Mental Health & the Church


Having grown up around church all my life, I have heard, seen, and experienced a myriad responses to mental illness.  The treatment of mental illness in the church has been addressed, or has failed to be in many ways over the years.  There is often a significant amount of stigma that surrounds it.  That stigma is the result of misconceptions regarding mental illness and those who are living with it, which leads to marginalization and a misunderstanding of those who are afflicted.  This happens at a societal level, and also in the church unfortunately, so it is not an isolated situation.  If anywhere should be welcoming, it is the church.

Misconceptions of Mental Illness

  • People with mental illness(es) are weak in the faith and they must need to pray more.
  • People with a mental illness(es) are unsafe and not equipped for ministry.
  • All mental illness is the result of sin.

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