Brazil: Reinaldo wants Moro’s resignation says he corrupted fight against corruption



Reinaldo preaches Moro’s resignation and says he has corrupted the fight against corruption

“Moro is today a shadow of what he once was, and his current reputation is in line with his biography, and I think there is still a lot of adjustment to be made,” said columnist Reinaldo Azevedo

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247 – The journalist Reinaldo Azevedo reacted to the note of the minister Sergio Moro, in which he criticized the journalists who have divulged information of the Vaza Jato. “Moro is worried about the reputation of the journalists who publish the information contained in the material received by The Intercept Brazil?” “Well, do not tell me!” Instead of him, I would look in the mirror. the journalism that does its work and fulfills its function.How do we Moro authorize us – TIB, Folha, Veja and this journalist – to “publish something serious” Well, and who deems this seriousness? universal judge! “he quipped, in an article published in his blog .

“I will propose to the other vehicles that we meet with Moro when he decides to publish anything. If he gives his” imprimatur “, we publish it, if not then not! I would like to suggest that you give up on the brave: resign yourself! Moreover, you are still a minister, you should register: you campaign in favor of corruption, who corrupts the instruments of state to … fight corruption, “he concluded.

Should Trinidad and Tobago repatriate the families of ISIS recruits?


(OPED: Just my opinion but here it is>Security protocols should be followed on all of the adults. If a woman joined of her own free will give them to the Syrian government for them to deal with. If a woman or a child were kidnapped then yes, allow them to come back home. But any child 12 or older who went willingly to be with ISIS then no, do not allow them back into your country unless it is somehow proven that they are not a future security risk. Any adult who went willingly should have their passports and visas terminated at once. They wanted to help bring hell on earth, let them live in that hell that they wanted for others to have to live in for themselves, turn them over to the Syrian government and the non-Islamic countries need to clear out of Syria as soon as it is possible to do so.)(oldpoet56)  

Should Trinidad and Tobago repatriate the families of ISIS recruits?

A screenshot from a YouTube video titled “Walk through Syria’s al-Hawl camp where thousands of Islamic State brides are held,” uploaded by ABC News (Australia), which shows the living conditions for the thousands of women and children inside the camp.

ISIS, the al-Qaeda offshoot that used to control large parts of Iraq and Syria using brutal, oppressive and violent tactics, lost control of these territories in January 2019. Since then, the families of many foreign ISIS militants have been left stateless.

Approximately 130 citizens from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago have joined ISIS abroad —  the highest per capita source for recruits for the militant group in the Western hemisphere, catapulting Trinidad and Tobago into a debate over the repatriation of the dependents of ISIS recruits.

The exodus of fighters from the small Caribbean nation has declined since Syrian and American forces declared defeat over ISIS. Many of the militants, mostly men, have been arrested or killed, leaving behind wives and children. Their abandoned families now seek shelter and food in detention camps in Syria, most notably the al-Hol refugee camp in northeast Syria.

When Trinidad and Tobago’s parliament met on July 2, 2019, Senator Wade Mark asked whether or not the government plans to facilitate the return of the families of foreign nationals who joined ISIS. National Security Minister Stuart Young replied that he had not yet received confirmation as to whether or not there were Trinidad and Tobago nationals at the camp.

The group Con­cerned Mus­lims of Trinidad & Tobago (CMTT), which maintains there are at least 40 children and 16 women at the al-Hol camp with ties to Trinidad and Tobago, has asked the government to assist in the return of these nationals. However, Minister Young has made it clear that the country must go through security protocols before making any decisions on their return:

This al-Hol refugee camp houses persons who fled from ISIS war zones, and the first thing the government has to do is a verification exercise. The government has policies and procedures which we have implemented, including the use of Team Nightingale, which is a multi-agency task force comprising the Children’s Authority, Counter Trafficking Unit, counter-terrorism units, TTPS, TT Defence Force, Immigration, persons from Ministry of National Security and other agencies [and] our intelligence services.

Young could not say how long the process would take, but some members of the local Muslim community have voiced their concerns about the women and children, who are reportedly living in uninhabitable conditions at the camp. Describing the situation as a hu­man­i­tar­i­an cri­sis, Trinidadian Imam Sher­az Ali recently made a TV appearance in which he said that many of the women and children who went to Syria did so against their will.

In a March 2019 report, The New York Times said that the camp held 72,000 people. More recent investigations by France 24 say that the number has increased to 100,000 people, in the camps and surrounding areas. The al-Hol camp dwellers comprise people from all over the world, some of whom refuse to return home and others who are desperate to leave.

