The journey of mankind and the use of potential mind power

Motivation & Environment

The journey and history of humanity has been filled with awesome wonders, challenges, and even downfalls in between.

All the same, there has been great progress even though a lot of waste has occurred here and there; this shouldn’t be allowed to continue: the waste of potential mind power—and probably spirit too.

Spirit, as most of us know it, is the invisible and immaterial force that animates all living things and beings. In human beings, it expresses itself in many ways through character and personality—and even achievements.

The mind, as an entity and component of the spirit, has power to express thoughts and feelings; also, it is the throne of reasoning in its conscious and subconscious parts.

In fact, the mind as the sum total of the conscious and subconscious states of an individual, has the potential/capacity to develop any thought and transform it into physical reality—such is the power…

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