Is it right or wrong????😇😇

Life is a race

During these ages in my life….i faced of with many confuses.Now i would like to share those confuses to you guyzz.These happened sometimes in cases where there is no time to act upon.

In my childhood and evennow,i used to throw the stones at dogs and after throwing the stones i realised at each and everytime that i would not have thrown stones at the dogs..This is one of the situation.

In my life,the most confused matter is that i do have whether there is god or not??…but according to me ,there is god .. As there are many circumstances which happened in my life that make sure that there is god.

Yes i believe that every people do have a character that after killing or hitting a spider or any kind of insects i.e after their death…we guys used to tell “yeah u should not have killed that”..its…

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