When The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived: Was Just Plain Stupid

When The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived: Was Just Plain Stupid


If you are a person who believes the stories that are written in the Bible to be truthful, then we humans are in a world of poop. By what the Bible says and what Jewish history says then there once was a King in Israel called Solomon the son of King David. It is said that God granted the young King Solomon a wish and instead of Solomon asking for riches and long life he instead asked for the wisdom that he would need to rule over the House of Israel. This is when it is said that God granted him a level of wisdom beyond that of any human ever. If you are this young man and you absolutely believe in God, you are granted all of this wisdom, you become the wealthiest human that has ever lived, you should also be the happiest person that has ever lived, wouldn’t you? God has granted you everything on a silver, excuse me, a gold platter, God has even granted you the long life and riches you didn’t ask for. What more could one human being ask for? O, yes, he should have requested enough blood to be running through his veins to operate both of his heads.


God did warn Solomon about taking wives from other lands whom worshiped other “gods”. I believe the number quoted in Scripture was that in Solomon’s latter years he had 300 wives and 700 secondary wives. Many of these 300 wives were like “treaty” wives. These were daughters of other rulers from around the known world. You know how it is supposed to work, you marry one of my daughters so now we both know that we won’t attack the other, that we will now be allies. One of the issues in this type of system is the reality that these women would bring their customs and their “gods” into Solomon’s Castle. These women would and did turn Solomon’s heart away from the God he knew existed toward some of the “other gods” his favorite wives served. Simply put guys, the wisest human being (man) that has ever lived couldn’t control his horny human side. Friends, this is discouraging to say the least. If the wisest person who ever lived couldn’t control his sexual urges even when he had at least 1,000 women he could bed at any time he chose to, then what chance do us other poor blokes have of keeping it in our pants, or robes, and staying out of divorce court, a thousand times?


I am not going to lie to you, between my two marriages I was with several ladies, but not during my two marriages. Was I wrong in having sex outside of marriage, by Scripture, yes. Was I sinning, yes? Am I perfect, no, of course not. But, during my two marriages I have not once cheated, not even to the point of touching another woman at all. My first wife did not have a problem with spreading herself around, that marriage lasted less that two years. The young lady that I am married to now (19 yrs) has been faithful and true as I have been to her. For me I chose not to mess around on my first wife even though she showed me no such courtesy. I chose not to because I was taught that those actions was by faith and by love things a person would not/should not ever do. My current wife and I have never ever cheated on the other, for the same reasons, Scripture forbids me and because I love her and I know that me cheating would be a deal breaker that would crush her, and I refuse to treat her like that. These are the two reasons that I am wiser that the wisest man who has ever lived, well okay, on this one issue, maybe. The wisest man who has ever lived was a huge screw up, thank you Lord for your Grace because it is very obvious that we humans tend to have a major case of stupid going on.

El Perfeccionismo y la Felicidad


perfeccionismo 6

El perfeccionismo puede causarnos inseguridad, porque ponemos expectativas muy altas. Si no las conseguimos buscaremos los errores y nos sentiremos culpables, bajará la autoestima y estaremos fuertemente debilitados y vulnerables, será fácil caer en el victimismo y cuando nos sintamos victimas culparemos a los demás.

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A Wife’s Poem……..

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

1486047139524599900.jpgThis is a poem written by a newly wedded wife who tries her utmost to please her husband with the best of things but he always finds some fault in her and appreciates his mother in what she did for him.  Read her words:

He did not like the curry

And he did not like my cake

He said my biscuits were too hard

Not like his mother used to make.


I did not prepare the coffee right

He did not like the stew I made

I did not mend his socks

The way his mother used to do.


I pondered for an answer and prayed

I was looking for a clue

Isn’t there anything I could do

To match his mother’s shoe?


Then I smiled as I saw light

One thing I could definitely do

I turned around

And slapped him tight

Like his mother always…

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He Knows……………

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

images.jpgHe Knows!

I am just a masterpiece in the making

From the one who has created me

Who knows what he is doing!

Learning the art to master peace.

I simply choose to feel joyous now

Fear has flown away swiftly

All has worked out fantastically

And I believe that they will

As I am made from none other than Him

Who knows what he is doing!

