These Riots Are A Disgrace Too Our Nation And Toward Black People

These Riots Are A Disgrace Too Our Nation And Toward Black People


I am all for people of all skin colors marching and if they wish too, yell and wave signs around, in a non threatening manner. What I am not for is any violence at all. I know that there are some Black Groups that want to make/keep Mr. George Floyd’s death/murder strictly an issue of Black people and our Nation’s Police Forces. There are other folks who want to be included as ‘human-beings’ against Police excessive force situations as well. All of those folks have the right to preform non-violent protest yet not one person has the right to lay the stench of more violence upon Mr. Floyd’s death. Breaking into stores and homes, burning vehicles, acting like violent thugs, how does this honor the memory of a peaceful man? The Police Officers of our Nation are mostly good folks these days, they used to be much worse. (I spent most all of my adult life as a long haul truck driver until my health made me retire in 2013).


About 20 or so odd years ago a fan at a Chicago White Sox’s Baseball game rushed out of the stands and assaulted (from behind) the opposing teams first base coach (a much older man) causing him permanent damages. Folks I was raised about 75 miles west of Chicago and I grew up a Cubs fan and my Brother was a life long Sox fan plus I spent many hours working throughout Chicago-land so Chicago has always been one of my favorite big Cities. But, I felt then as I still do now, that this event gave the whole City of Chicago and all of Her Citizens a Black Eye. This was a defamation to the character of this excellent City and to Her People.


This violence that we are seeing throughout Our Nation is not done to honor Mr. Floyd nor any of the others whom have died at the hands of various Police Officers throughout the years. This violence only draws attention to all of the negatives stereotyped into America’s Black society, confirming all the negative slang and foul words cast at them. It is well within the benefit to all Black people of this time to make sure that no Black people are ever involved in any “riot” type crimes. Every one (act of violence) that happens is a slap in the face to all honest decent Black Folks, and it is a slap at the memory of Mr. Floyd.

Are These Riots Just Racists Hooliganism?

Are The Riots Just Racists Hooliganism?


Just like many of you I have seen a video on the death of a young man named George Floyd at the hands/knee of a Police Officer in Minneapolis Minnesota and as a citizen I am not pleased with what I have watched. My youngest Son is the same age as Mr. Floyd was and yes even though I am a white guy I have worked with my Son on how to act if a Police Office approaches him. Any time that anyone is in the presence of any Police Officer that Officer can if they so chose too can ruin your day, your life, or even end your life. With this said, always be decent and always be friendly. Also, DO NOT say anything hate full or just plain stupid and ALWAYS cooperate, politely. This is just the intelligent thing to do when you are with someone who can totally alter or end your whole life. Some Police Officers all around the world are nothing but crooked thieves and murderers, in some cases the Police ARE the main problem in a town or region. Thus said, why would you want to take a chance with an Officer when they walk up too you? Why say too yourself “self” I think I am going to act like an asshole just to see what kind of a reaction I can get from this Cop? I do honestly believe that most police around the Nation are at least decent folks but just like in every job there are people who are total pricks wearing uniforms. When you bring race into the equation, in some cases there are racists Cops just like in any profession and their ignorance and hatred shines brightly when shown too us on a video. Police Departments all around the Globe must police themselves and start purging their bad apples. Until Police Departments Nation wide do this there will never be fluid relations with the communities in which they choose to go to work within each day.


I have a question for you, in your opinion what has rioting and mass vandalism of stores, cars and homes got to do with this Cop killing this Man? Should I get a group of out of town/state people to gather (many being arrested are said to be from out of state) and raid our local Police Station because of this act in Minnesota? Okay, if you or I want to we should have the right to PEACEFULLY march, yell and wave signs in the air. But, what you and I DO NOT have is any right to attack anyone or any ones property. Tell me please, what has the death of Mr Floyd got to do with me and my buddies breaking into Target, Best-Buy a Jewelry Shop or a Pawn-Shop? Even if the death of Mr. Floyd had everything to do with racism what does me breaking into and trashing a Target Store have to do with race? My belief is nothing, it has nothing to do with it at all. What it really looks like is there are a bunch of young black folks who have come into these cities just for the purpose of raising hell and being thieves and vandals. When we protest with violence against non-primary targets we show the whole World that we have no morals or credibility.



