Through Ignorance World Leaders Wasted Our Blood And Gold

Through Ignorance World Leaders Wasted Our Blood And Gold


Yes I did say our, as in (you and I) we are all part of this world conversation we call our lives. There is a section of the world’s population who have no faith system of any kind, what percent, I don’t know that answer but it probably varies from nation to nation wouldn’t you think? What I am going to get at is this, you don’t have to believe in something, for that something to kill you. Here in the States there are a lot of Atheist type folks who through their lack of knowledge degrade Christianity and Judaism every chance they get. Unfortunately we find many of these people in seats of power throughout many nations.

I want to ask you what you thought when your nation (if yours did) put blood and money into these Islamic nations, putting our soldiers in direct open conflict with various Islamic faith factions. I totally agree that after 911 when the experts figured out that Osama was behind it and they learned that he was in Afghanistan being protected by the Taliban whom would not give him up, we should have removed them from the face of the earth. The bigger problem after running those Satanic embers out of power was in how to rebuild this broken nation both physically via helping them build a national infrastructure and a solid national pride in getting all of it’s people a quality education both boys and girls. But, big but, how do you cure the inside of a person when their moral fiber is evil and they refuse to change their beliefs or culture within their own brains?

Our nations leaders should all have known that there is no way to help create a puppet government that can only stand for as long as we prop it up with a lot of our blood and money and honestly expect the nations of fundamental Islam to not retake everything once we leave? O, but isn’t that the same lesson our leaders didn’t learn in Iraq either? There is a fundamental reality about the Islamic faith at it’s core, they do not believe in democracies as the rule of law.

The whole world is in a position to have it’s ground stained with the blood of their own children. There are many major brewing and open conflict areas on the globe, all are dangerous, but no conflict can ever be as dangerous as one that is about what a group’s Faith teaches, especially if that Faith teaches global enslavement by force. I would like to say to the world, please wake up, but I have no faith that we will. Folks the world of Islam is very much at war with you and they will kill you whether you believe in them or not, they would prefer we all be foolish, it makes us all easier to kill. Only Islamic believers can put an end to Islamic violence that is generated by Islamic believers who believe that they are following the teachings of G-d via the Quran and the Hadith. I believe that there is little chance of this ever happening as I believe that way to many folks within the different clans are complicit with this evil.


4 thoughts on “Through Ignorance World Leaders Wasted Our Blood And Gold

  1. These prejudices about Islam you utter here, are not very helpful. Just to remind you: it was the US secret service and CIA who made the Islamist Mujaheddin in Afganistan so strong with lots of weapons delivered and money during their struggle against the Soviet army. Otherwise things would be completely different there today!!!


    1. You do make some good points about the CIA and their antics during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan back during the 80’s. There is a lot of blood on the hands of the West for sure. But what I speak about Islam is not through prejudice, just the reality of its teachings. Islam is the most dangerous entity that the world has known ever since its inception in 632 AD when Muhammad left Media and went back to Mecca as a butcher and this has been their method of operation ever since. There is nothing even remotely peaceful about Islam. The believers want to try to fool everyone with “the words of the Prophet” in the Quran yet true followers know that they are (ordered) to follow the “actions of the Prophet” in the Hadith (if they are true followers of the Prophet), and this book is nothing but evil and butchery. Something is not slander or prejudice if what is being spoken it the truth, its just simply the truth. There is nothing at all that is merciful about the ways and the teachings of the Taliban or of groups like ISIS.

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      1. You are generalizing in a way which is quite unjustified. The vast majority of Muslims is not extremist and just wants peace like you and me (my experience in diverse Muslim countries). I am secular and neutral kn regard of the diverse religions. But I also know that Christian and Muslim belief has a lot in common so it would be important to see what connects people. Here iwith me in Berlin the diverse religious leaders regularly meet for such discussion in order to enable understanding and safeguard peace.


        1. I have read all the material that I have been able to garner on several different faiths and to me the material that I have found to read and spoken with as many people of other faiths that would talk with me and this is how I have come up with my thoughts and opinions. Could I be wrong? Of course, but those are the thoughts and opinions that I have settled on.


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