Hemingway’s Death

Short Story Scribe

The other day I linked to an excellent story on Medium by Steve Newman, “The Death of Ernest Hemingway.”

For those new to my writings, I am an admired of Ernest Hemingway, the man and artist and storyteller. In my novel, “One Day I Was,” I create a fictional character, The Old Man, who was a friend of Hemingway’s. Through him, I make my own attempt  to explain and speculate why Papa took his own life. Here is one excerpt….

…The Old Man stood up.  “Walk with me.  The barbaric procedure of electroshock therapy robbed Papa of his gift.  Those around him believed Papa to be mentally ill.  Today, some would say he was depressed, perhaps they use the medical term bipolar.  It matters not what they call it, those in the past were, and those today are wrong.  Worse yet, others accused him of paranoia.” 

The Old Man ceased…

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