(A Savage Comment) REALLY: Turn Your Children Into Lab Rats?

REALLY: Turn Your Children Into Lab Rats?


I simply have a question for you folks, how do you feel about your own children and grandchildren being used as lab rats? My youngest child is 26 so I no longer have school age kids but I do have 7 grand kids yet not all of them are still in school. Oddly enough though 3 of the 7 are Seniors in high school this spring so their Senior year celebrations are a bit hazy to say the least. 3 Of the others are in lower grades so their lives are being messed with also. I am also blessed to have one College Professor and a Grade School Teacher in my direct family so they as well as their Spouses lives are also being jumbled about because of the government orders to have the schools closed.


This note to you today is only about our Schools and our Children and this Virus it is not really about the other aspects of differing levels of shutdowns around the Nation. Today I am wanting to be specific in zeroing in only on the children themselves, on their health and their lives. I do think that this virus will have to become part of the human DNA makeup, much like the Mumps and the Measles. I do believe that these shutdowns will have to be opened back up again but outside of the food production chain I personally don’t think the Nation should open back up before June first. The main thing about June first is it also means that for this school year, it is over for the kids. I do not want our Children to be used as Lab Rats by throwing them into the Petri Dish of a class room. I will finish this note to You today with this one Total Truth to You. Anyone who has raised any children who have gone to public schools know that the best times for germs/viruses to enter Your Home is at the beginning of the school year and after Christmas and Easter/Spring breaks. All of the Children bring all of the Viruses from their homes to their School Class Rooms, mingle them all together with what the other kids brought from home and at the end of the school day the kids go back home and they give their own family all the new Viruses they picked up in the Class Room.


You may be saying, well I don’t have any kids and being that You only care about Yourself that You don’t really care what the Kids do or even if they live or die. Have you Ice Bitches thought of the extended realities of not caring about what happens to Our Children? Things like all of the Parents and Grand Parents who you come into contact with many times each day? This Virus and others yet to come will say hello to each of us and yes, they will always cull out some us, a sad reality of Nature itself. We will all be meeting people who have had direct contact with a Child whether at Your job, the local gas station/convenience store, grocery store, or even the Hair Salon or Golf Course or Beer Joint. The point is, we are all effected by what happens to the Children of Our Nation, Our State, and Our Communities. None of us live in a noninclusive bubble, Children effect and infect us all! That is unless, YOU actually do live in or wish to actually live in, a plastic bubble? Now, the question is, do WE ALLOW or want to allow Politicians at any level to “Turn OUR CHILDREN Into Lab Rats?”

Iran’s Coronavirus Deaths Rise to 4,232



Iran’s Coronavirus Deaths Rise to 4,232

Friday, 10 April, 2020 – 11:30
Iranian family wear protective masks to prevent contracting a coronavirus, as they stand at Grand Bazaar in Tehran, Iran February 20, 2020. WANA (West Asia News Agency)/Nazanin Tabatabaee via REUTERS
Asharq Al-Awsat

Iran’s total death toll from the new coronavirus outbreak rose to 4,232 on Friday, according to a health ministry spokesman.

This comes as the country registered 122 deaths only in the past 24 hours

The total number of people diagnosed with the disease also increased by 1,972 in the past 24 hours to a total of 68,192, the spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpur, said on state TV.

According to Jahanpur, up to 3,969 people were in critical condition.

The country has recorded a total of 35,465 recoveries from the COVID-19 respiratory disease, he added.