Only a few official reports indicate Trinidadian women and children in the camp — actual numbers are not known. In early 2019, however, a Trinidadian mother finally reunited with her two young sons after their father abducted them and took them to Syria. Human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith organised the rescue mission and later criticised the Trinidad and Tobago government for its lack of support, even though a press release by the Ministry of National Security claimed a role in the rescue operation. Calling the release “insulting drivel”, Stafford Smith said that the government’s specialised team meant to deal with nationals in Syria was “utterly useless” and of no help to the mother in her search for her boys.

While many citizens were happy for the young boys’ return, others are a bit skeptical about the return of others — mainly adult women — from the camp.  Countries like France have made the decision to only repatriate children; adults would have to go through an investigation before any talk of a return:

CCN TV6@tv6tnt

Two boys, aged 11 & 7 who were kidnapped by their father (a deceased ISIS fighter) and taken to Syria, are due to return to their mother in Trinidad. Do you welcome their return?


Shari Paul 🧜🏾‍♀️@ShariKimmyDee

So we’re supposed to jeer at two young, possibly deeply traumatized children, because of their father’s actions? Are you serious?

See Shari Paul 🧜🏾‍♀️‘s other Tweets

Some members of the local Muslim community have kept up their appeals. Until official numbers can be determined and strategies put into place, the futures of any Trinbagonian women and children will remain in limbo.

Brazil: Lava Jato, or ‘Foro de Curitiba’, is an international criminal organization



Lava Jato, or ‘Foro de Curitiba’, is an international criminal organization

The whole plot – described with the sordid detail in the Folha report – was also explicitly sponsored by Transparency International – a curious transparency made on the basis of secret whispers, in which the prosecutor, with extreme intimacy, is treated as “Delta” – articulated with former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the one whom Moro, in other revelations, ordered “not to hurt”, points out article by Fernando Brito

(Photo: Reuters)

By Fernando Brito, editor of Tijolaço – Bolsonarismo demonizes the “Forum of São Paulo”, which in their view, would be a mechanism of international political conspiracy, intended to interfere in the politics of Latin American countries.

It is now discovered in the dialogues obtained by The Intercept and published by Folha , that there is, yes, a secret organization destined to violate laws, agreements and the Constitution to support actions to overthrow foreign governments.

To many it may seem like an abuse, among the many that the dialogues have already revealed. And not the biggest: after all, the “demon” of Venezuela has long justified everything, as it almost justified a military aggression that ended up not happening due to a warlike and logistical inferiority that would lead us to huge losses.

However, for anyone to observe, the evidence of the formation, under the leadership of the then Judge Moro and using as agents the members of the Attorney General’s Office, of a criminal organization that used not only the Brazilian judicial processes, but also the cooperation with the United States to achieve political-ideological goals.

And the mechanics of this action is exposed and summarized by Folha’s narrative:

Prosecutors began discussing the matter on the afternoon of August 5, 2017, after Moro wrote to the head of the Curitiba task force, Deltan Dallagnol, in the Telegram application. “It may be the case to make public the Odebrecht accusation about kickbacks in Venezuela,” the judge said. “Is it here or at the PGR?”

It is clear that, as a matter of international jurisdiction, it should be in the Attorney General’s Office. But he was with the PGRC , his superior body: the Attorney General of the Republic of Curitiba. And this, by Deltan, did not begged the appeal of the chief, although the agreements prevented the sharing of information:

In response to Moro in 2017, Deltan indicated that prosecutors would seek a way around the boundaries of the settlement and announced the intent to file a lawsuit for the international money laundering crime. “There will be criticism and a price, but it is worth paying to expose and contribute to the Venezuelans,” he added.

The rape was such that there was resistance among some prosecutors, which Dallagnol faced by making statements which, if they were against right-wing governments, would be taken as “communist internationalism,” saying that “the purpose of prioritizing [action] would be to contribute to struggle of a people against injustice. ”

They did this with a few excerpts from testimony given to the then Venezuelan prosecutor Luisa Ortega, who filed complaints with the Federal Supreme Court, where the accords had been ratified. But Minister Luis Edson “Aha Uhu” Fachin simply “asked for clarification.”

Everything done in complete shiver of Brazilian law and the international treaties to which the country is a signatory oblige all international legal cooperation to go through the Ministry of Justice, go to the STF examination and then be distributed to the Republic’s attorney offices for its execution. Who want to check, here’s the OAS document (in English OAS, Organization of American States, before the “peacocks experts” feel that I am dealing with the contractor).

The whole plot – described with the sordid detail in the Folha report – was also explicitly sponsored by Transparency International – a curious transparency made on the basis of secret whispers, in which the prosecutor, with extreme intimacy, is treated as “Delta” – articulated with former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the one whom Moro, in other revelations, ordered “not to hurt”.

