(Spiritual Poem) Just How Holy Are We, Or Not



Who is it that would count themselves to be worthy

Worthy to live or to even stand on the Mountain of God

Who is it among us who’s walk is pure and speaks no sins

The true heart does not slander nor curse with its Holy tongue

The Asp of the tongue not controlled can rip sinews from bone


Friendships, brotherhood, are these just images of bygone glories

Who today has honor and would really stand by their Oath, unto death

Would we demand collateral and charge usury, to our own Mothers

Explain compassion as we garner wealth at the expense of the starving

He who takes a bribe to condemn the innocent, are they colleague, or foe


We’re all told to earnestly seek the Face of God daily, yet do any of us do it

Lord thank you for the majestic and humble words of love You left us to study

The Two-Edged Sword of God, His words, still so very divisive to the world today

Peace after death is calling for us all, Armageddon then Paradise, or sulfur’s stench

Humanities only chance is to walk hand in hand with the Spirit of God’s Son, or burn

(Spiritual Poem) Where Is The Faith



Only the fools tell their hearts and self that there is no God

Through ignorance some scourge the very flesh they were given

Is there now no one who seeks the heart and ways of The Creator

Heavens eyes are open to both the good and the evil of our ways

Are there still those among us who fervently seek the Face of God


Have we all gone astray forever from the teachings of kindness and good

Do we delight in the suffering and the pain of those we are called to love

Have ourselves and our children no knowledge of the love of our Creator

Great terror there will be when the Trumpet sounds and the clouds roll back

All the powerful plus you and I, will be judged in The Court no one can sway


Study to show yourself approved unto God, your family, and to mankind

Be a workman that does not ever need to be ashamed before any man

Man kind has filled the world with evil thoughts and with evil machines

The poor and the weak, are but mule manure to help the powerful grow

Be wise, hug your children, kiss your spouse, follow the Lord’s Holy love


Who is it that does not slander with their deeds and with their tongues

Bless the Lord who makes the rich, the powerful, and the poor to be equals

Stand strong like the Cedars of Lebanon and the great California Redwood trees

What is it in our life that means the most to us, friends it is this item, that is our God

In the great by and by, how will our deeds be judged, when The Book of Life is opened





(Heart Felt Agony Poem) I Tried To Love You



When I am dead

Will you remember me

From my grave I will be quiet

Can I still praise and serve you

If the beating of my heart you destroy


I am so weary with the aching of my heart

My tear drops like blood stain my sheets each night

You cause my Soul to grow weary with your hate and lies

Do not your eyes grow tired of seeing everyone as a mark

Viper woman, is the destruction of my heart is your goal


The Lord always hears the prayers of those who love and Serve Him

It seems my heart, mind and body are yours to destroy at your will

Foolish, foolish woman, you are destined to live in your hate alone

The Lord indeed see’s the tears and hears the prayers of His servants

I tried to love you, Lord have mercy on those you set your eyes upon





(Religion/Life Poem) What is Our Number One Sin



Do not be a fool, do not walk in the shoes of the ignorant

Eye to eye with a spitting Cobra does not show others our brass

Hate fumes from the mouth’s of those who are stupid and blind

Careful, even a Demonic Soul like Hitler was able to write a book


Who really has the Heart and Soul of a Christ filled man or woman

Delight in the Love of The Lord, not in our bombs, blades, and guns

Laws of God or Man, which one is it that we Humans chose to serve

Faith gives us the strength to battle the Wolves who seek our demise


Plant your feet like one who is seeking the Roots of The Tree Of Life

Those who are wicked by choice will try to take away our breath of life

Some are like fodder for Hell’s Fires, it’s just that they don’t know it yet

Be careful who we choose to be our friends in this Chess Game of life


What is the worse sin that you personally believe that you have committed

Failing to realize the depth of the meaning of our girl friends first time

Not being in the lives of our young children is a Physical and Moral crime

Hell of a thing if our actions cause our children to miss The Bread Of Life



(Humanity Poem) The Slavery Side Of Being Poor



Slavery a Devils device to choke and subdue the weak and the poor

Breath, a life, hope, not at the end of The Boss Mans chains and rope

Captivity, chaining the feet to the rich mans dirt, no life, just work

Weak and the poor plow their fields, fight their wars, spill our blood

Least Humans united helps take the whip off of our Boss Mans side


Live under a bridge or find safety in a cardboard version of a tent

Get cozy with a fire barrel hopefully long enough to warm oneself

The few have so much while the much need to be held with a bit

Work dawn to dusk, make a little jingle live to see the sunrise again

Money, food, life, all gone so easy never sleep well don’t close both eyes


Humans need more to live for than looking for “The Light” when they die

Working both feet in the grave to support your family, give them a ray of life

Poor man is a dead man walking from conception till toes up in his grave

Mr. Franklin’s mean you have a roof overhead, power, food, A/C, and heat

Need no whips, we have Hollywood and DC to tell us all what to do and think


If the Media loves the Prez it’s amazing how good a dead economy can look

Two percent inflation, yet ten times that when you try to buy some food to cook

Trunk in The Office, amazing how cold a once heated economy can get crooked

Even when the world of The Lords is dim, still it’s brighter than under their whips

Poorest of the poor need a seat at life’s table or Humans won’t continue to be






About 4:15 PM, EST today I reblogged a story from the ‘Times Of Israel’ about a large Pharmaceutical Company based in Jerusalem that it is said is getting ready to cut about 10,000 jobs within the next two years. The headline spoke a simple reality, basically it said that the Stock values jumped once the news got out. Folks I posted that article because it was no surprise to me, and in reality, this is the expected obvious result of 10,000 people and their families losing their jobs, their incomes.

