Violent or Peaceful Protest?

Levine Lowdown

Violent protest or peaceful protest? This question has been challenged for centuries, and still, people argue and disagree over the most effective way to protest. The recent black lives matter protests around the world following the death of George Floyd highlighted the tension between two sides of protestors. As one side destroyed all objects in their path, the other stood still, even trying to stop the other side from looting communities. People who were meant to be coming together to fight for change ended up fighting with each other. So, which strategy is more effective?

Violent protests consistently fail to achieve long-term change. Although they may create minor changes due to a local authority’s need to protect the safety of the community, once the initial ‘hype’ of a movement diminishes, there is no difference. What has the looting of cities achieved in America? Absolutely nothing other than destroying small…

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