Turkey Witnesses Jump in Crime Rates



Turkey Witnesses Jump in Crime Rates

Friday, 23 August, 2019 – 10:00
Turkey sees an increase in crime rates targeting Arab and foreign tourists (Getty)
Ankara – Saeed Abdelrazek
Crime rates in Turkey have risen in recent years. And an increase in the number of crimes such as kidnapping, rape, harassment and fraud as well as homicide due to the widespread use of licensed and unlicensed weapons, has drawn significant attention.

Over the past few years, Arab and foreign tourists have been the victims of such crimes, including abductions that end up with murder following robbery.

Last week, a Saudi woman was kidnapped in Istanbul near a hotel located in the Asian part of the city, where she was staying with her family.

No contact has been possible with her after she disappeared. Neither the Saudi consulate nor police have been able to know her whereabouts despite working tirelessly to locate her.

Turkish police said on Thursday that two people, suspected of assaulting on August 16 two Saudi nationals and stealing their phones and luggage in Istanbul, were arrested.

A security source said that police have checked the surveillance cameras in Istanbul’s Sisli neighborhood and the cafe, where two Saudi brothers were sitting when they were assaulted and robbed by unidentified men on a motorcycle.

After spending days processing video footage, police identified the assailants, the source noted.

He explained that police officers raided the two suspects’ houses and seized a weapon they had in their possession, a phone and the Saudis’ luggage.

They were later referred to the public prosecution after being questioned by the police.

Abductions and murders in Turkey have increased amid the country’s complex political and economic crises and weak security following the crackdown on supporters of Fethullah Gulen whom the government accuses of orchestrating the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016.

Turkey was ranked eighth among the top 10 countries in the rate of homicides, according to official data issued by the United Nations in 2016.

The Turkish Ministry of Justice has acknowledged the high crime rates after homicides increased from 21,716 in 2009 to 25,611 in 2013.

Lula: my greatest pleasure would be to get out of here and Moro and Dallagnol in



Lula: my greatest pleasure would be to get out of here and Moro in, he and Dallagnol

In his historic interview on TV 247, former President Lula spoke about Lava Jato, the destruction of the Amazon, Jair Bolsonaro’s lack of decorum, and the role of the United States in the 2016 coup. “I don’t want to leave here with half guilt. I want to go out with 100% of my innocence. I’m not a pigeon, put them on the anklet. My greatest pleasure would be to get out of here and Moro come in. He and Dallagnol, “he said.

(Photo: Felipe Gonçalves / TV 247)

247 – The interview given by former President Lula to journalists Mauro Lopes, Paulo Moreira Leite and Pepe Escobar, from TV 247, was full of important messages about what is going on in Brazil and in the world. Lula expressed outrage at his political prisoner status for more than 500 days, but made it clear that he sleeps peacefully, unlike his tormentors. “Moro has insomnia because he knows he lied. And now he’s playing the clown,” he said, before he even knew that Deltan Dallgnol, demoralized by Vaza Jato, has only been able to sleep on drugs.

Lula sent a direct message to the Federal Supreme Court, which until now has remained cowering before the evident procedural fraud, already denounced by the greatest jurists and intellectuals of Brazil and the world. “I’m tired of calling Moro and Dallagnol liars. I’m hoping someone will have the dignity to read my case and judge on the record,” he said.  “I don’t want to leave here with half the blame. I want to leave with 100% of my innocence. I’m not a pigeon, put them on the anklet. My greatest pleasure would be to get out of here and Moro come in. He and Dallagnol.” full recognition of your innocence.

Regarding the Amazon, Lula made clear the responsibility of the voters of Jair Bolsonaro. “Bolsonaro says that those who are setting fire to the Amazon are the NGOs. Who is setting fire is his business owner,” he said. “Someone needed to take the Bolsonaro by the ear and say, ‘Listen here, kid, be polite.’ We need peace. A president doesn’t have to think about anything other than the welfare of his people,” Lula said. “These people have to understand that they were not elected to be owners of the country. They were elected to govern. Do not destroy the country. They cannot leave delivering Brazil.

The role of the United States

Lula also warned that his lawyers will seek access to documents demonstrating that he is the victim of a US-led international conspiracy that has arrested him and made room for the destruction of democracy in Brazil and the rise of neo-fascism. “We are filing requests from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requesting information from the US Department of Justice about US interference in my case,” he said.


California hotel cook arrested after allegedly planning mass shooting



California hotel cook arrested after allegedly planning mass shooting

Authorities in California said another mass shooting may have been averted with the arrest of a hotel cook. Rodolfo Montoya, 37, who worked at a Marriott in Long Beach, told a co-worker Monday he planned to come into work and shoot everybody he saw at the hotel because of a so-called human resources issue.

