(Love Poem) Kiss Of Love

Kiss Of Love 


May I kiss you my love, my sweetheart, my beautiful Bride

May my lips caress the tears of joy from your Angelic eyes

May my tongue dance on your belly, your breasts your thighs

Close your eyes now my sweet let your mind in pleasure drift

Let your thoughts be only of the sweet nectar that you give



Your delicious rose petals give to me my sweet lady tonight

Dream deep now my love of my lips on your ankles and toes

My tongue on your feet kissing you softly into paradise

Past your ankles, your knees, my breath on your thighs

Heavens gate opens to please as my tongue dances softly

Onward and inward my lips caressing the petals of life



I love the sound of your moans your cries of delight

I love you my darling, I wish only to please you tonight

Kissing and caressing upward to your beautiful breasts

You surrender to my breath as my lips encircle your buds

Now only your moans and tears of your pleasure do I see

Surrender now softly my love into my arms for the night

(Love Poem) High Winds



Not tired so I decided to stay up a while tonight

No particular reason, just that I wished to tonight

About one A.M. I start to hear the high winds roll

Down the Pass straight to our home they blow

The house creaks and cracks to say it’s hello


Wife sound a sleep at the back-end of the house we share

Winds always bother her, she has lived in the alley of big blows

My lady had snoozed so I ushered her to bed about midnight

A big blow once picked up her car with her and her baby inside

It sat them back down on the highway, still unhurt and alive


Sweet dreams to my Lady, sleeping quietly tonight

Wrapped up with her Boo kitty all snuggled in tight

About five A.M. now, it think the big winds have died

Big winds can be so soothing, or a chill to your spine

Sleep well my Lady, the high winds meant nothing tonight



(Poem) Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time


From the second the heart beats

The first one in the Mothers womb

For everyone there will come a time

No one ever escapes their own destiny

One day the heart and life will flat-line


From our first breath we can not hide

Ever creature that is born will one day die

Many will be blessed with a long happy life

Some still in the womb will be snipped of time

We know not the second the heart will not beat


Live your life to the pleasure of the Lord inside

Enjoy the sky the grass the bounties of your life

Live to the fullest with faith from the Soul inside

Show your love to all before the closing of your eyes

Tomorrow may not be for we all exist, on Borrowed Time

(Love Poem) Perfect Tonight

Perfect Tonight


The Stars are shining upon us tonight

The Moonlight giving us it’s dim delight

In the backyard we rest enjoying the night

Cold beverage to our side as we hold hands

Life is perfect with you resting by my side


The days worries and stress have faded away

Suppers been cooked dishes dried and put away

Our children in the pool all laughing and playing

Kittens all rowdy chasing the puppies far away

Deer in the backyard enjoying the dim Moonlight


You motion for me to move closer offering a kiss

Like a good husband I obey my lady’s sultry wish

In the Moonlight you lean your head upon my chest

Feeling the beating of your heart is to me total bliss

Life is perfect tonight as you melt my heart with a kiss

(Personal Love Poem) Fifty For My Lady

Fifty For My Lady


My Lady is no doubt fabulous even though she is close to seeing fifty

No doubt with the age of time, most certainly the sweeter the taste of the wine

A morning hug still under the covers and a good evening smooch each night

Paid twice a month sure helps to have a girl with a brain and a heart to match

House payments, utilities, groceries paid,  keeps new potty paper on the rack

We’re not rich or famous yet a $50 twice a month for her massage I will find the dime

You can be poor, most all the people are, a small gift to the love to my Bride

Is She your Nancy, are you anyone’s Ronnie as you drift off to sleep tonight?














