Brazil: Federal Court of Justice acquits Lula in case of Angola



Federal Court of Justice acquits Lula in case of Angola

In the decision, the magistrate pointed out “inept patent of the complaint” presented by MPC against Lula in the case about Odebrecht contracts in Angola

(Photo: Lula and the Holy Shroud (Photo: Ricardo Stuckert))

247 – Judge Vallisney de Oliveira of the 10th Federal Court of Brasilia acquitted former President Lula of the charges in the case of alleged aid to Odebrecht in Angola.

According to a report in the newspaper O Globo , Lula, his nephew Taiguara Rodrigues dos Santos and two other defendants were accused of criminal organization and money laundering in the alleged case involving R $ 20 million in contracts between Odebrecht and Exergia. Brazil, by Taiguara. 

To the magistrate, “it is evident the ineptitude of the complaint” because Lula “is far from these facts specifically, because he had no participation in signatures and contracts.” The judge also considered that there is evidence that the former president “did not perform or follow up the work, and the description of the offense and its circumstances are not adequately clear.”

However, Lula and two other defendants will still continue to respond to the lawsuit in other cases of laundering and accusations of corruption and influence peddling involving BNDES for works in Angola. In the same decision, the judge ordered the action against businessman Marcelo Odebrecht to be suspended, due to the award agreement that he signed with the Federal Prosecutor (MPF).

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