Listen, you can pretend to care but you can’t pretend to show up


Have you ever felt that it can often be so easy to pretend to care.  A raised brow. A question followed by a direct gaze.  Sometimes you really do care but you can’t quite go that extra mile to give a real human touch to your supposed caring. It is so easy to pretend now.  And everyone knows it.

A week ago, a colleague mentioned that she was very sad as her friend (her longtime friend) had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I expressed my sympathy and noted that these days breast cancer is way more survivable.   That she should have hope. She then noted that this was the second time her friend got cancer.  Her first fight with cancer happened ten years ago. Thus, she was worried this second time around would have a much more dire outcome. She then noted she was going to travel to see her…

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2 thoughts on “Listen, you can pretend to care but you can’t pretend to show up

  1. I totally agree. When my mom passed away 21 months ago, I noticed and mentioned to my husband, “There’s no food.”
    I was raised to always take food to a family during their time of mourning. And that didn’t happen or us. As well, friends reached out via Messenger or text two weeks ago, when my dad died. This hurts. We are losing our humanity. Some of my relatives didn’t call me, even after I called them and left voicemails. No one answers their phone anymore. I am not looking for sympathy. I am looking for Connection. ❤️🦋🌀


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