Why those who have yet to be born are equal to those who are already

Further Approximation to Original Thought

Whether one considers themselves to be “pro-life”, “pro-choice”, or some other “pro”, the basis for why they fall on whichever side of the spectrum lies with their belief of when life begins. So – when does life begin?

The simplest way to determine when life begins is to look at when it ends. Biologically, death is the permanent loss of capacity for consciousness and all brain stem functions. So, that means life begins when brain activity begins.

Except – the word capacity is important in this definition of death. Capacity refers to the maximum amount that something can produce, contain, or gain. The zygote, blastocyst, embryo, or fetus, has the capacity to gain consciousness, and it is likely to if it is left alone.

At the moment of conception, a living human system with its own personal DNA has commenced a process which will inevitably end with the termination of the…

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