The “Curitiba Forum” is an international criminal organization.

Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Long Accused of Molesting Minors, Is Charged



Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Long Accused of Molesting Minors, Is Charged

Mr. Epstein, who was charged with sex trafficking, had avoided federal charges a decade ago in a widely criticized plea deal.

Jeffrey Epstein in custody in West Palm Beach, Fla., in 2008. Credit Uma Sanghvi/Palm Beach Post, via Associated Press
CreditCreditUma Sanghvi/Palm Beach Post, via Associated Press

Jeffrey E. Epstein, a billionaire New York financier long accused of molesting dozens of young girls, has been charged by federal prosecutors with sex trafficking, two people with knowledge of the case said on Saturday night.

Mr. Epstein was arrested in the New York area and is in federal custody. He is expected to appear before a federal magistrate on Monday.

Mr. Epstein had avoided federal criminal charges in 2007 and 2008 in a widely criticized plea deal after he was accused of paying dozens of underage girls for sexual massages in Florida.

Before then, Mr. Epstein, a former hedge-fund manager, had been friendly with Donald J. Trump, former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

He pleaded guilty to lesser state charges of soliciting prostitution, served 13 months in a county lockup and registered as a sex offender. His extraordinary jail arrangement allowed him to get out of the Palm Beach County Stockade six days a week to work out of his office.

The United States attorney’s office in Manhattan, which brought the charges against Mr. Epstein, declined to comment on Saturday night.

Defense lawyers for Mr. Epstein could not immediately be reached for comment.

Women who said they were Mr. Epstein’s victims have repeatedly assailed federal prosecutors for reaching the non prosecution agreement with him more than a decade ago.

Jack Scarola, a lawyer for two of the women, said he had not been informed of the arrest.

“But given his extensive pattern of past criminal conduct and the apparent addictive nature of his aberrant behavior, an arrest comes as no surprise,” Mr. Scarola said on Saturday night.

The new charges against Mr. Epstein were first reported on Saturday night by The Daily Beast.

In the Florida investigation, the authorities found that Mr. Epstein paid cash to dozens of girls, some of them as young as 14 or 15, to give him nude massages that often ended in masturbation, oral sex or, in at least one case, forcible rape.

Some of the girls were runaways or foster children; Mr. Epstein would ask some girls to recruit others to bring to his properties. The encounters took place from 1999 to 2005.

According to court records, in a 2007 interview with the F.B.I., one girl shared that at age 15 she began visiting Mr. Epstein and gave him massages — both in her underwear and then nude — for $200 each.

Over time, the encounters became increasingly sexual. Mr. Epstein also got the underage girl to bring other girls who worked with her at a local strip club.

The plea deal that protected Mr. Epstein from federal charges was signed by the top federal prosecutor in Miami at the time, Alexander Acosta, who is now President Trump’s labor secretary.

In February, a judge in Florida ruled that the prosecutors led by Mr. Acosta violated federal law when they failed to disclose Mr. Epstein’s nonprosecution agreement to his victims.

The agreement was negotiated in secret while victims were told prosecutors were still pursuing a possible federal criminal case.

Mr. Acosta has defended the handling of Mr. Epstein’s case, saying the plea deal sent Mr. Epstein to jail and guaranteed that he would register as a sex offender.

But lawyers for his victims have fought for years against a punishment they saw as too lenient.

The case received new public scrutiny after an investigative report published by The Miami Herald in November quoted four of Mr. Epstein’s victims, who are now adults, on the record for the first time.

One of the victims, Courtney Wild, now 31, was wearing braces when she first met Mr. Epstein. “Jeffrey preyed on girls who were in a bad way, girls who were basically homeless,” Ms. Wild told The Herald. “He went after girls who he thought no one would listen to and he was right.”

Investigators had identified more than 30 victims. The Herald said it located about 60.

In February, the Justice Department said it had opened an investigation into the non-prosecution agreement. The inquiry is reviewing whether prosecutors committed professional misconduct in their handling of the Epstein case.

Derrick Bryson Taylor and Benjamin Weiser contributed reporting.

