(Another Savage Comment) When The “Use” Of Prayer: Stops

When The “Use” Of Prayer: Stops


I as a person of Faith do believe that the “use” of Prayer is ever present in the eyes of our Creator. I believe, it will always behoove the Human Race to Pray as long as we are doing it in Faith.

The question I have for us today is about when or what if the Human use of Prayer totally stopped? I believe that our answers will vary mostly depending on our own personal belief of if we are a person of Faith, or not. If we have no Faith, why would we, why do we still Pray, just once in a great while, or, why don’t we, any longer?

Bring this subject matter in close to our own lives for a moment please. No matter which Faith system we believe in, if any at all, when was the last time that we, said a short little Prayer on something that mattered to you? Seven plus billion Souls on this Rock, all equal Grains of sand. For each of us, how long has it been since we bent a knee in Prayer? The question remains, do we have any faith? Seven billion grains of sand, all singing one song, or is there nothing but silence? Do we pray, do we not, do we care? When will the last Prayer be said for the likes of each of us, you and me?

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