A young lady who is one of my readers, and I one of hers, left me a comment, her opinion about this article and I would like to share her thoughts and mine with you now. This young lady has an excellent Website that I hope you will take a few moments of your time to check into. I did something that I don’t ever remember doing and that is that I did a copy paste of her comment to me and my somewhat long comment to her, Ms. Laina. Ms. Laina’s Blog Site can be found at (the silentwaveblog.wordpress.com).

Years ago, my gut instincts told me that either severely restricting, totally revamping, or even maybe completely abolishing the stock market might be a good thing. Glad to know that 1) I’m not alone and 2) we might be onto something! 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

And this is my reply to Ms. Laina.

Yep, think about it, just like in this case, when a company announces lay off’s their stock value goes up. When a company breaks a union, their stock value goes up. When a company moves their production to a third world country, their stock values goes up. What is in common with all of these is that the total labor cost go down so the profits go up. When Wal-Mart and Target announced that they were going to give their employees a raise, their stock values took a dive. When a company moves from the U.S. to China or Indonesia they know that their costs are going to go down, labor cost, EPA costs go way down, there is no OSHA, all of these things increase profits so the stock value goes up. As I am sure that you have noticed, when a company cuts their costs by lets say 50%, there is no reduction in the cost of their products on the store shelves. It is all about the profit for the company executives and for the stock holders, all at the expense the workforce. The stock market is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme to rob from the poorest to give to the richest, it should be totally illegal, but that is never going to happen.

(Memory Poem) Missing The Farm



Have you ever had the chance to live on a farm

Doesn’t have to be a hundred acres to charm

Eight and one half acres for three plus years I lived

62-65 Hard times here in these Appalachian Hills

Many times our food supply was what we grew or killed


Hard times, with walls, roofs, and food we can all survive

Real hard times are coming, Farming will be a valuable skill

Four summers I curled my toes in the dirt while planting seeds

Surprising how self-sufficient you become when you have to be

Living on that little farm even so long ago, memories I still see


Fifty years ago we left the farm down on Virginia’s Crooked Creek

Still have a few pictures from that time and sense, good memories

Cows and chickens get fed but then there is the pigs and the slop

What do I miss the most, the lost innocence of my youth I suppose

Looking back I see that the farm was one of the better places I’ve lived


If you find you are wound up and bound up in some big city

Take the Hound get out into the open country air to truly live

Pick some strawberries, check see if the melons are ready

Listen to the sounds of the goats and the cattle, or the silence

Fresh ham, bacon, eggs, milk, and butter you didn’t have to buy

I would rather die poor on a farm than breathing smog in a city

(Love Poem) Kissing An Angel



When I wake up in the mornings what is it that I see

In my old age I am blessed, sweet lady laying next to me

Spirits like Angels wear designer duds so we can’t see

You know, so they don’t scare the life out the likes of me

Knowing my Lady is flesh and blood, yet she still loves me

Not ordered by God like a Spirit or Angel would probably be


Being good-by choice when she doesn’t have to be

Sweet tender lips with a kind heart and gentile touch

When she sheds a tear, it always rips at my heart-strings

When I hurt her feelings I do feel like the jerk I know I am

My true feelings, do I express them daily to her loving heart

Do I realize how much helping with the dishes means to her


Having my loving Lady waiting makes the work day worth while

If one is truly loving why can’t one get off your ego and make it two

Don’t be ignorant when God gives you love on a platters golden ring

Don’t act like a fool when you’ve been blessed to put a Ring on Her finger

It’s wonderful to have a sweet Angel to kiss every morning and evening

(Philosophy Poem) Forgiving Someone




Forgive and forget from early age on

Isn’t this something we’re all taught

Breaking down kindness in your heart

Is it unrealistic what we were taught

Forgetting becomes easier as we age



Forgetting on purpose though difficult at the least

Like hitting your foot because you missed the sheath

Every time you remove your boot , you don’t forget

Forgetting where all the pieces of our heart fell

Forgetting, can we ever forgive if we can’t forget

Forgiving, is this even a natural human trait you think



Forgive someone who hurt us, like Hell we say, no way

How can one forgive if they still feel the pain in heart or skin

Forgiving ourselves of our own sins, is a good place to begin

Forgiveness requires the ability to relinquish the chain of hate

Forgive or forget, it is laid at the gate of our own heart everyday

(Humanity Poem) In 4 Days 40 Years Ago



In 4 days just forty short years ago, my life forever changed

I was 18 years old and oh so green behind life’s ears

Almost 16 her belly keeping the first of two Angels within

Work hard all your life, trust in God, everything will be okay

Ideals all get torn down when your wife keeps an open gate


In 4 days just forty short years ago from this day I was Wed

At the cusp of starting my life, or was it the beginning of my end

Two wonderful children sent to us from Heavens beautiful Lights

They would grow to become my hearts biggest hurts, and delights

Yet this Union became my physical, psychological and my hearts end


In just 4 days forty years ago this day I would wed my first Bride

My Children, only a small touch of their lives would I ever get

Both pieces of my heart ripped out while in my Military obligation

The Greyhound softens the sound of betrayal as it is leaving town

Best friend like Hell, but how sulfur burns when she comes around


In 4 days forty years ago the beginning of her tearing my heart out

Monumental mistakes with my children I had yet to make myself

Two pieces now split into eight plus the two that comfort and feeds

How different life for all would have been had she not stolen them away

Yet my children grew up strong they survived somehow, my stillness

It would all begin four nights hence, forty years ago from this day