Pembrokeshire, Wales – a weekend on the coast!

Before I moved to England, I thought the United Kingdom was entirely synonymous with England. I guess I just thought Wales (and Scotland) were their own separate countries. Wales is definitely in driving distance (around 5 hours) from where we live, and the thought of driving to another country is just so cool! Especially when you don’t have to go through customs. I honestly didn’t know much about Wales, but was intrigued about the other side of the island. Before booking our weekend adventure, I just knew I wanted to see the coast, ride my bike, do some hiking, and see castles. The last bit is super easy; Wales is known for castles! Wales is a rather small country, but there are 600 castles (though some are ruins). Lucky for me, I was able to check everything off of my list during our short trip to Wales!

Pembrokeshire, Wales is…

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