That co-worker notified police, who arrested Montoya at his mobile home the next day and confiscated an arsenal of weapons. Montoya’s arrest is the latest in a string of mass shooting threats after deadly shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

“Suspect Montoya had clear plans, intent and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty incident,” Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna said Wednesday.

When Long Beach police arrested the disgruntled hotel cook at his Huntington Beach home, they seized multiple high-powered firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and tactical gear, including an assault rifle and high-capacity magazines. The magazines are illegal in California.

Irma Escobito worked with Montoya at the Marriott hotel. She said he sometimes made her uncomfortable but that she never reported him.

“Every time he comes and he look for me, and he touch me or give me a kiss on the head, I say, ‘Don’t touch me please, don’t kiss me,’ because the cameras are there, and I don’t like that,” Escobito said.

One of the suspect’s neighbors said that another neighbor warned him to stay away from Montoya.

“One next door told me that he had guns in that RV and to stay clear of it, he has all kinds of guns,” the neighbor said.

At least 29 people have been arrested in 18 states for threatening mass violence since the Dayton and El Paso mass shootings.

In Orlando, a 16-year-old girl was arrested Wednesday for allegedly threatening to shoot people at her sister’s Catholic school. According to the arrest report, she said in a group text that the “Next person to say something is the first person I will shoot on the school shooting that will take place this Friday.”

‘They were run down:’ Cameras captured 75-year-old mother, son, struck by truck near 19th and Grant



‘They were run down:’ Cameras captured 75-year-
old mother, son, struck by truck near 19th and Grant

MILWAUKEE — A truck slammed into a mother and son as they crossed the street near 19th and Grant on Milwaukee’s south side, and the surveillance video is heart-stopping.

“They were run down — put it that way,” said Paul Reyes, whose mother, Maria, and brother, Nick, were struck on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

Surveillance cameras captured the man walking away, with his mother laying unconscious in the street.

Mother, son struck by truck near 19th and Grant

Paul Reyes

Paul Reyes

“He got up and walked into the bar,” said Paul Reyes. “My brother just has scrapes and bruises because my mother took the hit and like, pushed him, and he flew.”

Reyes said his mother suffered serious injuries.

“She’s out of it most of the time,” said Paul Reyes. “She has seven broken ribs, a broken collarbone on the right side, and a broken pelvis.”

The surveillance video shed light on the moments leading up to the crash — and left Reyes wondering what went wrong with the driver, who stayed at the scene after the crash.

Mother, son struck by truck near 19th and Grant

“They waited for him to go,” said Reyes. “He didn’t go. All the sudden he goes when they’re directly in front of them. On his phone, asleep at the wheel, or on some type of drug.”

Reyes said he was hopeful charges would be filed against the driver, as his family works to heal.

“Just pretty sad, and wondering what is going to happen next,” said Reyes.

Brazil: Dilma: after 500 days of Lula’s illegal arrest, neo-fascism devastates Brazil



Dilma: after 500 days of Lula’s illegal arrest, neo-fascism devastates Brazil

“Now the evil is done. Brazil is being devastated by a neo-fascist government in politics and neoliberal in the economy, headed by an eschatological and intolerant president. Having caught their biases, the judge and prosecutors who have colluded to convict Lula, destroying the economy and trampling justice deny the undeniable. They deny the undeniable, “says former president Dilma Rousseff, who was deposed by the 2016 coup, about Lula’s political arrest.

(Photo: Dilma Rousseff)

By Dilma Rousseff – A poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller, which inspired Bertold Brecht and Eduardo Alves da Costa, became a symbol of criticism of indifference to Nazism. In historical moments when values ​​are at stake, indifference becomes dramatic and leads to chaos. Thanks to Germany from the 1930s, worth today. 

“When the Nazis took the communists, I shut up 
because, after all, I was not a communist. 
When they arrested the Social Democrats, I shut up 
because, after all, I was not a Social Democrat. 
When they took the trade unionists, I didn’t protest, 
because, after all, I wasn’t a trade unionist. 
When they took the Jews, I did not protest, 
because, after all, I was not a Jew. 
When they took me, there was no one to protest. “

The arrest of Lula completes on Tuesday (20) 500 days of illegality and offense to the democratic rule of law. It represents disrespect for constitutional guarantees, due process of law, presumption of innocence and human rights. It is a threat. If Lula is arrested illegally, anyone can be. It all started when I was overthrown by the 2016 coup without committing a crime.

Here is the inaugural act of a process of destruction of democracy. And that was really it. 
Except for the progressives and Democrats, in the face of the coup and the arrest of Lula, when an injustice against an innocent was warned, many people stopped reacting. His only transgression is to be the greatest popular leader in the history of Brazil. Now, after the revelations of the website The Intercept, everyone knows that Lula was the victim of a plot to destroy his reputation and steal his freedom.