Iran is the most affected by the pandemic in the Middle East, Reuters reported.

(A Savage Comment) COVID-19: A Culling Of Our Herd?

COVID-19: A Culling Of Our Herd?


The reason for this letter to you tonight is designed to do one main thing, to get you to think! At this moment in time we are all living in a world unlike anything that any of us have ever witnessed before. This COVID-19 is not just a medical issue, it is also a psychological and a spiritual issue for each and everyone of us. To me, this is a good time to learn who we are as a race, the one that calls ourselves human. In this letter to you I am only hoping to open our minds to possible realities on this COVID-19 issue. I am not trying to tell you what to think, thats your job.


Back in the history of human time there have been cases of humans being culled out through such things as warfare, discrimination, enter-breeding, religious hatred and diseases. In a sense humans are a lot like animals in the same realities of extension. On a more recent comparison for us in history is when the Europeans came to the Americas with all the germs that they carried with them. Don’t get me wrong, every person that came across the pond could have been totally healthy yet they were still carriers of diseases the Native people had no defense to.  In that case many millions of Native American people died. Yet, not all “Indian” people were killed by white mans and black mans diseases nor even by their bullets nor starvation. Some (a few) do still remain to this day. But, why didn’t the different diseases from Europe and Africa kill off all the “Indians”? It has to be because the Indian folks grew an immunity to each of these diseases. The closest thing to these current events was in 1918 when the “Spanish Flu” killed tens of millions of people in the U.S. and especially in Europe. Folks, yet once again, 2/3 or there about of the people survived. Survivors had to grow to a level of immunity. 1347-50 In Europe the “Black Plague” is said to have killed 1/3 of Europe before it tore off into Russia in 1350. Folks, people in Europe and in Russia survived by the millions and tens of millions even though many million did die.


What I am saying is “immunity”. We humans will grow an immunity to it just like our pets and other animals seem to have. This COVID-19 is going to be something that all future people will have as part of their personal DNA from now on. Isn’t the only other option one in which this eventually kills everyone on the planet? If that was to be the case “what kind of world” would it be that we will be surviving in anyway? A Culling OF THE HERD? Think about it for a moment please, if one million people world wide die from this disease or even lets say five million people die from it, there are over seven billion humans on this rock. The percent “culled” is tiny when you compare the two. I just asked Google and it says if 5 million people die on the planet from this disease that would equal about .000714% of the worlds population. What I am saying folks is that most all of everyone is going to survive this, otherwise it would be a world killer and then there isn’t any thing we can do anyway that would prolong any life with a life style worth living for. Personally I get through these issues with a quiet prayer a few times a day, maybe that might help some other folks also. Faith is a wonderful thing, (Faith) and (Love) I do wish upon everyone of us.

Dow Dives 1,900 Points, NYSE Halts Trading As Stock Indexes Plummet



Dow Dives 1,900 Points, NYSE Halts Trading As Stock Indexes Plummet

A trader reacts on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday. Major U.S. stock indexes plunged 7% before trading was temporarily halted.

Richard Drew/AP

Updated at 10:52 a.m. ET

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange was halted temporarily Monday after indexes plunged 7% in reaction to Saudi Arabia’s shocking oil-price cut. The financial market chaos comes amid increasing worries that the coronavirus epidemic will plunge the global economy into recession.

In early trading, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 1,900 points — more than 19% off its February peak. Stocks also fell sharply in Asia and Europe.

Later in the morning, the U.S. indexes recovered somewhat, with the Dow down nearly 1,600. Both the Dow and the S&P 500 were down about 6%.

The price of oil also fell — down 21% Monday following the unexpected Saudi move.

As investors fled stocks and sought relative safety in government bonds, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note fell below 0.4% overnight before climbing above 0.5% Monday morning.

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia announced a stunning discount in oil prices — of $6 to $8 per barrel — and a boost in production.

