Total Trade Stoppage With China Could Be A Good Thing For American Workers

Total Trade Stoppage With China Could Be A Good Thing For American Workers


I know that many people here in the U.S. will in the short term be hit financially if this ‘trade war’ with China continues. The American companies on the U.S. Stock Market has taken a hit with these tariffs the White House is talking about, I know this is hurting some American businesses like WalMart who import a huge amount from China, so be it, they need to be hurt, badly.  There is a reason for my view, I just hope you can see what I am talking about.


American businesses need to be hurt because of their treason toward the American Nation and her people. How many thousands of businesses have been shuttered because of companies like WalMart who for a penny or two lower price per product will buy from other countries like China (whose Leaders hate us) instead of buying from U.S. Companies who have their factories here in the U.S. giving jobs to American workers. Companies like WalMart cater to low income people yet how many of these people are poor because of these companies ‘buy foreign first’ business practices? The rich, especially the super rich like to complain about the poor as people who suck away their profits and produce nothing and how they say the poor don’t pay their fair share. If an owner of a company moves their operation out of the States thus firing all their American workers it should be the Companies Leadership who should be punished, not the workers. These companies should have to pay a tariff of about 90% on all goods they import back to the American market. Make it not worth their bottom line to close American factories and fire their American workers. In the business world everything is always about profits, the money that goes to the top is the only thing that has mattered for decades not. Most businesses and government officials should be charged with treason against the the American Flag and Her people, not profit from their demise that they themselves are causing! Rebuild America’s factories and infrastructure now, create jobs for American workers first. Our exports like grain and soy beans can easily be sold to other world markets. There is no logic besides greed that dictates us selling anything to or importing anything from other countries like China whom is trying to wipe us out. But then again, these words to you today are just the opinions of an old poet.

8 thoughts on “Total Trade Stoppage With China Could Be A Good Thing For American Workers

  1. You’re pretty far right wing aren’t you? You do realize that many US companies can’t even make certain small parts that are used to make a bigger product. That said, I hope your retirement fund is secure. Treason, indeed.


    1. You have missed part of what I was trying to get at, we need to create jobs here, start making items that we don’t make now, give American workers the jobs instead of outsourcing these materials. For our products that we now sell to China, there are many other countries that we can sell those products to. It is suicide to keep sending billions of dollars to countries governments that hate us.We need to make the products ourselves and quit sending billions of dollars to the enemies of our Democracy. I do consider it treason that our politicians have allowed such transactions with hostile governments while not rebuilding our own infrastructure. Ray I do thank you for taking of your time to comment.


      1. Do you mean like the president cozying up to dictators around the world while making enemies of our traditional allies? is that what you mean? Or, do you meaning running huge trade deficits with every country because we buy way more than they do. Or, do you mean that our unemployed workers have no modern skill that is translatable to the digital age?

        Infrastructure? How can we possibly work on that when the president started a trade war that is strangling the midwesterner farmers, to the point that they are now subsidized by the government, who is buying bonds from the very country with which we are in a stupid trade war?


        1. I agree with you that Trump is a total idiot and you are correct about his love of dictators. I believe that Trump is guilty of treason among many other issues. You can’t take away the jobs of the American people and then import cheap ass garbage for the unemployed/underemployed to buy it. We didn’t/don’t need a trade war, we just need to concentrate on selling to neighbors and friends (if we still have any) instead of sending billions to places like China and to OPEC. You should not ever arm the same people that want to kill you, that is just financial suicide, as well as physically. Ray, I am enjoying your input, please continue to drop me a line any time.—ted


          1. Sorry for the lateness. Out of pocket and out of town. That trade off was made by the people of the country who wanted to pay less for more goods. Businesses, especially like Wal-Mart only followed their customers’ wishes.

            One more thing happened. I used to work for a subsidiary of Eastman-Kodak when they mattered. I produced books, from design through printing and distribution. I would have been happy to work domestically, but I couldn’t get the quality I needed from even the biggest printing companies. So, I went to Asia — Hong Kong (where I eventually lived), Singapore and Southern China. Not only was the cost about 40% lower, but they were hungry. Their quality was amazing. What should i have done? Printed domestically for higher cost and much less quality, or move to where I could get what we needed?

            We can’t just sell to friends. The trade imbalance would choke a horse. The real problem is this. We start a trade war with China, the farmers in the Midwest suffer, we give the farmers grants with money we borrowed from China raising our total debt. At some point, when China feels threatened enough, they will call in all of those notes at once. This country dumps into the deepest depression in history.


            1. I agree with everything you said Ray. I would want/hope that here in the states that we could produce the quality products here with American workers but in many cases this can’t be accomplished. I guess that I would want tariffs put on incoming products so that they would cost the same as the American made ones. Then, people would be buying the best quality they can find on an even playing field. I know that this would make profits less in the short term but hopefully it would bring back jobs to this country. And you are correct, we must produce the best quality that we can all of the time and the American workers have to start giving a damn about the quality of their own personal work. Thank you very much for the comeback, I really do appreciate talking with you.


              1. It won’t. I’ll tell you why. I read three different stories about a year or so ago. Three different young manufacturers. Shoes. Furniture. And, watches. They wanted to make their products more or less the old fashioned way with modern updates. First, they had to learn how. They couldn’t find anybody to teach them. Either they were really old, or long gone. Our tradesmen are long gone. The only people who still know what to do, as in auto workers, are replaced by robots. This is a good conversation. I have no real answers. I agree that bringing the work home is fine, but it’ll be years before that could ever happen.


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