The judge who convicted him was the one who tapped a phone call between me and the former president and leaked the audio to TV Globo. Serious crime, target of only mild reprimand. And that was really it.

The same judge who convicted Lula validated a plea that was plucked under duress by a businessman who had previously said the former president was innocent. Plucked out of intimidation, such denunciation was the basis of the conviction. And the abuse prevailed.

To lend meaning to the sentence, the judge alleged that he condemned Lula for “undetermined acts”. Even the Lava Jet had confessed to having no evidence. But this judicial extravagance also prevailed. 
With Lula already imprisoned, this judge suspended his own vacation to coerce the Federal Police to violate the judge’s decision to release him. And, as in previous situations, the abuse has not been corrected.

In 2018, the week of the second round, the judge leaked an accusation rejected by the prosecutors, ensuring the victory of the far right. And the justice did not take any action.

After the election, the judge was asked to become president-elect’s minister thanks to his illegal interference. And that was really it. 

Now the evil is done. Brazil is being devastated by a neo-fascist government in politics and neoliberal in the economy, headed by an eschatological and intolerant president. Having caught their bias, the judge and the prosecutors who came together in collusion to convict Lula, destroy the economy and trample justice deny the undeniable. They belie the undeniable.

The result is shameful: an innocent is in prison and an unprepared neo-fascist is in power. 
There will only be justice with the annulment of the trial and the acquittal of Lula. 

#LulaLivre is a moral imperative, a civilizing requirement, an act of justice that the judiciary cannot deny to an innocent. Especially when the innocent is the only one who can pacify the country. Free to promote understanding, Lula will lead Brazil to unite social forces, without exclusion, on a front for democracy, sovereignty and the rights of the people. Such a front will seek the way out of the institutional, political and economic crisis in which Brazil was thrown by the 2016 coup, the arrest of Lula and the election of Bolsonaro.

#LulaLivre is a cry of hope for us to cease to be a war – torn country, contaminated by hatred and governed by insensitivity to again become a viable nation, socially just and generous with his people. #LulaLivre means peace and democracy for Brazil.

Hong Kong Police Arrested For Beating 62 Yr Old Man Strapped Into Hospital Bed



Hong Kong police officers arrested over video of assault on man in hospital
© Getty

Two Hong Kong police officers were arrested Tuesday in connection to a video from June which showed them hitting a 62-year-old man as he was strapped to a gurney in a hospital, The New York Times reported.

The pro-democracy lawmaker who released the footage, Lam Cheuk-ting, said while the man in question had no link to the protests across Hong Kong, the video was evidence of aggressive behavior from police.

“These few months, so many protesters have been arrested by the police,” Lam said at a news conference on Tuesday, next to two of the man’s sons, per the Times.

“Among them, how many must have been subjected to similar or even more severe abuse? Any sensible person would raise this question.”

Police spokesman John Tse said in a later press conference that the officers had been arrested on suspicion of assault.

“We absolutely do not tolerate it if officers break the law while knowing the law,” he said, per the Times.

The security camera footage from North District Hospital shows the two officers hitting the old man for more than 20 minutes in the genitals, stomach and face.

Lam said the man had been accused of attacking a police officer while drunk.

The incident is particularly significant because of the heightened tensions between police and protesters who have flooded the streets, and buildings, of Hong Kong for months seeking democratic reform.

Protests began over a proposed bill that would allow criminal suspects to be extradited to China, a proposition which amplified fears of mainland China’s broadening influence in the semi-autonomous city.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam suspended the controversial bill in June, but that was not enough to quell protests.

Clashes between protesters and police escalated last week when pro-democracy activists filled Hong Kong’s airport.

The protests began peacefully, but police reportedly fired tear gas inside a subway station and charged at protesters on an escalator in another station, expanding the protest and ultimately shutting down the airport for two days.

Several international watchdog groups, like the United Nations human rights office, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have accused Hong Kong police of using excessive force and failing to follow safety standards for the use of weapons like tear gas and beanbag rounds.

Brazil: Moro hides documents he gave Bolsonaro about PSL orange grove



Moro hides documents he gave Bolsonaro about PSL orange grove

Minister of Justice and Public Safety Sergio Moro declined to hand over to the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper a copy of the documentation he had given Jair Bolsonaro about the Federal Police investigation into PSL orange applications. The newspaper made the request for the Access to Information Act

(Photo: Ag. Senate)

247 Minister of Justice and Public Safety Sergio Moro refused to hand over to the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper a copy of the documentation he had given Jair Bolsonaro about the Federal Police investigation into PSL orange applications. 

The newspaper made the request for the Access to Information Act. Bolonaro himself stated during a news conference in Japan last June that he received Moro’s documentation.  