The move was a dramatic reversal from a few days earlier. Late last week, talks between OPEC and Russia collapsed after weeks of negotiations. The kingdom had tried but failed to get Russia to agree with OPEC to cut production in order to keep prices from falling in reaction to economic worries about the coronavirus.

The oil price war comes amid increasing fears that the coronavirus will hit the global economy hard as factories shut down, travel plans are cancelled and spending grinds to a halt. In Italy’s industrial region, 16 million people are under quarantine as the country fights to control the coronavirus outbreak there.

Worldwide, there are more than 110,000 cases of the COVID-19 virus, including more than 7,000 each in South Korea, Italy and Iran, according to a dashboard created by the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

Israel: El Al cancels flights to San Francisco, Europe amid ‘unprecedented’ virus crisis



El Al cancels flights to San Francisco, Europe amid ‘unprecedented’ virus crisis

Israeli airline, hit hard by spread of coronavirus, combines flights, will use smaller planes as global travel slumps

El Al planes at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, March 16, 2018. (Moshe Shai/Flash90)

El Al planes at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, March 16, 2018. (Moshe Shai/Flash90)

El Al on Friday cancelled a flight to San Francisco and several others to a number of European cities amid a global drop in travel over fears about the new coronavirus, with a senior company official calling it “an unprecedented crisis.”

Flights that left for San Francisco Friday morning were combined, according to El Al, due to the low number of passengers on each plane.

In Europe, the Israeli airline was cancelling some flights to Berlin, Barcelona and Zurich. All three cities are located in countries which Israel began restricting the entry of non-nationals to on Friday as part of efforts to slow the spread of the virus.

“This is an unprecedented crisis,” a senior El Al official told the Ynet news site.

“The consequences of this crisis are huge and we are trying to do everything we can [to handle it],” he said.

El Al was also expected to cancel flights on Sunday to Munich, Budapest, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bucharest, Vienna and Marseille.

The official at the airline told the website that El Al was working to combine flights and use smaller planes.

Empty departure halls at Ben Gurion Airport. on March 4, 2020. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

On Wednesday, El Al fired some 600 permanent workers as it grapples with ongoing financial losses caused by the virus outbreak.

Other employees in high paying roles are likely to have their salaries cut.

The airline also axed hundreds of temporary workers, who are employed by the company for under five years. The fired staff include air crews, flight attendants, ground crews and others.

The company appears to be one of the hardest hit in Israel by the virus. On Wednesday, the Bank of Israel said the country’s economy was weathering the crisis, but was ready to step in to help if necessary.

On Tuesday El Al cut salaries of its senior staff by 20 percent. The salary reduction includes the company’s board of directors and chairman, and retroactively takes effect from March 1, Channel 12 reported.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the head of the union, Sharon Ben Itzhak, that he had assigned a ministerial committee to help El Al and other Israeli airlines.

Besides cutting back flights, El Al has also suspended flights to Italy and Thailand and and said it would delay its planned launch of direct flights to Tokyo until April. The airline extended its halt of flights to Beijing and Hong Kong until May.

A pilgrim wearing a protective mask visis the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City in Jerusalem on February 27, 2020. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP)

Despite the damage to the aviation industry, the Tourism Ministry said Wednesday that the usual number of tourists entered Israel in February, with some 344,000 arrivals and an estimated tourist revenue of $486 million.

Israel has thus far taken far-reaching measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, forcing thousands of Israelis into self-quarantine, barring foreigners from countries hit hard by the virus, banning large gatherings, and advising against personal contact and travel abroad.

It was the first country to urge its citizens to refrain from international travel entirely because of the outbreak, which started in China in December and has since infected over 100,000 in about 85 nations and claimed nearly 3,400 lives, almost all of them in China.

There have been 19 confirmed cases of the virus in Israel and no deaths.

Luke Tress contributed to this report.