Patricia Mazzei is the Miami bureau chief, covering Florida and Puerto Rico. Before joining The Times, she was the political writer for The Miami Herald. She was born and raised in Venezuela, and is bilingual in Spanish. @PatriciaMazzei  Facebook

William K. Rashbaum is a senior writer on the Metro desk, where he covers political and municipal corruption, courts, terrorism and broader law enforcement topics. He was a part of the team awarded the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. @WRashbaum  Facebook

Ministry of Justice confirms that Moro leaked information on PF investigation to Bolsonaro



Ministry of Justice confirms that Moro leaked information on PF investigation to Bolsonaro

The investigation of the Federal Police on the scheme of oranges of the PSL, which involves the Ministry of Tourism, was passed on by Sergio Moro to Jair Bolsonaro, according to a note from the Ministry of Justice itself. However, in the new era that prevails in Brazil, what would previously be considered a crime, is now seen with normality

(Photo: REUTERS / Adriano Machado)

247 – Sergio Moro leaked information on an investigation of the Federal Police, which reaches the PSL, Jair Bolsonaro. The information was confirmed by the Ministry of Justice, according to Folha report , this Saturday. : “The Ministry of Justice confirmed in a note sent to Folha that Jair Bolsonaro” was informed about the progress of the investigations in progress “on the orange applications of the PSL, an acronym to which the president is affiliated. carried forward do not interfere with the investigation. “

The investigation, however, handles in secret in the Electoral Court of Minas Gerais. “The President of the Republic was informed about the progress of the ongoing investigations [PSL oranges]. It has also been reported that there are other ongoing investigations dealing with possible irregularities involving issues relating to party associations. All the information passed on does not interfere with the investigation process, which runs with complete independence in the Federal Police, “says the note sent by Moro’s team.

The Federal Police confirmed on Tuesday that the investigations are under secrecy, but did not address the issue of transferring the data to Bolsonaro.

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Brazil: “Where do you run when the anti-corruption crusaders are dirty?”



NYT: “Where do you run when the anti-corruption crusaders are dirty?”

One of the world’s leading newspapers, The New York Times states that “the leaked messages show that Moro often overstepped his role as a judge”; “The leaks reveal an immoral judge, who joined prosecutors in order to arrest and convict individuals who already considered guilty,” criticizes

(Photo: Reproduction | Gustavo Bezerra)

247 – One of the leading newspapers in the world, The New York Times states that “the leaked messages showed that Moro often exceeded his role of judge – someone who should be impartial and prejudice-free – to act as consigliere [counselor] the accusation” . “The leaks reveal an immoral judge, who joined prosecutors to arrest and convict individuals they already considered guilty,” he criticized.

“He offered strategic advice to prosecutors: they should, for example, reverse the order of the various phases of the investigation, review specific motions they planned to file, accelerate certain processes, slow down many others. rebuked prosecutors when they were too late to carry out further attacks, endorsed or disapproved of their tactics, and provided them with early knowledge of their decisions, “the report said .

The newspaper continues, stating that “Moro became involved in press coverage issues and was concerned about getting public support for the prosecution.” “‘What do you think of these crazy statements from the PT national committee? Should we officially refute?’ He once asked federal prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, referring to a statement by the Lula Workers’ Party in which the accusation was considered a political persecution. Note the use of the word ‘we’ – as if Mr Moro and Mr. Dallagnol were on the same team, “adds the NYT.

“All this is, of course, highly immoral – if not totally illegal. It violates nothing less than the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which says: ‘Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. “According to the Brazilian Criminal Procedure Code, judges must be neutral arbitrators and can not give advice to either party in a case. violated many provisions of the Brazilian Code of Judicial Ethics, particularly one that says that the judge must maintain “an equivalent distance from the parties,” avoiding any kind of behavior that may reflect ‘favoritism, predisposition or prejudice’.

Brazil: Political Prisoner Former President Lula Speaks Out



‘It is not possible for someone in the 21st century to be a victim of the judiciary as I am,’ says Lula

Former President Lula has reached the highest level of outrage so far since he was arrested by Lava Jato; the messages exchanged between Moro and Dallagnol were the trigger for this degree of indignation to grow, since they confirmed all the suspicions raised by the ex-president’s defense; Lula says: “it is not possible that in the XXI century, someone is a victim of the Judiciary as I am being”

247 – Former President Lula has reached the highest level of outrage so far since he was arrested by Lava Jato. The messages exchanged between Moro and Dallagnol were the trigger for this degree of indignation to grow, since they confirmed all the suspicions raised by the former president’s defense. Lula says: “It is not possible that in the XXI century, someone is a victim of the Judiciary as I am.”

The former president also claimed that it is necessary for the judiciary to assess the merits of the case and make a decision, implying that it is the very reputation of the Judiciary that is at stake.

