Anger is Sin

Millie's Reveries

Away from the herd

The running shepherd

Seeking for me

While I flee

Crushed flowers on the ground

While I run round and round

Stomping hard

With a heart so scarred

To satisfy sweet vengeance 

Without interventions

My archenemy’s sin

Boils blood under my skin

His misdeeds I list

With clenched fist

A list of traumas

Separated by commas

To me, he had done

For him, it was fun

Shall I take pleasure

In giving him terror?

The angels pontificate

“Do not hate.”

Their advice I’m ignoring

My perspicaciousbeing

Not knowing my soul shrivels

In the flames of evil

(I know it’s quite late, but still posting!)
One Daily Prompt: flower
Three Things Challenge: shepherd, flame, comma
Word of the Day Challenge: vengeance 
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: pontificate
Ragtag Daily Prompt: perspicacious

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