The Presidency also refused to provide the documents, arguing that the request was “a duplicate” and that the Ministry of Justice and Public Security would respond.  

The PSL oranges scandal broke out in February and among other political consequences resulted in the fall of the Presidential General Secretary Gustavo Bebianno, who led the party in 2018.  

According to a Federal Police inquiry, there is evidence of the participation of Tourism Minister Marcelo Álvaro Antônio in a scheme that directed election campaign funds to companies linked to his cabinet.  

In the edition of Folha de S. Paulo this Monday (19), reporter Rubens Valente recalls that “on June 27, the PF launched an operation to investigate the matter and arrested an aide of Antonio. A day later, when granted At a press conference in Osaka, Japan, Bolsonaro was asked about the matter. The president replied, ‘He [Moro] sent me a copy of what was investigated by the Federal Police. I sent an aide to read because I didn’t have time to read. ‘”.  

The case is under secret in the 26th Electoral Zone of Minas Gerais, in Belo Horizonte.

Brazil: Lava Jato was acting outside the law to obtain suspect tax data



Vaza Jato reveals that Lava Jato was acting outside the law to obtain suspect tax data

A clandestine police state was set up to investigate suspects in the Lava Jato led by Sergio Moro and Deltan Dallagnol. With the collaboration of tax auditor Roberto Leonel, current president of Coaf, tax secrets were broken without judicial authorization – especially from people close to former president Lula. This is what the new chapter of Vaza Jato shows.

247 – The new chapter of Vaza Jato reveals that Lava Jato was acting outside the law to obtain tax data from suspects. This has happened several times and has targeted people linked to the processes involving former President Lula, who has been held as a political prisoner for almost 500 days. “Prosecutors of the Lava Jato operation also used Telegram to informally obtain sensitive data from the IRS – that is, without any judicial control.

Task Force coordinator Deltan Dallagnol and his colleagues in Curitiba have repeatedly resorted to a senior informant within the IRS to lift citizens’ fiscal secrecy without the court having authorized the breach, ” reporters Leandro Demori and Paula reveal. Bianchi, on Intercept .

“To obtain the confidential data, the prosecutors turned to the tax auditor Roberto Leonel, who headed the intelligence area of ​​the IRS in Curitiba, where he worked. Leonel is now president of Coaf,” said the reporters. That is: one of the main allies Minister Sergio Moro was responsible for smuggling tax data from suspects.

Focus on former president Lula

In August 2015, hearing of news that a nephew of Lula had done business in Angola with the help of politician and Odebrecht, the first thing that happened to attorney Roberson Pozzobon was to call Leonel, according to the Intercept report. “I want to ask via Leonel not to get too much in the face, like fishing fisherman and pay lol,” he said in a message to Dallagnol in the group Chat FT MPF Curitiba 2.

“The following year, between January and March, the task force asked Leonel to gather information about a daughter-in-law from Lula and the caretaker from the Atibaia site,” the report said. Surroundings also included the solicitation, made by the prosecutors, for information on the heritage of the former owners of the site. At the same time, prosecutors also asked the auditor for information about purchases that former first lady Marisa Letícia and the couple’s security guards would have made. “

Brazil: Lula says Lava Jato was created to deliver Brazilian oil to the US



Lula says Lava Jato was created to deliver Brazilian oil to the US

“They created Lava Jato to deliver our oil, it’s a shame,” said the former president. When asked about progression of punishment by age, readings and good behavior, something that Lula is already entitled to, he said he will not ask. “I won’t ask because I want my innocence. I want to get out of here 100% innocent, ”he said.

From Carta Capital – Former President Lula, arrested in Curitiba for Operation Lava jet, granted, on Friday 16, an interview with journalist Bob Fernandes, which was aired by TV Educação da Bahia. Commenting on the recent episodes of Operation Lava Jato, the petista believes that the intention of the operation is to deliver Brazilian oil to the US. “They created Lava Jato to deliver our oil, it’s a shame,” emphasized the politician.

This is the first time a public television has interviewed the former president, who commented on the performance of Moro, Dallagnol and Bolsonaro. For Lula, the country is undergoing a destruction of character. What measures the quality of a nation is not the size of the territory, but the quality of life of the people. Meanwhile, the president is clowning all the time, this is unacceptable, ”said the petista.

When asked by the journalist about progression of punishment by age, readings and good behavior, something that Lula is already entitled to, he said he will not ask. “I won’t ask because I want my innocence. I want to get out of here 100% innocent, ”he said.

Six Philadelphia officers shot in active standoff



Six Philadelphia officers shot in active standoff with gunman holed up in house

Officers took cover behind cars and blocked off surrounding streets as they were fired upon by the unidentified shooter.
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