Celebrating 73 glorious years of independence:


VANDE MATARAM !! ( I bow to thee mother !!!)
_Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya

The nation with a heart of gold and soul of steel is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day on 15th of August, commemorating the nation’s brave and historic independence after a long freedom struggle.
India : the 7th largest nation of this world with 3.28 million sq. kms of land which is a home to approximately 1.3 billion people making up for the second most populous nation is continuously growing ahead as one of the strongest nations with a holistic approach towards development in different sectors like defence, communication and media, sanitation and healthcare, economic growth, infrastructure, education, women empowerment or overall growth of the nation.

One of the world’s fastest growing major economy:

After 72 years of independence, India has gained a position all over the globe as one of the world’s fastest growing major economy…

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