years of your tears can’t make up for five years of their childhood missed


I pray that your Dad was and is a good, honest, decent father to his kids

Fond memories I hope fill your thoughts when they cross the path of Him

Another Fathers Day in the books, hopefully you were able and willing to hug

Names not written in Stone can still bring future smiles to all kids lives involved

If your Dad is still breathing I hope He was in Your eyes worthy of a Card or Call



(Our Future/Poem) Green Paper Adios, Hello Computer Chip



Green Paper is the bread of life these days

Example: Farm living is not a life that’s easy of free

Land, every acre cost so high, worth it to see the Stars

Cities traffic, years in your seat and fumes in your eyes


Do not pretend that the poor in NYC can actually afford the price to live

In the country seldom do you pay a penthouse price for a cup of tea

For some to love you these days, depends on the value of the fleece

Love should not be conditional upon buying Boardwalk and Park Place


The cost of life, chasing the Green Paper the cost is oh so high

No one these days willing to sacrifice like the love of a Farmers Wife

Get up before the Sun, work the fields till dark, then the house work begins

Green Paper makes us like Mice in a game, if you are breathing you play


Remove the Green Paper for the convenience of a painless little Chip

What could be safer for all of our personal life, all our info on a Chip

Identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting, immigration problem now solved

Green Paper worthless, now the age of the Chip, can you feel your death


Was it all a dream, did we the people really just give up without a fight

One World Order, do you ever ponder whether Good and Evil really exist

Is there really some among us who would truly forgo their given time

Green Paper, Computer Chips, Friends, are they the future of our daily life


(History Poem) American History Of My Time



In the depths of 1950’s poverty, Appalachia

Coal dust in your lungs, eyes, nose and hair

Sawdust blankets your morning  work ride

Odd gratitude for working till the day we die

So sad that so many have left us so young

Pathway to Heaven washed in my mothers tears


1960’s the enlightenment to some of the Nation’s ills

Poverty and racism is a disease to any and all people on Earth

Three Leaders killed by the hate behind the trigger of a gun

Another Asian War raging on, that we should have never begun

Mr. Johnson and Nixon were all those lives necessary to end

Answer to the families, why was it our policies were not to win


The 1970’s to say the least was an odd time in our land

One war ended, but another one was Nixon was set to begin

Surgeon General’s advise was worthless against Nixon’s rage

With the stroke of his pen this War Criminal must have grinned

Nixon’s signature making Class I criminals of freedom loving millions

Peace loving, anti-war, pot heads, Nixon got even for ending Vietnam


80’s began with our civilians still illegally imprisoned in Iran

Coward ambushed the President, one didn’t get to walk again

For eight years we had a President who gave us some pride again

From disco to head-banging, to country starting to spur life again

25 Married a second time to a woman who hated the air I breathed

Life through a windshield, it would be till I broke down or died


The 1990’s were rough anyway I sliced these years of my life

Heartaches and heart attacks, so many times, VA full of crime

For eight years we had Mr. Bill, had the coolest hair on the Hill

One war in the dust, to save an old friend with oil and our blood

Throw a bomb or two at the bad boy of Baghdad and boys two

When George W. got the job, the three will get to meet their end


2000 the new millennium, the computer disaster that wasn’t

The computers people worship, could they create the zero

Married the whole decade, no idea what she sees in me

Sometimes when you pass the time in life you were given

As one’s health fades, and your eyes dim, the Soul still sees

Education and Degrees at this stage in life, quite a surprise


When I leave to meet our maker, please shed no tears for me

I thank the Lord each day for the ways I have been blessed

When our body degrades our Soul’s eyes are sometimes grateful

At my funeral please sing Amazing Grace and Peace In The Valley

Please sing our favorite George Straight song, Cross My Heart

As they put me in the ground, sing ‘The Dance’, don’t cry for me

We are all standing in the walkway to Heaven when this life ends


President Trump Did Not Hurt The ‘Middle-East’ Peace Process


