(Poem) The Testing Of Our Very Own Faith

The Testing Of Our Very Own Faith


Most of us were raised in a family of some sort

Structure or the lack their of was always known

Faith comes with the familiar things that we love

That which we can see we understand much better

Having Faith in the Unseen, is so much more powerful


Too see a Heart is to have it bared unto their own Soul

We choose to have no Faith can we choose too have no sin

The War of this World is fought for the Mind and the Soul

What we choose in life we will reap the bounty thereafter

Every Trial of life is The Testing Of Our Very Own Faith


I’m 63 And White: I Honestly Knew Nothing Of Juneteenth

I’m 63 And White: I Honestly Knew Nothing Of Juneteenth 


I have to admit that I am a bit embarrassed that until a couple of days ago I had never even heard of Juneteenth. What I am embarrassed about is the fact that as a person who has gone through the public school system getting out of school in 1973, why wasn’t this information in our History Books? From May of 2005 through May of 2009 I was blessed with the opportunity to get to go to college and during that time I took several History Classes, again, until a couple of days ago, I knew nothing of it. Why would this information not be included in these education courses? I find that I actually agree that June 19th should become a National Holiday. As a person who has always felt and believed that all racism is actually Evil, as racism is hatred of someone over something that no person can do anything about, their Nationality, their skin color. Hating our fellow Brothers and Sisters over something that no one has any say so in, puts one squarely in the camp of Evil and pure stupidity.

(Poem) Thus Saith The Lord Of Hosts—Consider Your Ways

Thus Saith The Lord Of Hosts—Consider Your Ways 

So, Thus Saith The Lord, You Say

Consider our ways or what, do tell

How do we know the Lord even cares

Does the Lord take Glory in the life we lead

The Gifts we receive, learn from them please

Who is this Haggai and His Book of such age

Should we care what this old man had to say

A Prophet of the Old Religion and Ways to live

A Minor Teacher to some, Man Of God till this day

Thus Saith The Lord Of Host’s— Consider Your Ways

Racism Does Not Exist Within Christianity

Racism Does Not Exist Within Christianity 


Did you choke on that one yet? But, what I have said is the truth! Please give me a moment to explain. I come at this statement from a fundamental/basic view point. You see, what I am going to say will really torque a tooth with some folks but so be it, as long as what I speak is the truth, and it is. Yes folks, I do know that there are a lot of people, probably in the millions world-wide who say that they are a Christian, which means ‘a follower of Christ’, yet they are not. All people are brothers and sisters of only one race, if you or I do not believe this, then we are not followers of Christ. You can not hate your brother without a cause and be a follower of Christ! Folks, ‘a cause’is not something that a person can do nothing about, like the color of skin we happen to be born with. If I as a White guy hates a person solely because they aren’t White or because they are from a different Nation then where is my Christian faith? Then friends I have a simple message for you, I above all would be sinning directly against The Father and against His Son and there is NOTHING Christian about Racism! When a person chooses to be a racist they have already separated themselves from God The Father and God The Son. If you are a Racist person and you consider yourself to be a Christian, please, consider your ways. If we are hate filled we have already committed Spiritual Suicide!

(Poem) This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass


The days of The Garden were now so long ago

Yet before Adam, there was a lot that was here

Critters roamed the Earth yet are found no more

Monkey and Gentile were created, yet not the same

Know Ye not that where you walk mighty fish swam


There was a time before anything that we have seen

Trees now Deserts, Swamps are now covered in Sand

Rocks grow up while Glaciers melt into their ground

The Skies once filled with Birds and Dragons not found

Great Empires once were but now are trampled down


These times we share give forth both good and the bad

That which is laid upon us, we can and we will overcome

Like 1918 Life learns to deal with that which scares us so

Faith in God and in Science will Trump the Political Whores

This Virus is but a Blimp in time and friends, it too shall pass away


(A Savage Thought) Faith: What Is It And Why Does It Matter

Faith: What Is It And Why Does It Matter


Good evening folks, this letter to you tonight is about a matter of thought on the reality of faith or the lack there of. When I used the Google Dictionary to look up the word faith it gave me the following six answers. 1.) Confidence or trust in a person or thing. 2.) Belief that is not based on proof. 3.) Believing in God or in the Doctrines of the Teachings of religion. 4.) Belief in anything as a code of ethics, standards of merit. 5.) A system of religious beliefs. 6.) The obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise or engagement.


The first thing that I did when I opened my Bible this evening was to look up the word Faith in the Biblical Encyclopedic Index and the first thing it said was “Confidence in the Testimony of another.” Of course there are many kinds of faith such as trust in a lucky rabbits foot or a horse shoe, or even such things as faith in our money or our job. There is even such things as having total trust (faith) in politicians not to lie to us. You know, a person may have faith (trust) in a lot of things, even that none of our girl friends would ever be so mean as to tell our wife about them. What I am getting at is that we can have faith or trust in many things in our life, but, not all of the things that we choose to have faith in is worthy of that faith.