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Adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Dies of Coronavirus



A woman wears a medical mask as a precaution against coronavirus (COVID-19) on March 01, 2020 in Tehran, Iran.

A woman wears a medical mask as a precaution against coronavirus (COVID-19) on March 01, 2020 in Tehran, Iran.
Fatemeh Bahrami–Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
MARCH 2, 2020 4:02 AM EST

(TEHRAN, Iran) — A member of a council that advises Iran’s supreme leader died Monday after falling sick from the new coronavirus, state radio reported, becoming the first top official to succumb to the illness that is affecting members of the Islamic Republic’s leadership.

Expediency Council member Mohammad Mirmohammadi died at a Tehran hospital of the virus, state radio said. He was 71.

The council advises Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as well as settles disputes between the supreme leader and parliament.

His death comes as other top officials have contracted the virus in Iran, which has the highest death toll in the world after China, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Those sick included include Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar, better known as “Sister Mary,” the English-speaking spokeswoman for the students who seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and sparked the 444-day hostage crisis, state media reported. Also sick is Iraj Harirchi, the head of an Iranian government task force on the coronavirus who tried to downplay the virus before falling ill.

Iran has reported 978 confirmed cases of the new virus with 54 deaths from the illness it causes, called COVID-19. Across the wider Mideast, there are over 1,150 cases of the new coronavirus, the majority of which are linked back to Iran.

Experts worry Iran’s percentage of deaths to infections, around 5.5%, is much higher than other countries, suggesting the number of infections in Iran may be much higher than current figures show.

Trying to stem the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Iran on Monday held an online-only briefing by its Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi opened the online news conference addressing the outbreak, dismissing an offer of help for Iran by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Iran and the U.S. have seen some of the worst tensions since its 1979 Islamic Revolution in recent months, culminating in the American drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad and a subsequent Iranian ballistic missile counterattack against U.S. forces.

“We neither count on such help nor are we ready to accept verbal help,” Mousavi said. He added Iran has always been “suspicious” about America’s intentions and accused the U.S. government of trying to weaken Iranians’ spirits over the outbreak.

The British Embassy meanwhile has begun evacuations over the virus.

“Essential staff needed to continue critical work will remain,” the British Foreign Office said. “In the event that the situation deteriorates further, the ability of the British Embassy to provide assistance to British nationals from within Iran may be limited.”

While Iran has closed schools and universities to stop the spread of the virus, major Shiite shrines have remained open despite civilian authorities calling for them to be closed. The holy cities of Mashhad and Qom in particular, both home to shrines, have been hard-hit by the virus. Shiites often touch and kiss shrines as a sign of their faith. Authorities have been cleaning the shrines with disinfectants.

Police have arrested one man who posted a video showing himself licking the metal enclosing the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad, the most-important Shiite saint buried in the country, according to reports by semiofficial news agencies. In the video, the man said he licked the metal to “allow others to visit the shrine with peace of mind.”

Meanwhile Monday, the virus outbreak saw itself dragged into the yearslong boycott of Qatar by four Arab nations over a political dispute.

A prominent columnist at Dubai’s government-owned Al-Bayan newspaper on Twitter falsely described the virus as being a plot by Qatar to hurt the upcoming Expo 2020 world’s fair in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Noura al-Moteari later described the tweet as “satire” to The Associated Press after it gained widespread attention.

The Dubai Media Office similarly described the tweet as being written in a “cynical style” while distancing the Arabic-language daily from al-Moteari.

“Noura is a freelance writer and is not an employee of Al-Bayan nor does she represent the publication’s views,” it told the AP. “That being said, this has no relevance to any social media policy being practiced by the publication nor the state.”

The tweet comes after Qatar expressed disappointment Sunday that nearly all of its Gulf neighbors snubbed invitations to attend the weekend peace signing ceremony between the U.S. and the Taliban.


Gambrell reported from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

CONTACT US AT [email protected].



