Prosecutor also attempted to intimidate Alexandre de Moraes to vote for arrest at second instance



Prosecutor also attempted to intimidate Alexandre de Moraes to vote for arrest at second instance

The new chapter of Vaza Jato also reveals Deltan Dallagnol’s action in articulating street movements to pressure Teori Zavascki’s nominee Minister Alexandre de Moraes to vote for the arrest in the second instance – which, in fact, happened

(Photo: Marcelo Camargo – Brazil Agency)

247. Following the death of Teori Zavascki, Michel Temer appointed Alexandre de Moraes, then Minister of Justice, for the vacancy of Zavascki in the Supreme. “A year later, the minister became the target of an onslaught of movements coordinated by Dallagnol after the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region confirmed, in January, the condemnation of former President Lula in the Guarujá triplex process,” reveal the new Vaza Jato’s messages, in the report by Rafael Neves and Rafael Mora Martins.

“Amid speculation about the probable arrest of the petista, circulated the information that the Supreme was studying to allow the sentence to be served only after the conviction was ratified Superior Court, the third instance. Attention then turned to Moraes, the only in the STF that had not yet cast a vote on the matter “, points out the text. Check out one of the dialogues below:

Three days after Lula’s sentence was confirmed, Dallagnol raised his concern to prosecutor Thaméa Danelon:

January 27, 2018 – Private Chat

Deltan Dallagnol – 20:41:03 – Tamis, as for the provisional execution, we have to make it more expensive for Alexandre de Moraes to change position

Thaméa Danelon – 20:41:26 – Of course

Danelon – 20:41:31 – What do you suggest?

Danelon – 20:41:49 – I saw that you replied a tt of a citizen.

Danelon – 20:41:54 – I will reply

Dallagnol – 20:43:56 – We have to gather information that in the past supported execution after trial of the SECOND degree and move the movements to hit it a lot.

Dallagnol – 20:44:09 – Letting face change

Danelon – 20:44:16 – Okay. I can move on to the moves.

Danelon – 20:44:31 – To Come to the Street and the Streets

Dallagnol – 20:44:33 – Show that change benefits Aécio and PSDbistas of the party to which he is linked

Danelon – 20:44:43 – Great

Danelon – 20:44:58 – I remember that he was in favor of the second instance.

Dallagnol – 20:45:00 – That will probably lose forum this year

Danelon – 20:45:06 – But I don’t remember how he stated that

“Whether because of the pressure or not, it is certain that a few days later, on February 6, Alexandre de Moraes did what Dallagnol, Danelon and Vem Pra Rua wanted: he voted in favor of the execution of federal deputy João Rodrigues, of the Santa Catarina PSD, which had a federal court conviction upheld in the second instance, “reporters report.

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