(Love Poem) Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark


By total accident I found you

When my heart was closed, I saw you

Our history full of agony and broken hearts

Your life in many ways has mirrored my own

Could two blind people make one life together


Long ago our siblings that died the same time

Spouses who only hated and spitefully used us

A parent each whom only yelled and abused

Of all siblings we were both the youngest

Beaten down and always treated with hate


Yet a light shined on us that we knew not

Kindness from Above, showing us one path

Without seeking it the Light of love found us

Even when one does not seek the Lord shows

No longer in the dark we dance in love together



Failures As A Dad, My Dad’s Mistakes And My Own Mistakes As A Dad

Failures As A Dad, My Dad’s Mistakes And My Own Mistakes As A Dad


To put it kindly my Dad was a horrible Dad. He had many flaws as I myself also have. Probably the main thing that I learned from my Dad was that I did not want to be anything like him at all. I wish I could think of some good things to say about him but if I did, I would be lying to you. He died in December of 1993 when I was 37 years old. It took about four more years after his death for me to be able to forgive him and even then I had to realize two truths about him before I was able to forgive him. First I had to come to the realization that yes, he was an asshole, but, that he was also mentally ill his whole life. There was also the reality that he himself as the youngest of seven was orphaned at an early age back during the 1930’s depression era and that he had been farmed out to work on other peoples farms. Did his childhood mess him up mentally, probably. Was all the blame on others for the person he became, no. His crimes both physically and mentally were his own decisions just as ours are to this day.  The main thing is that I am glad that I was eventually able to forgive him for his many sins toward me and our family. But, there is no way to be able to forget how I/we were treated by him, there was no excuse for it except that as a person, he chose to be a total asshole. It’s called forgive but not forget is the best way to describe it.


Now, my sins as a Dad, or the pure lack of being one. I have raised two young boys into being grown men whom did not come from my own seed and I am very pleased with both of them, one is now in his 40’s and the other is in his mid twenties, in fact today is his 26th birthday. I know that I made some mistakes with both of them but they were honest mistakes from lack of knowledge on how to be a dad being that in reality, I had always wished that he had never been in our lives. I had always thought it better to be vacant than to be a hate filled ass. When I got married the first time I was 18 and she was 5 months pregnant with our first of two children. My two blood kids were one year and 9 days apart and when the second child was 7 months old she left me while I was in the military in Beloxi Mississippi. She had her faults but she is the Mother of my two blood children so I refuse to bash her now in print. I got out of the Service way early to try to get my family back but that was a total failure. She was young and wild and wanted her freedom so she ended up having her Mom and Dad raise our two children. I was not there for them from November of 82 through September of 88, and that was my fault. I have been trying to make up for that huge mistake unto this very day. I know that I have not been forgiven by either of them. Because I had such a horrible Dad I did not realize the damage that I had let occur from my absence. My only real excuse was stupidity. There are others that I could try to lay blame on but in reality, it was my own stupidity, my fault.


For the most part I have enjoyed trying to raise the two young men that I have yet at the same time I will always grieve for what I lost, the hearts of my blood Daughter and my blood Son. Sometimes broken hearts can not be mended. Yet I have learned that it is a difficult thing to forgive one’s own self for their own sins, their own mistakes. Some hurts just don’t heal, some you will end up taking with you to your grave. So, I ask you please, do not make mistakes with your children, step or blood, that you can never recover from. With children always think before you react, you may not be able to get that mistake back.

(Philosophical Poem) Having A Superpower

Having A Superpower


Me and my Superpower, you and yours

If we really could have one what would it be

Things like World Peace wouldn’t qualify though

Not unless every Soul in the Universe would agree

Peace cannot be while hate still reigns in one heart


Bottle and a Jeannie say to give one person three

Yet, if we each really did get one, what would we choose

Think about it a moment before you decide what it to be

Would we use it to enrich ourselves, or cause pain and grief

Would we share our help or would we just keep it to ourselves


Seeing the future, reading people thoughts from their minds

Becoming invisible to avoid times of pain or great stress

Fly like a Hogger on an Indian with bugs hanging in our teeth

Yet it’s just fantasy because humans don’t use the ones we have

Love and Faith are the first Superpowers I wish we used more of



(Before some of you get confused or a bit offended by the words used in line 13

here are the meanings of: Hogger: a Harley Motorcycle rider. and: Indian: an Indian 

is a very old high quality Motorcycle.)


(Love Poem) Good Morning My Sweet Lady

Good Morning My Sweet Lady


Good morning my sweet Lady

It’s so nice to see your smile

Another day, another year gone

Don’t let its shadows haunt

The beauty of time is it heals


Our time together is priceless

The gifts of our children’s smiles

Love is more than your bosom

Peace I have found in your heart

Your eyes, they melt my very Soul


Can Heaven be sweeter than your touch

The Stars get their glow from your Soul

Peace is the passion I find in your love

You are the Sun my heart revolves around

Good morning my sweet Lady, my Wife

(Poem) Comfort

What is Grace that we should abide such a thing

Should I soothe and comfort those I do not know

I give you my reassurance that I will never bow

Who has brought cheer to me as I am sick and cold

Others I can not support nor can I waste time to help

Affliction grows each day as the world falls apart

Do you feel relief as the hate just grows and grows

A state of ease is just one less stripe upon my back

Who really give a damn or assist the weak and poor 

Miss one day of work the Wolf will steal your door

Love is something that is so seldom ever spread

Is there not wars and strife in every single family

Who can show love with stripes upon their back

Back in time there was such a one that I heard of

But, is there really any Grace for such a one as I