Grandfather Of 18 Month Old Who Fell To Death Off Cruise Ship To Plead Guilty



By Doha Madani and Xuan Thai
The grandfather of the 18-month-old girl who fell to her death from an open window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico, will plead guilty in her death, a family attorney said Tuesday.

Salvatore Anello, also known as Sam, initially pleaded not guilty to a negligent homicide charge from Puerto Rican authorities in October in the death of Chloe Wiegand in July.

Michael Winkleman, the attorney for the Wiegand family, told NBC News on Tuesday that Anello filed paperwork to change his plea in return for an agreement that included no jail time. Anello, who lives in South Bend, Indiana, will be able to serve his probation in Indiana, according to Winkleman.

Winkleman said the deal “is in the best interests of the family so that they can close this horrible chapter and turn their focus to mourning Chloe.” A hearing date for the change of plea has yet to be determined.

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The Wiegand family filed a federal civil action in December against Royal Caribbean Cruises, alleging that the company was at fault for the accident. A judge approved the suit this month after Royal Caribbean sought to block it.

Chloe was with her mother in a children’s water park area on the pool’s 11th deck. When her mother had to go to attend to another matter, Anello came to supervise her, according to the family’s lawsuit.

“Mr. Anello was closely supervising Chloe as she played,” the suit says. When “Chloe walked over to a nearby wall of glass on the same deck,” her grandfather followed her, it says.

Anello has insisted that he believed there was glass in the open window of the ship’s 11th story when he held Chloe up.

The family has claimed that Anello put Chloe up to the window to bang on the glass when she slipped from his hands and fell to her death. There were no signs indicating that the windows were open, Anello told CBS in November. He also said he is colorblind, which may have been why he couldn’t distinguish between the tinted closed windows and the open window.

Chloe’s parents, Kim and Alan Wiegand, said on “Today” after her death last summer that they hoped to bring awareness and ensure that such an accident doesn’t happen to another family.

“We obviously blame them for not having a safer situation on the 11th floor of that cruise ship,” Kim Wiegand said. “There are a million things that could’ve been done to make that safer.”

Royal Caribbean didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hosni Mubarak: Former Egyptian President dies aged 91



Hosni Mubarak: Former Egyptian President dies aged 91

Hosni MubarakImage copyright REUTERS
Image caption Hosni Mubarak was president of Egypt for 30 years

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak – ousted by the military in 2011 – has died in Cairo at the age of 91.

Mubarak spent three decades in office before a popular uprising swept Egypt.

He was found guilty of complicity in the killing of protesters during the revolution. That conviction was overturned and was freed in March 2017.

His death was confirmed by Egyptian state news on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the Al-Watan website reported that he died at a military hospital.

Mubarak underwent surgery in late January and was photographed with his grandson as he recovered.

Presentational white space

On Saturday, however, Mubarak’s son Alaa said that the former president remained in intensive care.

Who was Mubarak?

Born in 1928, Mubarak entered the air force as a teenager and went on to play a key role in the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

He became president less than a decade later, following the assassination of President Anwar Sadat, and played a key role in the Israel-Palestinian peace process.

But despite the billions of dollars in military aid Egypt received during his time in office, unemployment, poverty and corruption continued to grow.

Discontent boiled over in January 2011, after similar protests in Tunisia led to the overthrow of the president there. Mubarak was forced to step down 18 days later.

Just over a year after Mubarak’s overthrow, Mohamed Morsi, an Islamist politician, won Egypt’s first democratic presidential election.

The new president lasted less than a year in office. Amid mass protests, he was ousted in a military coup led by Gen Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Gen Sisi went on to win two presidential elections. Morsi died in prison in 2019.

In 2012, Mubarak was sentenced to life imprisonment over the deaths of some of the 900 protesters who were killed by security forces during the uprising a year earlier.

Both he and his two sons were also convicted of corruption.

But the more serious charges against Mubarak were later overturned and he was released in 2017.


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