Pompeo condemns China’s proposed Hong Kong national security law – CNNPolitics

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned China’s proposed national security law for Hong Kong, warning that the passage of the legislation would be a “death knell” for Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Source: Pompeo condemns China’s proposed Hong Kong national security law – CNNPolitics

2 thoughts on “Pompeo condemns China’s proposed Hong Kong national security law – CNNPolitics

  1. Whoa. Wow. Bravo. Wouldn’t I have USA, Man, whoa. I mean, no. It would not be possible, to LIVE, may I WRITE this PHRASE! I mean, see ma Article for like, the “list” of USA’s mistakes. As said, Pimpo Pompim Peo Pompeo, LOL, shouldn’t have talked “AGAINST” ANON; But against THE CHINESE “government”, HE IS GOOD – I say it militarily: “USABLE”. May I use thisen Tonguen? Ey! MARCH! haha. AGAINST THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT! AVANTI POPOLO! PERIOD! a guess They hear me, haha. Now, I am MEGATRUHN! 🙂

    Super Blog here. We must structure, and build up something by Ourselves. I shall try again, I mean, in me private Life. To do some Music. To even find a Place, where I can do that at night. And surely not at the ugly daytime, which anyway is only “for slaves” or what. for dumbos. look, that’s sadly reality. When nobody almost reads ma blog. What’s that. but silly posts and capitalism and hatred on facebook, that, that, they “do” and “buy” mostly, or what, the decadent bizarrely demented western people, mostly, who are mostly totally not Communists, not Intellectuals, but plain primitive, simply. bourgeois, simply, abhorrant, abhorrantly uncultivated, unfine, not fine, but somehow primitive, blunt, and merely sudo-educated, in many cases, plain fanatic.

    We good Liberals, aware People, are few, – and we don’t “hold any fort”. But we’re just there. The rest is all silly. lost, somehow. apparently. oh well. so be it, LOL. should I care? who knows? how it will all come out? in thousands of years? 🙂



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