Embracing Middle Age aka the “Enlightened Age”

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Too old for snapchat, too young for Insta?
Aaaah, the empty nesting, pre-retirement, liberating years…

The meandering years culminating to this point have no doubt been fraught with activities, responsibilities and deplete wallets. It is now the time to catch your breath, clear the clutter, toss out the baggage and devote yourself to your cherished hobbies and yourself … and wait for it…. Embrace Middle Age or as I choose to call it the “Enlightened Age”!


No one wants to admit to feeling older or want to acknowledge those joint paints and get older.  Let’s face it, middle age, blessed gift that it is, may seem daunting.  Let me share frank, realistic and humorous  advice during a “girls” luncheon to embrace the heightened, enlightened age :

  1. Single? Then Mingle! Life is too short NOT to toss your inhibitions.  No second guessing yourself.  Socialising is good, make the effort, get…

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