As those of you who know me, you know very well that I am not a fan of President Trump at all. I still believe that he will be impeached before the November 2018 elections because of his many illegal actions before, during and after the past election. I am simply making my point clear to new readers that I am not a fan of his at all. But, yesterdays (12-06-2017) comments he made about the U.S. recognizing that Jerusalem is the rightful and historic Capital of the Nation of Israel is one of the very few things that I agree with him on. Jerusalem has been the Capital of the Hebrew/Jewish people for at least 2,600 years. Yet I do believe that Jerusalem is the Capital of all people of Palestine, Jewish and otherwise. In fact, I do believe that Jerusalem is the ‘City of God’ so Jerusalem should be considered the whole Worlds Capital City. Yes I know that this view would make all Nations current Capitals actually secondary Capitals to Jerusalem. You see, I believe the Scriptures so I know that after Armageddon that the ‘New Jerusalem’ will come down from Heaven and sit over the ruins of the current Jerusalem and that ‘The Christ’ will rule all of the World from the Temple Mount for evermore.


Now, let’s get to this Trump speech yesterday and this farce called the ‘Middle-East Peace Process’. The reason that I call it a farce is because there never has been a ‘Middle-East Peace Process’ and there never will be one. Reality is that there could be peace in all of Palestine if today all of the Islamic terrorist groups would throw all of their weapons into the Sea. If this happened Israel would be forced by all of the World Governments to except a binding two State settlement solution. I believe that the vast majority of the citizens of Israel would also force their Government to adhere to peace, at once, even the Hawks within the Government would be forced to lay down their arms.


Here is another reality though, if Israel were to throw all of their weapons into the Sea today, there would be no such thing as a living Jew in Palestine, or even a Jewish graveyard tomorrow. The reason is the great hate of the believers of Islam toward the Jewish People. The Islamic Countries do not want peace with Israel, they want there to be no such thing as Israel. The whole concept of Middle-East peace talks is just for ‘outside’ viewers who want to feel good about themselves. Palestine is the center point of Armageddon, there will be a time where there won’t be one stone left upon another in Jerusalem. Only through ignorance, blindness, or just plain stupidity some people believe that Islam will ever tolerate Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Hindu’s or any other non-Islamic believers to occupy Palestine, it is not going to happen. Even if it did happen that there was no such thing as the Nation of Israel the Sunni’s and the Shiite’s would have a Civil War between themselves thus turning Jerusalem and all of Palestine into their own waste land.


So, what President Trump did yesterday was just words because Jerusalem has been the Capital of the Jewish People for over 2,600 years and the claimed Capital of most Islamic Believers for about 1,400 years. Israel has had its Government facilities in Jerusalem for decades now, what Mr. Trump did was just symbolic words. There will be some bloodshed I am sure over Mr. Trumps statement yet in reality those who commit these terrorist acts are not even religious Zealots, they are and have always been Demonic Zealots. For in the name of God, no one harms another, only in the name of the Devil Himself does one person go out and commit bloodshed upon another person. It is simple, God is peace and kindness, the Devil is hate and violence. If a person is committing violence, they are worshiping and serving Satan, not God! So, do not blame Mr. Trump for the coming bloodshed, blame the ones committing the bloodshed!!!



(Philosophy Poem) A Peculiar Way Of Life



Peculiar to be distinctive in our Nature and in our Character

Do we belong to anything special or set apart that is not mundane

Challenge ourselves to be Peculiar in each and every word that we say

Is it still true that to say more than Yea or Nay still gets people confused

Is it I, or is it true that few these days consider the salt in our words

Say whatever we wish to get what we want that’s all that matters today


Peculiar belonging characteristically to a person, group, or thing

When people speak to us, do we ever really hear what they say

Feces in the air from the lies we hear and walk though every day

It is better to temper the speech to help calm the rage within

One slip of the tongue can destroy a life long partner or friend

A set aside way of life overlaps into the world we live in each day