What I am choosing to talk with you about this evening is ‘Religious Faith.’ Tonight there are a few short phrases that I hope you will take the time to consider. Please think about what I am saying to you tonight and please consider your own thoughts on the matter.


When it is time for our own death will you or I be able to look an Angel of God in their eyes and say to them

I have fought a good fight

I have finished my course

Lord I have kept Your faith.


As Christians we must be living examples of the Doctrine that we profess to be the reel Truth of God. Friends, if we speak it (The Truth) then we MUST walk that Truth everyday that we are being allowed to breathe. The Apostle Paul wrote in what is now the Book of Galatians chapter six verse twenty-five “If we live in The Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” It is real simple, that which we have the most faith in is our own personal “God.” Tonight I will leave you with a simple truthful thought that is the truth for every single one of us. Walk in our faith in our Creator, or die in our sins where we will then die the second death, eternal separation from God.



(A Savage Thought) Would Jesus Do This (WJDT)

“Would Jesus Do This”


Hopefully you have noticed this isn’t the same statement that was popular a couple of decades ago, the WWJD or “What Would Jesus Do” slogan. A couple of weeks ago I was starting to so something (can’t remember what it was) and a thought entered my head, not WWJD but the words “would Jesus do this?” Honestly, think about it for a moment, WJDT is even a bit more personal for each of us than just What Would Jesus Do on just any and all events in plural but more directly at you and I, personally. When you, or I go to do something, anything, is this something that you know that if Jesus were here in the flesh right now that you could or could not see Jesus doing it? I am speaking from a “moral” standpoint. Not could he do it physically, would He lie, about anything? Would He cheat or steal? Friends, if not, then why do we do such things? When a person honestly commits to trying to live a “perfect” life (impossible for humans I know) it helps a person start to see reality more clearer, both the Spiritual and the Flesh.

(A Savage Comment) If You Are A Christian, You Are (A Face) Of Christ To Others

If You Are A Christian, You Are (A Face) Of Christ To Others


This is a question for yourself, from yourself to yourself, do you yourself refer to yourself as a Christian? Is it not a simple yes or no type of answer? If we honestly think or believe that we are a Christian do we believe that the everyday people in our lives would also consider us to be a “Christian Person?” What I am getting at is that if any other person is looking at you/me “as a Christian” then you/we are suppose to be showing them a “Christ Like” example. We Christians are suppose to walk in the “Essence” of our Creator, but do any of us honestly try to do this each and every day of our lives? The “Face” of Christianity? Each and every one of us who choose to carry the “Cross of Christ” is a Face, a Light for any who choose to be around us. Those of us who love Jesus Christ show this in the Face, the Light and the Love we show to the world around us. If we fail in our qualities of personal beings then we are failing both Jesus and we are failing the people around us. There is no question nor any doubt, none of us are perfect, but, are we at least trying to be? Please remember friends, without Faith, it is impossible to please Him and if we do not have faith our family and friends know it and, Jesus Himself knows it.

(Theology Poem) What We See, But Also, What We Don’t See

What We See, But Also, What We Don’t See


We were all in the Womb, so what did we know and when

So, what did we see with our first memory, of anything

What did we know when we first remember seeing the Sun

How many folks have we seen through our heart, for a while

When did we each say, here I am, and remember that memory


There is always a time when we look right through our life, like a grind

We all walked past the Daily Hurdles life so kindly keep twirling at us

Did we notice and remember the people who slid in and out of our daily life

Stages of how you and I now look in the memories of others we have cared about

Grades at every step, in deed we’re prodded and Rated, but what were we taught


Those around us who we know, how many of those folks don’t even recognize us

Yet how many wonderful people have we walked by because we didn’t see them

One side is irate cause the memories they see were far from being great ones

With Gray Hair we understand better what our senses of youth were blind to

When we understand that only by the Grace of God, have you or I, ever been


(Poem) Just Be Thankful

Just Be Thankful


Why are so many people crying and moaning

Are we not now able to take in a breath of air

Can our eyes not put words to the letters we see

Have we no roof to cover ourselves from the rain

Are we not blessed with both bed and a blanket


All at once the world is having to live as though poor

What habits have changed for the poor and the shut-ins

Money or health are to easily taken away so enjoy the day

The poor are without health or money yet we trust and pray

The working class has always been thankful for food and bed


The blinders we wear are most usually always self made

The times will pass my friend as we humans will integrate

Stories of these times will soon become movies of lore

Maybe the whole world just take this time to do a “Do Over”

Folks just be thankful to be alive as this new beginning begins