Why We Need Community

Elihu's Corner

“When your child graduates and prepares to go to college, what do you want to have accomplished? What is your number one goal for your child?”

I looked at the paper in front of me and began to write as the speaker had instructed us to do. The people around me did likewise. We were not given the opportunity to share, but I imagine that most of us had similar desires.

Goal#1: I want my children to love God and have a strong desire to walk with Him.

Goal#2: I want them to be rooted and grounded in the truth, with the ability to reason with those who will not agree with them.

For the past three days, I have been attending a “practicum” for homeschooling parents. I had never heard the term “practicum” until last year when I attended for the first time. By definition, practicum is “a course…

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