Brazil: Lava Jato spares Odebrecht owners and executives to plead



Lava Jato spares Odebrecht owners and executives to plead

The new chapter of Vaza Jato reveals that contractor Odebrecht’s owner Emilio was spared tougher measures, such as the obligation to relinquish control, so that prosecutors could strike award-winning deal deals with company executives. At another controversial point, the company was allowed to pay the fines of its award-winning whistle blowers.

Emilio Odebrecht to Leave Odebrecht Board Early
Emilio Odebrecht to Leave Odebrecht Board Early

247 – The new chapter of Vaza Jato, brought by journalists Ricardo Balthazar and Paula Bianchi, in a report published in Folha, reveals behind-the-scenes negotiations about Odebrecht’s award-winning accusation. “Prosecutors of Operation Lava Jato spared Odebrecht and its top executives from drastic measures contemplated during negotiations on the billion-dollar deal that ensured the company’s cooperation with investigations starting in 2016,” the report said.

“Investigators also discussed the possibility of preventing Odebrecht from paying whistle blowers’ lawyers and being liable for fines imposed on executives to prevent them from preserving their accumulated assets when they were involved in corruption at the company,” reporters note. According to them, the prosecutors set aside these measures as the negotiations progressed, so as not to derail the deal with Odebrecht, which was one of the largest business groups in the country and went into crisis when it was hit by the Lava Jato. “

In June 2016, Deltan and two other attorneys suggested to colleagues that the company be prevented from taking the fines. “Executives must afford it, in my opinion,” he said on Telegram. He proposed that the company be punished for terminating the deal if it paid executive penalties. However, the second option prevailed: the company paid the fines of its awarded whistle blowers.

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