That Sour Puss Face

The Angry Lunch Lady. Stories from the cafeteria

Walking up to get my lunch ,

Pizza in the air,

That Sourpuss whoserves us,

Is always standing there.

She hovers frowns and tosses food,

She huffs and puffs at kids,

That big bad wolf, she might just yell,

Oh no, my peaches slid!

She waits and wants to yell and scream,

You better get through fast,

I want an apple but just can’t reach,

I guess I’ll have to pass.

Her bulging eyes and snorting face,

That look that wants to kill,

We really hate that lunch line,

You have to have some skill.

Startled by her hateful shout,

And frightened by that face,

Oh how I wish my mom was here,

She’d spray her with some mace!

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