It Really Is Okay Too Disagree With Me

It Really Is Okay Too Disagree With Me


Here in our U.S. society we are growing more and more divided on most all issues, that is if you chose to believe the Democratic and Republican ‘Talking Heads’ or our Nations Main Stream Media. Both of these Political Parties allow the Far Left or the Far Right 10% (Out Liars) of their Parties makeup to ‘wag their dog’. What We The People have done is to allow ourselves to be snookered by a bunch of high dollar con-artists. If you listen to the Talking Heads they will tell us that all things are black and white, yes or no, our way or their way with no other options accept for us to keeps electing them again and again. So, in other words, their yes or their no, no other choices. You can chose their way or you will be Demonized and degraded from a Human Stature to nothing more that a slime-ball or pond scum. If you disagree with them that means you are a ‘Hater’. These people are the hypocrites who will tell you just how much they hate Haters, never looking into the mirrors.

Shut Your Racists Crap Up: All Lives, Every Life, Matters Exactly The Same

Shut Your Racists Crap Up: All Lives, Every Life, Matters Exactly The Same


I do get tired of hearing Racists Black Folks who constantly all they do it seems is talk about race, what color is someone and I am sick of seeing and hearing so many Black Folks talking about race. Do Black Lives Matter, darn straight they do but so do the lives of everyone one the planet! Yes Black Lives Matter, so do Oriental Lives, Hispanic Lives, Native American Lives, Indian Lives, Blue Lives, White Lives etc…


I as an eastern Kentucky White guy have been all over this Nation and Canada literally many hundreds of times on business. I have been around every Nationality and skin color I can think of, but the only Nationality of people who seem to look at the world as a Racists would, where everything is all about color, the extreme have been Black Folks in general (but definitively not all Black Folks are racists). Second on my Racism gauge I would then say I have met way to many Racists White Folks followed by Hispanic Racism then male Navajo racism. I have suffered at the hands of Racists Hispanic and Navajo Police Officers. There is nothing you can do with them (Police) when they are Racists toward you accept to shut up and try to live another day. The most Racists statement I have ever heard came out of the mouths of two different Black Males, at different times they both said “the only people who are Racists, are Whites.” That is the single most Racists statement I have ever heard anyone say!


I as a 64 year old have never ever given a darn what a persons skin color is! I was raised to treat all people exactly the same and that ‘IS’ a Commandment of Christ. I care only about what is between the ears of a person, that is the person, not a skin color. The Spirit is neither Black, White, Brown or any other color. If I hate you because of your skin color, I am dead though I am yet alive. I will close this note to you tonight with a reality! People like myself who are not a Racists sure do get sick and tired of so many Racists lips a flapping. Grow up, wise up, not everyone who doesn’t have the same skin color as you, is a Racists though some folks of every Nationality are. Racism is a sickness, Racism is hatred, Racism will get a person a Ticket to the Second Death, separation from God, forever!







(Poem) Old Porch Monkey

Old Porch Monkey


(Please read the poem before you get your panties in a wad. I learned years ago from some Black friends of mine just exactly what a “Porch Monkey” really is and that is the old plantation owners who would sit and ‘rock’ on the porch. There is the reality of some ‘White Slang’ I learned as a school child that the term “Porch Monkey” was meant as a very negative slang for “Black People.” Folks, Porch Monkey was a slang term by Slaves for the Plantation owner. Maybe some of us need to reread their ‘racism guideline’ manual again. When another person calls a Black person this slang what they are really doing is showing the world not only are they racists but also both ignorant and stupid.)


