Senator Harris And The “Race Card” Issue

Senator Harris And The “Race Card” Issue


The Lord knows very well that I have no use for the Trump family as the feces rolls downhill from the Donald on through his adult children and that does include Don Junior. I know that Senior has had issues with birth certificates before with Mr. Obama and now it seems there is a tiff between Don Jr and the media concerning himself and Senator Harris of California. So, now I am going to simply give my unbiased opinion on the re-tweet that Don Jr posted about the Senator. Personally, ever since I first heard of Ms. Harris up until the past 24 hours I had always thought that she was a Black lady as in my opinion that is what she has always portrayed when I have heard her talk or when I have read articles by/about her. But, it turns out that I was wrong and it appears that Don Jr was correct on this issue concerning her. In everything I have ever heard come out of her lips she has come across as a very racist Black lady too me. In the past 24 hours I have found out that she isn’t a Black person at all, even though she has always talked as though she is, I guess it was for the purpose of getting the “Black vote” there in California. The truth I have found out today is that her Dad is Jamaican and her Mom is from India so, there is no “American Black” persons blood in her. I am just making a statement in this letter to you today. I am not sure by which item I am the most shocked by, is it that this Black lady is not Black at all, or that Don Jr may have actually spoken the truth on something. Lord knows he didn’t get that from his Daddy, hell, Senior may disown him for saying something truthful, ya never know, I’m just saying…..

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