China: US FedEx fails Chinese customers with lies, hypocrisy



US FedEx fails Chinese customers with lies, hypocrisy


Chinese authorities said on Friday that the US courier delivery firm FedEx’s claim of mis delivering Huawei’s packages to the United States “disaccorded with facts.”

After nearly two months of investigation, the authorities also found that the company was suspected of holding back more than 100 Huawei-related packages.

Such a conclusion nailed FedEx’s lie to the counter and fully exposed how hypocritical the US company is.

Media reported in May that FedEx diverted two packages sent from Japan and addressed to Huawei China to the United States without authorization of or notification to its client. FedEx later explained that the deliveries were “misrouted in error.”

According to Chinese authorities, investigators also discovered clues of other violations of Chinese laws by the US company, which has been doing business in China since the 1980s, and an in-depth investigation is still underway “on a comprehensive, objective and fair basis.”

Clearly, FedEx has failed the trust of Chinese customers with lies, disrespect for commercial morality, and even possible violations of Chinese laws.

What FedEx has done is portraying itself as a hatchet man of the US government who is turning its back on its customers and transgressing ethics as a trustworthy business partner.

FedEx needs to be aware that any company which fools its customers will ultimately make a fool of itself.

Over the 40 years since China’s reform and opening-up, foreign companies and investments, including those from the United States, have played an important role in China’s rapid development.

In return, as the world’s most populous consumer market and the second largest economy, China now has been making constant efforts to optimize its business environment under the rule of law, and has been increasingly dedicated to opening itself wider to the world and granting foreign companies a bigger access to its domestic market.

For those who pay respect to the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese customers, China is for sure the most promising market. But for those who do not, the Chinese government will not sit by.

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