(Humor Poem) Queen Piggy



Queen Piggy we inherited her when cancer

Took her mommy from this earthly world

She was a mere six months old

When she came prancing and dancing

Into our family’s little fold



She was so cute you just had to hold and love her

For wherever she was, she always stole the show

Everyone who ever cast their eyes upon her

Would soon lose their heart to this hairy little girl

For 18 wonderful years she ruled our little home



To her, every hand she met was a new friend

For everyone always wanted to pet and hold her

So cute partly because of her snarly little grin

You see, Queen Piggy was a Pekingese puppy

With smashed snout, hairy toes and toothy smile



Everyone that she met was now her newest best friend

We loved this little girl as to our home, light she did bring

But now it’s the Angels turn to smile with Queen Piggy

Flying around Heaven tucked up underneath their wings

Here on earth we will always miss her and her sweet love



All the smiles she brought we will always miss her

But who am I or we to complain of missing her love

For last night in my dreams the scene I did see her

I saw Piggy fast asleep being petted by our Savior

There in Heaven upon the Good Lord’s knee

(Love Poem) Kissing An Angel



When I wake up in the mornings what is it that I see

In my old age I am blessed, sweet lady laying next to me

Spirits like Angels wear designer duds so we can’t see

You know, so they don’t scare the life out the likes of me

Knowing my Lady is flesh and blood, yet she still loves me

Not ordered by God like a Spirit or Angel would probably be


Being good-by choice when she doesn’t have to be

Sweet tender lips with a kind heart and gentile touch

When she sheds a tear, it always rips at my heart-strings

When I hurt her feelings I do feel like the jerk I know I am

My true feelings, do I express them daily to her loving heart

Do I realize how much helping with the dishes means to her


Having my loving Lady waiting makes the work day worth while

If one is truly loving why can’t one get off your ego and make it two

Don’t be ignorant when God gives you love on a platters golden ring

Don’t act like a fool when you’ve been blessed to put a Ring on Her finger

It’s wonderful to have a sweet Angel to kiss every morning and evening

(Love Poem) My Bride; Faultless, Funny, And 50



A tick before the millennial my Lady became my Wife

Wholesale disaster if it’s not really a two-way love affair

Little Terrapin girl stole my heart when I wasn’t looking

Eighteen years my heart has been filled with your love

My heart, mind, and Soul are overwhelmed with your kindness


Today you turned fifty, guess the cradle I’m not robbing anymore

Your words and touch are so pleasing to my inner psych and Soul

Your lips are like unto Rose peddles sweet to touch, so soft to kiss

Girl your touch electrifies my mind, body, and soul, sensual overload

When you touch me your love shines and lights the Halo upon your head


Happy Birthday to you girl you are the Sweetheart I never expected to find

I pray that today will be the best first day of the next 100 years of your life

Girl, I have been blessed to be allowed to call you my best friend and Wife

Was it just pure luck or was it by God’s design that allowed me to catch your eye

Birthday girl, 50, just the beginning of middle-aged crazy, I hope you enjoy the ride

(Humanity Poem) Compassion



Do we ever suffer because of another’s ill’s and pain

Does mercy enter our heart for the starving children

The burdens of our brothers, do we lift a finger to help

Every morning God renews our chance to love others

Is the fire in our Soul for mercy, or to crush the weak


Have we ever helped take up the burden of a weary traveler

Do we snatch up the bed and the roof of the poor and helpless

Sorrow I feel for the rich as they tout their ignorant transgressions

As a person of Faith do we charm the politicians as they steal

Sorrowful hearts without actions are worthless as an empty plate


Are we filled with sinful desire for the wealth or spouse of another

Compassion, is it only for when a camera is pointing in our direction

When our child asks us for bread do we give them a viper instead

Compassion will always rule the heart and Soul of a Godly person

Without Compassion and Love, were already dead but don’t know it


(Humanity/Poem) Will They Know-That We Loved Them

Will They Know-That We Loved Them


Today would have been the Birthday of my Father-in-Law and friend

Three weeks ago he passes just shy of seeing his 82nd circle of life

I was not there with him when he slid into the waiting arms of the Lord

The suffering that racked his brain is now but part of this good man’s aura



The last time I saw him we shared a smile when I mentioned the name of the Lord

Knowing that we will meet again so this time, this hug would not be the last one

With dignity he served as he quietly ran his race and with dignity, he slipped off to rest

Four children he raised, always trying his best, his youngest daughter he entrusted to me


His funeral my health would not let me attend high up on a Bluegrass Mountaintop

It is not one’s death that we celebrate, with one’s breath’s a person chooses good or bad

Even the Devil was once loved but just like many humans some turn away from God’s Grace

When we ourselves pass on into the quiet, will the ones we love know they held that place