Patmos and Aegean Sea of our Weariness


Ours was a movement and elegance of sailing in the Aegean Sea of Poseidon’s realm in that spring day. Islands of legends float on this Dodecanese area where Rhodes, Leros, Kos and other islets inhabited by not more than a thousand people live. There we’d passed some small towns, smaller villages then hills barren in Greek heat and sun then interrupted with blue and white signature houses. Civilizations thrived here. Religions crisscrossed here. Wars and naval battles happened here. Ottomans invaded through these swirling streams of imperial ambitions. Along the rugged coasts, the deserted harbors longed-for game fishes waiting for burly men who are still resting. On the sugary seashores, wooden fishing boats in elbowing clusters and tilted poses glanced at us, strangers and suspicious voyeurs. Yes, those waters that flow under the sea-polished-belly of this enormous ship belong to the body of marine currents intermingling and interbreeding, oblivious of…

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