He said, “Look, what do I want? Let some court in the Judiciary read the merits of my case and make a decision. Because it is not possible that, after Moro’s lie, the lies of TRF4 come, that they did not even read my case. That is, I was judged at the cash register because it was necessary to judge before I could prescribe because the objective was not to allow me to be a candidate in 2018. It is not possible that in the XXI century, someone is a victim of the Judiciary as I am. “

Brazil: Hypothesis is the house arrest for Lula in HC of office



Hypothesis is the house arrest for Lula in HC of office

In the internal war of the Federal Supreme Court, where ministers Gilmar Mendes and Carmen Lúcia duel to keep or not the case of former president Lula in the court agenda, one possibility is the granting of house arrest even without analysis of the suspicion of Sergio Moro

Gilmar says that Lula's conviction will be annulled and that Moro and Dallagnol are criminals

247 – The internal war in the Federal Supreme Court between the ministers Gilmar Mendes and Carmen Lúcia created an unusual situation around the Lula case – and it is not known if his habeas corpus petition will be tried on Tuesday, due to the suspicion of the ex – Judge Sergio Moro.

But an alternative hypothesis was published in a report in the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper on Tuesday. “It is not ruled out the possibility of the ministers discussing to grant house arrest to the Petista through a habeas corpus ex officio, that is, without there being a specific request.” Lawyers heard by the report affirm that the measure is possible, but that would be unusual , since the matter is no longer on the agenda officially.The Second Panel, however, has already granted habeas corpus ex officio to suspend the execution of the sentence of former minister José Dirceu in August of last year.

Brazil: In partnership, Folha and Intercept reveal new crimes of Moro and Dallagnol



In partnership, Folha and Intercept reveal new crimes of Moro and Dallagnol

Message packet notes that Sergio Moro and Deltan Dallagnol acted in tune in the episode of the illegal clamp of former president Dilma Rousseff and former president Lula, which was leaked to the National Journal and was decisive for the coup of 2016, which opened space for the rise of the far right in Brazil

247 – “Prosecutors on the front lines of Operation Lava Jato worked together to protect Sergio Moro and prevent tensions between him and the Federal Supreme Court from paralyzing investigations at a critical time for the task force in 2016,” says the first report from the partnership between Folha de S. Paulo and The Intercept. “The objective was to prevent the disclosure of papers found by the Federal Police in the home of an Odebrecht executive to escalate the confrontation with the STF by unduly exposing dozens of politicians who were entitled to a special forum – and which could only be investigated with the authorization of the court.”

Moro and Dallagnol feared that Minister Teori Zavascki would dismantle the investigations that were under Moro’s control in Curitiba, since they reached politicians with a privileged forum. “Tremendous ball in the back of the Pf,” said Moro. “And it’s going to look like an affront.” Moro also referred to the word ‘lambança’, when referring to the error of the PF. 

“Know not only that the immense majority of society is with you, but that we will do all that is necessary to defend you from unjust accusations,” Dallagnol replied, about Moro having in his possession data on persons with a privileged forum.

In this first partnership, Folha and Intercept show that the judge must stay equidistant between prosecution and defense – and not act as one of the parties. What the messages reveal is that Moro was head of the prosecution throughout Operation Lava Jato.

Brazil: Judge who convicted Lula Lied amongst Judges other crimes



New bomb from Vaza Jato reveals that Moro lied and committed another crime against Lula

The partnership between The Intercept and the journalist Reinaldo Azevedo brought another bomb: the revelation that former judge Sergio Moro, who acted as head of the indictment against Lula, rather than as an impartial magistrate, ruled that prosecutors should question the ex- President, in another crime that will have to lead to the annulment of the

I live

The partnership between The Intercept and the journalist Reinaldo Azevedo brought another bomb: the revelation that former judge Sergio Moro, who acted as head of the indictment against Lula, rather than as an impartial magistrate, ruled that prosecutors should question the ex- president, in another crime that will have to lead to the annulment of the process.

Read below the full report of BandNews:

A new conversation between Lava Jato members reveals that prosecutor Laura Tessler of the task force has failed to attend hearings, including one with former President Lula, after a complaint by then-Judge Sergio Moro.

The information was divulged with exclusivity and first hand by the anchor of the BandNews FM Reinaldo Azevedo, in partnership with the site The Intercept Brazil.

On March 13, 2017, Moro sent a message to prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, where he talks about Lava Jato: “It’s great but for audition in audience, it does not go very well. Sorry to say that, but with discretion, try to give some advice to her, for her own sake. A training would do well. Please keep this message private. “

On the same day, Deltan sent the message to attorney Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima, now retired. After asking for the caretaker and erasing the information after reading, Deltan states, “Let’s see how the scale is and maybe suggest that they go 2, and hold a meeting on inquiry strategy, not to mention it.”

In response, Carlos Fernando agrees with the request: “That is why I had suggested that Julio or Robinho be also. At Lula’s we can not fail.

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