Brazil: Lava Jato has no evidence of corruption against Lulinha, admits prosecutor



Lava Jato has no evidence of corruption against Lulinha, admits prosecutor

“We have to wait for the results of the search, this research can mature in this respect,” says Roberson Pozzobon to Globo, who published an analysis text about the operation against Lula’s son in which he says, “So far, there is no document that prove the thesis “


247 – As in the investigations and accusations made against former President Lula, the Lava Jato task force also has no evidence against the petista’s son, Fabio Luis Lula da Silva, known as Lulinha, who is the target of a phase of the operation. triggered this Tuesday 10.

“We have to wait for the results of the search, this investigation to mature in this respect,” said Prosecutor Roberson Pozzobon, who was known to say during the presentation of Deltan Dallagnol’s Power Point on the triplex charge that the task force he had no evidence yet, but convictions that Lula was running a major corruption scheme.

“The PF and MPF maintain that payments may be related to the executive action of President Lula that allowed the merger of Oi with Brasil Telecom. So far, there is no document to prove the thesis,” says Globo, in an analytical test. about Wednesday’s operation, signed by Thiago Herdy. “Obtaining this evidence is currently the biggest challenge of research,” he adds.

The highlight for the lack of evidence was noted by GGN newspaper, journalist Luis Nassif , who explains the case:

Since Monday (10), prosecutors in Curitiba have sold in the mainstream media – which even after the Intercept Brazil dossier, follows without any critical sense regarding the Lava Jato – the narrative that Oi’s business with Gamecorp group, from Squid and partners, need to be investigated.

The task force claims that it is possible that some money paid by Oi to the company linked to Lula, Suassuna and Bittar, was used to buy the Atibaia site.

The hypothesis is all that Lava Jato has at the moment. It was out of the realm of imagination that they launched a blatant police operation with more than 40 search and seizure warrants, hoping to find something to prove them right.

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