Corona (dragon coming from the east)

Mounzer Darwich

Today the whole world differs from last year 2019, the streets in more than 120 empty countries, restaurants, stadiums, places of worship, and some state departments, and some imposed a mandatory curfew, and not more than that, the army took to the streets, closed the borders, and the movement of airports stopped all that Because of this malicious epidemic coming from the east from China, people have turned from fun, work, play, tourism and travel to loneliness and sitting at home, just watching TV and mobile phones, all of that happened within three months, things turned out radically, and everyone lived in a real state of terror That the dragon come and uproot their lives and the dragon has no mercy on anyone No one provides a large belly, for life no matter how beautiful it is and we adhere to it because we live on hope our Lord is…

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