Can Children See Angels?


We had suddenly lost my father-in-law.  My husband was devastated.  He was on his way to visit dad and a few minutes before he got there.. dad stopped breathing.  He was gone.  Dad had just gotten accepted into the care home.  At 82 years old, he was beginning to eat better and just starting to walk again.  We thought maybe he’d get strong enough to graduate from his home.  Clarence was going to visit dad earlier that day, but the nurse told him that it would be fine to see him later.  He was at a friends sons birthday party at the time.  We had no idea that dad would go that day.

Not long after this happened, our daughter Hayley began talking about Janna (pronounced John-na).  At 3 years old, she was settled and happy at her preschool.  I asked her teachers if there was a new friend or…

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