Got an old swing on my front porch

Rocking with the fans, drinking lemonade

300 Slaves singing as they work my land

You know all my Slaves they love me

They even call me their Old Porch Monkey


We live off the land, dirt on their knees and hands

Africans, they all love working in this Georgia heat

Rocking with two Fan Girls standing by my sides

My Slaves will always love me until the day they die

I know I’m special, they call me their Old Porch Monkey

(5) Major Issues Many Police Departments Struggle With

(5) Major Issues Many Police Departments Struggle With


These are simply my opinions which has been garnered over the past 60 years of life here in the U.S. with three decades of driving our Nation’s roadways in a commercial vehicle. These are only my opinions, yours may well vary, you may not agree with me at all and that is quite okay with me. You may agree with me but you may well put these issues in a different order. The last one of the five I wrote down is Racism and that is because “too me” it belongs last of the five. Before you have the Proverbial Cow or you pee in your Cheerios let me explain my reason. Out on the road I spoke with many Law Enforcement Officers from 48 States and 6 of Canada’s Provinces. I am a White Male and I have never once got treated badly by a Black Police Officer or by an Oriental Officer, yet, I have been treated very badly by Navajo Police and by Hispanic Officers while in the South-West. In some of these cases it was obvious they disliked my “Whiteness” but all you can do is shut up, accept to say yes Sir, you know, kill an asshole with kindness. Now for an anti Race Kicker, I have been treated the worst by White Cops. Was it about Race, no! But, and a HUGE BUT, I have seen several times where White Police Officers were blatantly racists toward non-Whites. Now, I’m just going to give you the five thoughts to see what you think.

1.) Morality: Truthfulness-Honesty

2.) Maturity: the lack thereof, grow up, act like adults

3.) Punk-ism: this speaks for itself and it is a HUGE problem Nation-wide

4.) Ego-ism

5.) Racism



Just A Piece Of Wisdom For Us All

Just A Piece Of Wisdom For Us All


Better to bury ones temper than to bury ones hatchet.

I’m 63 And White: I Honestly Knew Nothing Of Juneteenth

I’m 63 And White: I Honestly Knew Nothing Of Juneteenth 


I have to admit that I am a bit embarrassed that until a couple of days ago I had never even heard of Juneteenth. What I am embarrassed about is the fact that as a person who has gone through the public school system getting out of school in 1973, why wasn’t this information in our History Books? From May of 2005 through May of 2009 I was blessed with the opportunity to get to go to college and during that time I took several History Classes, again, until a couple of days ago, I knew nothing of it. Why would this information not be included in these education courses? I find that I actually agree that June 19th should become a National Holiday. As a person who has always felt and believed that all racism is actually Evil, as racism is hatred of someone over something that no person can do anything about, their Nationality, their skin color. Hating our fellow Brothers and Sisters over something that no one has any say so in, puts one squarely in the camp of Evil and pure stupidity.

Black Folks Listen Up: Protests Yes, Violence—Hell No, Stop It

Protests Yes, Violence—Hell No, Stop It


In our country when there have been riots what we see the most on our T.V. sets is a bunch of Black folks all acting wild and crazy burning cars and businesses after they have raided them. At this time, during this current snap shot in history all violence committed in the memory of one of these dead people is a total sham! All people, especially Black Folks need to crack down very very hard toward all other Black Folks committing these crimes. Folks, it is disgracing your Race and it is disgracing the memories of these innocent dead. What has the breaking into of stores like a Target, jewelry store or a pawn shop got to do with Police Violence or with the death of Mr. Floyd? People that use the name of the dead for a reason to break into, steal or burn are themselves less that pond scum. People, don’t let such people define in anyone’s eyes what you really are. The days of people acting like thugs and bad-asses has got to be over if this country and this world is going to grow as we must or we will all die in our shame. By the way, I am referring to both sides of that yellow tape.



(A Savage Thought) Faith: What Is It And Why Does It Matter

Faith: What Is It And Why Does It Matter


Good evening folks, this letter to you tonight is about a matter of thought on the reality of faith or the lack there of. When I used the Google Dictionary to look up the word faith it gave me the following six answers. 1.) Confidence or trust in a person or thing. 2.) Belief that is not based on proof. 3.) Believing in God or in the Doctrines of the Teachings of religion. 4.) Belief in anything as a code of ethics, standards of merit. 5.) A system of religious beliefs. 6.) The obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise or engagement.


The first thing that I did when I opened my Bible this evening was to look up the word Faith in the Biblical Encyclopedic Index and the first thing it said was “Confidence in the Testimony of another.” Of course there are many kinds of faith such as trust in a lucky rabbits foot or a horse shoe, or even such things as faith in our money or our job. There is even such things as having total trust (faith) in politicians not to lie to us. You know, a person may have faith (trust) in a lot of things, even that none of our girl friends would ever be so mean as to tell our wife about them. What I am getting at is that we can have faith or trust in many things in our life, but, not all of the things that we choose to have faith in is worthy of that faith.


