$1,200: Crumbs For Roaches

A couple of weeks back when most of us started getting our (and I do mean ‘our’ as in Taxpayer) $1,200 ‘Stimulus’ checks I started to write this letter to you but put it aside in my notes and didn’t get back with you on this idea. Many folks here in the States have been without an income since way back into March. That is two months to those of us who are still being blessed with food and beverages we have had our difficulties. Yet two months for the families and single folks young and old, with no income and no food in the stores is scary for a parent in particular. Landlords are still wanting their rent, Banks still want their money. Middle Class and poor folks should be able to survive on this one and only ‘gift’ the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will allow to go to the working people of this Nation. Folks, Mr. McConnell is one of my home state Senators, please pay attention to the things Mr. McConnell actually does, he is no friend to the working class people the poor or the working poor in this great state of Kentucky or in any other state of our Union.

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