And to one-day wake up

Nice and fresh, basking with delight

Knowing that He is on my side

Watching me with his big smile

Whispering in my ears

‘Do not worry, Be Happy’

And that is more than enough

For I surely know what he is upto

And what he is doing………………..


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Billy Graham: The Greatest Act Of Love We Can Do Is…



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Terror in the Tower

Darlene Foster's Blog

I am submitting this story to Stevie Turner´s Short Story Competition  You may want to submit one as well.

This story was inspired by a visit to Clifford´s Tower in York.

Terror in the Tower
Darlene Foster

The tower ruin overlooks the city from high on a grassy mound. Angela pulls her sweater tighter around her as she glances up. She experiences the same chill every time she walks past the site.
When she was seven, her mother took her up to the old stone keep. From a small window, she saw a girl looking out at her through iron bars. Fire blazed behind the child. It had frightened her so.
“Mommy, we need to help that little girl,” exclaimed Angela.
Her mother took her hand and said, “There are no children in there. It must be a trick of the sun reflecting off the water.”
The sad, terrified…

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Magna Carta and Russian nerve …… agents!

Tales From Mindful Travels

The whole world now sees the despicable and dangerous regime run by Putin and the lengths to which they will go to kill any of their own nationals who criticises the Putin regime. The use of the Novichok poison in Salisbury has not only left two Russians in intensive care, as well as a British policeman, but has also resulted in 138 British citizens being monitored having been in close proximity to the discovery at the time.


The irony of it?

It is with a sense of great irony that this took place in Salisbury, an ancient city in Wiltshire we often visit, and only a few miles away from Stonehenge one of the worlds most iconic monuments from prehistoric times. The unnoticed irony is that Salisbury Cathedral houses the Magna Carta, the ancient document underpinning the unwritten constitution of this country, the inspiration for American independence and their constitution!

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When Making A Car Was Illegal

Pacific Paratrooper

The last Packard, 1942 The last Packard, 1942

This was originally published as a Guest Post for Judy Hardy at Greatest Generation Lessons.

After Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt ordered all car manufacturers to cease the production of private automobiles and convert the factories to produce military vehicles, weaponry, airplane engines, parts, etc. But, this would not put an end to man’s love affair with the automobile. A car manual became priceless to a private owner and a truck manual was an absolute necessity for a farmer or businessman. With the rationing of gasoline in the U.S., the “National Victory Speed” was 35 mph and driving clubs were encouraged. (Our modern day car-pools).

The news spread around the world. The news spread around the world.

Automobiles were produced in massive quantities before the Great Depression and this brought the price down considerably. Then, the stock market crashed and many people were unable to afford the fuel for the cars they already…

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Season of Surprise


‘Tis the season to be merry?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But ‘tis certainly looking like the season to be surprised.

Once again.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has set the ball rolling by predicting that large parts of the country will reel under temperatures higher than normal and that the seasonal average temperature is set to be higher than normal by over 1 degree Celsius.

We are surprised.

After years of rapid development, with millions of fossil fuel burning cars added to the roads, agricultural and forest lands being consumed to build wider and wider roads in an effort to get those cars moving and so that the common man feels like he is living anywhere but in India, building shiny new energy-guzzling highrises, putting many water bodies out of the misery of their daily struggle for survival, transporting food and water from greater and greater distances, we are surprised.


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And Thus Our Story Started….

Weekend Trivia


Hello Everyone! Welcome to Weekend Trivia. This is a little about what we are about to do here.

The sole aim of this blog is to bring forth a platform where we can take things slowly, enjoy each day as it comes and still keeps it interesting. Every one of us is gruelling after something, chasing the unknown and getting weighed down in the way by our extra load, our responsibilities and whatnots. Thus, Weekend Trivia is a place where we are trying to create something beautiful and holistic which will try to bring positivity into your busy lives. Because a little extra dose of happiness always helps, right?

We love travelling, photography, movies, TV series, cooking, fashion, good lifestyle habits, makeup (Oh Yes!), and so much more. Weekend Trivia will be our take on the brighter side of life. We would love to engage in healthy discussions and an…

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