What I am choosing to talk with you about this evening is ‘Religious Faith.’ Tonight there are a few short phrases that I hope you will take the time to consider. Please think about what I am saying to you tonight and please consider your own thoughts on the matter.


When it is time for our own death will you or I be able to look an Angel of God in their eyes and say to them

I have fought a good fight

I have finished my course

Lord I have kept Your faith.


As Christians we must be living examples of the Doctrine that we profess to be the reel Truth of God. Friends, if we speak it (The Truth) then we MUST walk that Truth everyday that we are being allowed to breathe. The Apostle Paul wrote in what is now the Book of Galatians chapter six verse twenty-five “If we live in The Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” It is real simple, that which we have the most faith in is our own personal “God.” Tonight I will leave you with a simple truthful thought that is the truth for every single one of us. Walk in our faith in our Creator, or die in our sins where we will then die the second death, eternal separation from God.



(Another Savage Thought) Skin Color Cannot Matter Or Our Soul Is Lost

Skin Color Cannot Matter Or Our Soul Is Lost


Folks when I write these notes to you I am just telling you my honest thoughts and beliefs. So here is what I believe about what is going on in a south Georgia murder of a 25 year old black man who was jogging via information I have gleamed from news outlets and a short piece of A film I saw about 5 seconds of a few days ago. I hear that there is another video that has also now surfaced, I have not seen the new one.


As most folks here in the States know by now there was a 25 year old black man jogging in his neighborhood when he ended up on the wrong end of two point blank shotgun shells. The two white men now arrested are a father son duo. The dad is a retired Police Officer so this event has even more stench to it than what was already there on this case. It does appear that race was a major factor if not the only factor in this young mans death. To me, from what I am hearing on the News programs it seems that there needs to be a much further investigation into the Police and the Prosecutors who handled this case. In case you don’t know it already, this event happened in late February, more than two months ago but the films are just now coming out. If this event is what it seems like it is, a young man being hunted down and murdered, this is the worse case I have seen of this since that Chicago Cop chased down that 17 year old young man who only had a small knife yet he was shot about 17 times laying dead in the street.


Folks, I am going to bring these events over into a Religion spectrum but I will stay away from politics today. I know for a fact that there are some people (from many differing races) who think that their race, their skin color is the color of people whom have Souls and that no one else does. I learned that one at about the age of 22 or 23, dang near broke a wing or three falling out of my tree. There are some people who take the Biblical Scriptures out of context when the Bible is talking about keeping a “pure blood” pure, God was talking to the Hebrew People, telling them not to mix with the Nations around them, they did and look at the mess the Middle-East is today. Black people, White people, Asians, Hispanics, Indian’s and everyone else, folks, we are all Gentiles. We are the ones that Christ’s Resurrection redeemed, all of us. If we hate our neighbor without a cause, we are lost to the Fires of Hell. If a person being hated is because of something they cannot do any thing about, like what skin color they have or for being born in the wrong state or for being to short or to tall then the hater is most definitely the sinner of the two. Folks, racism is Spiritual suicide!



(A Savage Thought) Would Jesus Do This (WJDT)

“Would Jesus Do This”


Hopefully you have noticed this isn’t the same statement that was popular a couple of decades ago, the WWJD or “What Would Jesus Do” slogan. A couple of weeks ago I was starting to so something (can’t remember what it was) and a thought entered my head, not WWJD but the words “would Jesus do this?” Honestly, think about it for a moment, WJDT is even a bit more personal for each of us than just What Would Jesus Do on just any and all events in plural but more directly at you and I, personally. When you, or I go to do something, anything, is this something that you know that if Jesus were here in the flesh right now that you could or could not see Jesus doing it? I am speaking from a “moral” standpoint. Not could he do it physically, would He lie, about anything? Would He cheat or steal? Friends, if not, then why do we do such things? When a person honestly commits to trying to live a “perfect” life (impossible for humans I know) it helps a person start to see reality more clearer, both the Spiritual and the Flesh.